Project Description

We can add lubrication slots and holes to the plain bearing bushing.The plain bearing bushing is made to DIN ISO 3547.The length of the standard bushing can be shortened.We also manufacturer the bushing according to the size you define.A half shell is also available.

Bimetal Bushings

Bimetallic bearing containing spherical oil holes or grooves

  • Easy to assemble and lubricate, easy to maintain
  • Good fatigue strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance
  • Oil groove or oil hole can be designed as required
  • Can supply straight sleeve, flanging, gasket and other styles
  • Standard or non-standard bearings can be supplied on request
  • DIN 1494 / ISO3547

According to the technical data of bimetallic bearing materials

The bushing is pressed into the assembly hole and is thus adequately secured.The mandrel must be used as a press-in guide to avoid damage to the bushing and to maintain bearing clearance.


Steel back, Bimetal Bushing,lead-free, RoHS compliant For lubrication applications.

The bimetallic bearing is made of high quality low carbon steel with the surface sintered with lead-tin bronze alloy CuSn10Pb10.Rolled spherical oil holes on the surface of the alloy facilitate oil storage and effectively reduce wear.The steel back can be plated with anticorrosive coating as required.Suitable for medium load, medium to high speed, and bearing with large impact load, used for rolling bearing, thrust gasket, internal combustion engine piston pin bush.

Special Manufacturer

Through our internal modern production, we can produce Bi-metal bushings products for you in a short time according your drawings or size.Please contact us for a quotation or more


  • Suitable for high loads
  • Multiple areas of us (universal bearing)
  • Long life
  • Wide temperature range


Metal bimetal steel backed Bushing is widely used in automotive applications, such as compressor, steering gear, power steering, pedal bearing, kingpin bushing, tailgate pivot, mechanical handling and lifting equipment, hydraulic motors, agricultural machinery and so on.

bimetal bearings