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wrapped bushing
Sleeve Bushing Design

High Quality Clutch Bushing For Reliable Usage.

Bronze Wrapped Bushings with Graphite

Wrapped phosphor bronze bushings with the exception of added solid lubricants embedded into the diamond shaped indents on the bearing surface, which provides good lubrication at start up stage, even without the use of lubrication.

Use Of Clutch Bushing
  • Automotive clutch parts

These sleeve bushings are an internal clutch part. They fit inside the clutch, not directly on the engine crankshaft.

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Clutch Bushings

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Bronze Wrapped Plain Bearings | Clutch Bushing – Metric Size

Clutch bushings & phosphor bronze bearings

The most characteristics of sleeve bushing for clutch

  • High strength
  • Wear-resistant
Wrapped bearings with graphite properties
Max.Load Static 120N/mm² Elongation 40%
Dynamic 40N/mm² Temp -100℃~+200℃
Max. Speed(Lubrication) 2.5m/s Coefficient of friction 0.05~0.25
Max. PV 2.8N/mm²*m/s Thermal conductivity 58W(m*K)-1
Tensile strength 450N/mm² Coef. Of thermal expansion 18.5*10-6*K-1
Hardness  HB >=110
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Bronze Bearing Material
  • CuSn8

  • Cu – Balance, Sn – 8.5%, P – 0.2%
Bronze bushing lubrication
  • Graphite solid lubricant

Phosphor bronze bushings with diamond shaped pockets

The standard sizes are fitted with diamond shaped lubrication indents on the bearing surface.

Maintenance free thus lower your cost for your clutch bushing project.

Clutch Bushing Production

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Clutch Sleeve Bushing & Replacement Clutch Bushing Components – Metric Size & Inch size

Heavy Duty & Medium Duty Truck Clutch Parts

Flywheel bushing

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Clutch Bushing is designed to prevent shimmying from the clutch pedal Direct OEM replacement for easy installation.
  • Save time, money and labor: replace the Bushing, not the entire clutch pedal
  • Available in packs containing multiple bushings (where applicable)
  • Different sizes available for use on a variety of applications
  • Easy to install

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