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nylon bushing sleeve

Sleeve bearings – maintenance-free, made of nylon plastic

Cost effective, Light weight, High Performance Plastics Nylon Bushing. Explore Applications。View Flange Nylon Plastic Bushing.Unique Technologies.
Plastic Sleeve bushings

Sleeve bearings – maintenance-free, made of plastic nylon

Specialized In Providing The Perfect Nylon Plastic Bushing Bearing.

Cylindrical Bushings & Flange Nylon Plastic Bushing, Nylon Bushing Sleeve instead of metal -Reduce your costs by 40%! Capable of working in dirty environments. Discover our sleeve bushing. Download CAD. For your business. Your best choice!

Cost-effective Price

Sleeve bearings made from high performance plastics, Extended service life!

Reliable & safe exporter and supplier of nylon plastic bushing! The promise of plastic nylon bushings quality! Sleeve bearings made from high performance plastics nylon provide mechanical stability with the lowest coefficients of friction without additional lubrication. Whether in dirt and dust, in the cleanroom laboratory or under water.

What is Nylon: Nylon is an outstanding scientist in the United States Carothers (CAROTHERS) and under the leadership of a research group developed, is the world’s first synthetic fiber, nylon is a polyamide fiber (nylon) a saying.

The appearance of nylon makes textiles look completely new, its synthesis is a major breakthrough in the synthetic fiber industry, but also a very important milestone in polymer chemistry. Commonly known as Nylon, Polyamide (PA for short) is a general term for thermoplastic resins containing repeated amide groups — [NHCO] — on the molecular main chain, including aliphatic PA, aliphatic aromatic PA and aromatic PA. Among them, aliphatic PA has many varieties, large yield and wide application, and its name is determined by the specific number of carbon atoms in the synthetic monomer. It was invented by the famous American chemist Carothers and his scientific research team.

Self-lubricating plastic bushings

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sleeve bearing with flange, mm Excellent price

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plastic plain bearings
plastic plain bearings
Ideal for plastic shafts bushing

Reliable & safe Nylon Bushing Supplier

Shop a large range of Low Cost Self-Lubricating Engineered Plastic Bushing & nylon sleeve bearings at China Supply.

Plastic Bearing forms made to order: standard forms in special dimensions, thrust washers, half-bearings, sliding plates, customized bearing designs

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Excellent cost-effectiveness. Sleeve bearings maintenance-free, made of plastic.

Plastic Sleeve Bearings

One Piece Compact Design, Reduce size/weight


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Save your purchasing plastic bushings & sleeve bearings budget for your project.

Solid-lubricating and Maintenance-free Sliding Bearings

Nylon flange bushings, mm


Nylon Flange Bushings Different Dimensions Available from Stock!

Cost-Effective Nylon Cylindrical Bushings with Flange Upon request

Nylon Bushing Sleeve & Nylon Flange Bushing

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Besides our Self-Lubricating Engineered Plastic Bushing products, other online plain bearings catalogs are also available.

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Nylon Bush Bearing – Resistant To Corrosion
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Plastic Bushing – With slide bearing


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