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What is a self-lubricating bushing?

A lubricating bushing, or more commonly lubricating bearing and lubricating bronze bushing , is the simplest type of bearing, comprising just a bearing surface and no rolling elements.

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Lubricating bronze bushing that are self-lubricated can come in many different forms. Each with its distinct advantages and disadvantages.

Self-lubricating bronze bushings are bearings that are manufactured with some form of pre-lubrication, designed to provide continuous lubrication throughout the life of the bearing. This pre-lubrication eliminates the need for additional lubrication.

self-lubricating bushings
self-lubricating bushing

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Lubrication is one of the most important factors in determining bearing performance. The right lubricant and lubrication method have a major influence on the service life of the bearings.

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Lubricating bushing
Lubricating bushing
Lubricating bushing
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Lubricating Bushing

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Self lubricating bushing material

self-lubricating bushings (lubrication bushings) are made up of one of four basic compositions:

  • Strong Cast Bronze with Solid Lubricants
  • Bronze Wrapped Bushings
  • Bronze Powder with Steel Material
  • Sintered Bronze

Self lubricating bushing work by having lubricant impregnated within the sliding layer of the bearing. This lubricant can either be liquid (oil) or solid (graphite, MoS2, lead) based on the requirements of the application (such as operating temperature).

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Self Lubricating Bushings Application

Large Selection Of Lubricating Bushings.

Bushings when press fit into a gear or housing provide a low friction surface that can require little or no operating maintenance. With no moving parts and options such as self lubrication bushings are often the right choice for automotive , Automotive, Oil & Gas, Green Energy, Material Handling, Food & Beverage Processing, Pharmaceutical Processing, Power Generation, Marine, , Aerospace, Mining & Natural Resources, Agricultural Equipment, Construction Equipment, Valves, Pumps and more industry applications.

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