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Self-Lubricating Graphite Plugged Bronze Sleeve Bushings Lagerbuchsen Now Available Online

The so-called no-lubricating means that no or less oil needs to be added. The goal of our research is to ensure that the lagerbuchsen can still show good performance under this condition and extend its service life as much as possible. The basic working principle of self-lubricating lagerbuchsen is that in the initial operation stage, the solid lubricant on the lagerbuchsen surface forms a transfer film due to the friction between each other and covers the abrasive parts to form a solid lubricant film to achieve the purpose of self-lubrication. The direct contact between the workpieces protects the grinding parts and extends the service life of the lagerbuchsen and the workpiece.

Modern design is in huge demand for today’s self-lubricating lagerbuchsen materials. Even in severe extreme operating environments and maximum load conditions, maintenance-free is required. As the cost requirements continue to increase, the reliability requirements of equipment and plant operations are also increasing. Metal self-lubricating lagerbuchsen can meet maintenance-free and self-lubrication under long-term use conditions, thereby making it possible to design reliable long-term self-lubrication systems. Metal-type self-lubricating lagerbuchsen materials can be widely used in rotation, swing and linear reciprocating motion under high load and low speed conditions, and are also suitable for occasions where traditional lubrication cannot be achieved or are prohibited, or in special working conditions such as dust and impact Long-term and stable use under load or irradiation.


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Self-lubricated lagerbuchsen replacement the basic bearings

Self-lubricated lagerbuchsen replacement the basic bearings


Oilless lagerbuchsen have been developed for high-load, low-speed applications, and are made by rotating cast high-strength bronzes using a specially formed graphite plug as a lubricant

1. There is no need for oil supply device, oil injection hole, and oil tank processing. The extra cost and time savings of oil supply device costs, processing costs, and assembly costs can greatly reduce manufacturing costs.

2. Reduced operating costs Significantly reduce the use of lubricating oil and equipment maintenance costs, in addition to eliminating the risks caused by insufficient oil supply.

3. Shortening of design time Oil-free can greatly simplify the design and structure, reduce costs and save design time. In addition, the use of self-lubricating lagerbuchsen can also improve mechanical performance, extend service life and improve reliability.

4. Lubricating oil recycling and environmental protection No waste oil recycling is required, which is beneficial to environmental protection.


Technical Data

tructureCuZn25Al6Mn4 Bronze with solid graphite lubricant inserts
(alternative specifications are available on request)
 PV (N/mm² x m/s)3.3 max
Static load (N/mm²)100 max
Sliding speed (m/s)0.3 max
Operating temperature (°C)Up to 300
(alternative specs up to 400)
Coefficient of thermal expansion19 x 10-5/°C
Coefficient of friction0.16
Hardness (HB)210 min
Tensile strength (N/mm²)750 min
Elongation (%)12 min
Density (g/cm³)8

Bronze Sleeve Bushing types available in standard dimensions: Plain cylindrical bearings, flanged bearings, thrustwashers, slidingplates.

Bearing forms made to order: Cylindrical bushings with non-standard dimensions, flanged bushings, sliding plates, customized bearing designs

This oilless lagerbuchsen is suitable for dry environments where there is a risk of pollution, humid environments with high humidity, and occasions where the bearings are inaccessible. VIIPLUS oilless lagerbuchsen, lubricated for life!

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Material organization

CuZn25Al6Mn4 Bronze with solid graphite lubricant inserts
(alternative specifications are available on request)


1.Solid lubrication film

2.Solid lubricant

3.Copper alloy substrate






Metric Plug Graphite Bronze Lagerbuchsen Model

Metric Plug Graphite Bronze Lagerbuchsen


Plug Graphite Bronze lagerbuchsen are primarily used in applications that require continuous lubrication in hard-to-reach areas. The graphite is forced mechanically into the holes / grooves under extreme pressure. A film of lubricant is transferred to the shaft when it begins to rotate. These lagerbuchsen provide continuous lubrication over long periods without maintenance.

1. Total lagerbuchsen: does not require oil or grease
The lagerbuchsen characteristics allow the use of lagerbuchsen where oiling is difficult, expensive to implement and where grease / oil cannot be used. Excellent lubrication is also achieved with high loads at low speeds.

2. Excellent wear resistance:
The excellent wear resistance is obtained in extreme working conditions, such as heavy loads, low speed, reciprocating, oscillating and intermittent movements where the formation of oil films is difficult.

3. Low coefficient of friction: 0.04 to 0.2 typical:
Self-lubrication with specially incorporated solid lubricants reduces friction.

4. Wide operating temperature ranges: -415 ° ° to 1,100 ° ° F.
Superior performance is shown under high and low temperature conditions.

5. Corrosion and chemical resistance:
Performance independent of water and caustic chemicals.

6. Designed to exceed your requirements:
High precision products with tight tolerances.

7. Competitive cost:
The costs of maintenance, replacement and downtime of final products reduced due to the exceptional service life compared to similar lagerbuchsen.

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·Injection molding machine
·Dust collector
·Thermal conveyor


plugged graphite bushing


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EMERSON BURNSAssistant Manager - Developments
Wrapped sliding bearing high quality meet DIN 1494/ISO 3547, Low-maintenance
LEE MILLERSenior Executive
The bushing parts sliding layer is perforated with lubrication pockets.
PHOENIX MILLSManager – Merchandising
Composite bushings is the better choice for more abrasive applications.

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