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Bearing housing,Time for the next step towards indestructibility

The bearing housings are appropriate for

all of our thin-walled slide bearings.

  • Supplied with lubrication bronze bushes & flange bearings.

  • Bearing housings and roller bearing units

  • Bearing housing by

  • The bearing seats are provided with a circular groove for lubricant transport.

  • rolling bearings and plain bearings: Bearing housing. Our standard housings encompass split & unsplit Plummer block housing designs.

Discuss your project with a bearings expert! Bearing data can be found in the description of each bearing, which can be found in our range of plain bearings. The bearing housing is provided with grease nipples and the assembled plain bearing is provided with a grease hole. The bearing seats are equipped with round grooves for transporting grease. The dimension table shows the dimensions of bearing housings with plain bearing made of steel with bronze coating. The length of the flanged plain bearings may deviate from the width of the bearing housing. The outside diameter of the flange and the thickness may vary for different plain bearings.

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Custom Bushings

Precision bearing supplies custom bushings & bearings for automotive parts & industrial equipment. Custom metallic bushings available. Bronze Bearings & Parts – Custom Machining.

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Bearing Housing – Thin Walled Bronze Bearing Online Sourcing

Custom bearing housing for your engineering needs.

When the bearing housing is mounted upside down, the tensile force can cause the bolts to stall. Note that the bearing housing is the most adequately loaded so that the force is distributed between the bearing housing and the ground. The bearing housing does not have a pre-mounted sleeve.


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wrapped bronze bushings

Bronze wrapped with through holes

Metric Cylindrical Bushes, Metric Flange Bushes and Thrust Washer, Split Bronze Bushings!

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Bronze bearings with lubrication holes.

Beautifully crafted leather products.

bronze bearings with lubrication holes is made from high grade alloyed, hot rolled, phosphorous tin bronze. The slide bearings are especially designed to withstand heavy loads and to be The entire bearing surface consists of “punched-through-holes” that provides improved lubricating The entire bearing surface consists of “punched-through-holes” that provides improved lubricating properties and fewer maintenance periods that reduces friction, both at startup and during operation. FB092 is intended for radial, oscillating and axial movements and are especially suited for medium to high loads.


  • Material: Cu – 91.3% Sn – 8.5% P – 0.2%
  • Standard: Cu Sn8. DIN 17662. CW453K
  • Sliding layer (thickness): Homogeneous
  • Tensile strength Rm: 450N/mm²
  • Yield strength Rp 0.2: 250N/mm²
  • Elongation in % A10: 0.4
  • Hardness: 90-120 HB
  • Friction coeff: 0.08-0.25µ
  • Thermal conductivity: 60W/m-K
  • Temperature range: -100°C/200°C
  • Max. load static: 120 N/mm²
  • Max. load, dynamic: 40 N/mm²
  • Max. sliding speed (w.lubr.): 2.5 m/s
  • Pv-value, Mpa x m/s, kont / int: 2.8
  • Counter material
  • Recommended shaft hardness: >210HB
  • Rec. shaft surface roughness (Ra) 1.6
  • Recommended tolerance: e7-f7
  • House: H7

Bronze bearings with lubrication holes Features
Economical solution for bronze bearing applications due to thin wall thickness. High load capacity, good stability and low wear. Suitable for rough working conditions and good corrosion resistance.

Bronze bearings with lubrication holes Application
Agricultural machinery, truck cranes and construction machinery, suitable for shock loads.

Bronze bearings with lubrication holes Maintenance
It is a low-maintenance bushing material. Initial lubrication is necessary during installation and must be followed by regular lubrication with oil or grease. Diamond pockets are a good reservoir of lubrication, keeping maintenance to a minimum.

Bronze rolling bearing, with tin bronze alloy CuSn8 as the material, the surface rolls with diamond-shaped oil holes, which comes with the role of storing grease, it has good fatigue strength and load-bearing capacity, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance. Widely used in agricultural machinery, construction machinery, construction machinery and other high load and low speed occasions.

The bearing is covered by cold-formed homogeneous bronze (CuSn8), which has special material properties. The standard size bearings have diamond-shaped lubrication indentations on the surface. These indentations act as reservoirs for lubricant and quickly establish a lubricating film at the onset of motion, thereby reducing operating friction. These materials are suitable for use in construction and agricultural machinery applications.

The bearings are encased in cold formable homogeneous bronze, which will obtain special material properties. The standard bearing is equipped with diamond-shaped lubrication indentations on the bearing surface. These indentations act as a reservoir for lubricant and can quickly build up a lubricating film during starting movement, thus reducing starting friction. Typical applications: Widely used in cranes and other construction machinery, automobiles, tractors, trucks, machine tools and some mineral engines.

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Bronze Plain Bearings Parts Selection

Find your bearing housing dimensions

  • Product Type: bearings with or without flange are intended for radial and axial movements.

  • Material: CuSn8 & CuSn6 Bronze Bushing

  • Cylindrical bearing, intended for radial and axial movements.

  • plain bronze bearings with or without flange are intended…

wrapped bronze bearings
bronze plain bearing bushing housing

Rolled bronze bearing housing

Rolled bronze, bronze plain bearings

housing design

Rather high load capacity. Can be used where effective lubrication does not exist. Wrapped Bronze Bushing Low friction even without lubrication.

Our bronze wrapped split bearings are available with or without a flange and are designed for high loads. These split bronze bushes bronze bearings require lubrication and are available with perforations or internal lubrication pockets. Bronze wrapped plain bearings, with or without a flange, require lubrication. Suitable for heavy loads.

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cusn8 diamond bronze bushing

Wrapped Bronze Bearing

Bronze Wrapped Plain Bearings, The bearings are wrapped from a cold formed homogenous bronze (CuSn8) with exceptional material properties. The standard sizes are fitted with diamond.

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Cylindrical Sliding Bushings

Find your cylindrical bushing dimensions

  • Product Type: Cylindrical Sliding Bushings are standardized, ready-to-fit machine parts.

  • Material: They consist of a metal backing

  • Cylindrical bearing, intended for radial and axial movements.

  • Precision bearing housing parts convince with quality, speed and flexibility

bimetal bushing

Rolled bronze bearing housing

Bimetal bearing housing design

Bimetal-bearing is a bimetal bearing, wrapped of steel sheets with a layer of lead bronze.

Material: Copper plated steel backing, lead bronze layer (CuPb10Sn10) The standard sizes are fitted with lubrication indents on the running surface. For standard bimetal bearings is normally the steel backed copper plated to improve the corrosion resistance. The layer of lead bronze makes it possible to use these bearings with relative long lubrication intervals.

Bimetal bushing can be manufactured with a thicker lead bronze layer for applications where the bearing has to be machined after mounting. The material of the layer can be fitted to the special needs for the application.

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metal bushings

Your Trusted Self Lubricating Sliding Bearings Manufacturers

Bronze bushings of metric size and flange type are commonly used in machines with a high load but a low operating velocity, such as agricultural, construction, and engineering machines.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss a project, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Custom Bushing Bearings

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Bronze sliding bearings, composite bushings and engineering .We will help you find the right product. Bushings & Bearings – Sleeve, Flange, Thrust. Plain Bearing and Bushing for heavy-duty applications.

  • Standard bronze plain bearings, Benefits of Bronze Bushings and Bearings · Long-lasting · Excellent resistance to friction and wear over time · Can easily be used at high temperatures

  • Design of bushing arrangements, self lubricating, bearing data sheet