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Strives to Offer Cost-saving, Stable Performance Oilless Brass Bearings and Bushings. Contact Us. Worldwide On-time Shipping. View Our Products. Contact Us Today. 100% Quality Guaranteed. Extreme Stable & Durable. Long-term Wear Resistance. We Can Economically Make Custom Bushings In Just About Any Size. Sliding Plates Made. Where the bush bearing preferred! Made order from china.

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We’re engineers and innovators who solve our customers’ most critical challenges. Total Reliability – Long-Term Reliable Supplier! CAD Downloads – Bronze bushings! Customizable Bushings and Washers. Various Types, Materials, Sizes, Finishes, and More. Large Selection of Bushings and Washers. Oilless Washers, Flat Bronze Washers, and More.

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We convert unique ideas into engineering oilless bearing solutions that matter to our customers and help the world move forward.

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At, Our global Oilless Graphite Lubricating Brass Bearing Bushing parts keep the world moving.

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Standard Products- Solid Lubrication, Maintenance free flanged bush, thin walled, bronze with solid lubricant. Bronze Rings With Graphite Inserts Graphite Inserts (Solid Lubricant) Can Be Added During Bronze Casting. Bronze Plain Bushings Available – Order Today!

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High Performance Self-Lubricating Bearings

Oilless Bearing is a self-lubricated bearing using high grade bronze alloys as their base material, with embedded solid lubricant plugs, graphite or PTFE.

We offers free CAD downloads, short lead times, competitive pricing, and small minimum order quantity. Oiles Flange Bearing and Bearing Pads! Oilless bearings are made of ultra-hard, durable bronze with built-in self-lubricating graphite plugs for maintenance-free operation. These bearings are an excellent solution when it comes to high loads and small movements where lubrication is difficult to implement. The graphite plugs cover approximately 25-30% of the bearing surface and are positioned so that the entire bearing surface is always lubricated.

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We offer high stock levels of Oilless bearings for applications in Hardware and steel manufacturing, stamping dies, tooling components for the automotive industry and sheet metal stamping. Most of them are available for immediate delivery online.

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Standard Oil-less Brass Bushing- Solid Lubrication Oilless Production, Plain Bearing Bushes. Get started with a trial order, Always tested. Always proven. Oilless Metal Sliding Materials!

Oilless Bearing Features

  • Oilless Bushes are maintenance free (self-lubricating)
  • Oilless Bush for heavy-duty applications
  • Oilless Bronze Bearing withstands extreme temperatures

Oilless Plain Bushing Long life

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Oilless Bushes
Oilless Bushes
Oilless Bushes

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Self-Lubricating Components, Aluminum Bronze, Many of our components are made of aluminum bronze bushing with graphite, one of the best bearing materials available. It has a rather rare combination of properties: toughness, high tensile strength and a low coefficient of friction when mated to moving elements made of hardened steel. Aluminum bronze refers to a series of copper alloys (most commonly C95400 bronze) that are chemically composed of approximately 85% copper, 10% aluminum and 4% iron.

Oilless Material Design.

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Oilless Bearing Material
ZCuSn6Zn6Pb3 Metallic Bushing Bushing Bushing
GB1776-87 ZCuZn25
ZCuSn6Zn6Pb3 ZCuAI10Fe3 ZCuSu10P1 Steel+ZCuSn6Zn6Pb3 HT250 GCr15
ISO1338 GCuZn25
GCuSn6Zn6Pb3 GCuAI10Fe3 CuSn12 Steel+CuSn6Zn6Pb3Fe3Ni5 B1
DIN G-CuZn25
GB-CuSn5Zn5Pb5 GB-CuAI10Ni GB-CuSn10 Steel+CuSn6Zn6Pb3Ni 100Cr6
ASTM/UNS C86300 C83600 C95500 C90800 C83600 Class40 52100

Bushing – Brass Alloy, Straight Oilless Bushing

Bushing Material Graphite Impregnated Brass – Plain & Self lubricating Bearing Supplier. Shop Bushing Material Graphite Impregnated Brass – Plain & Self-Lubricating Bearings at, We offers FREE CAD download, short lead times and …

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Plain Shaft Bearings, Oilless bush – Oilless Self-lubricating Tech. 00% Quality Guaranteed. Worldwide On-time Shipping. View Our Products.

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Request a Quotation for Your Oilless Bushing, Oil Free Bushings. Contact Us Today. We Strives to Offer Cost-saving, Stable Performance Oilless Bearings and Bushings.

Graphite-Impregnated Bronze

We accepts orders for oilless brass bushing made from special materials or custom bushing with a small minimum quantity required..

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We supply oilless brass bushing tailored to your needs.

Unique oilless brass bushing -solutions. Oilless Brass Bushing – Things To Know.

What is an oilless brass bushing? The role of oilless bronze bushings in machines is to reduce friction, reduce vibration, prevent corrosion, reduce noise, facilitate maintenance, and simplify the structural manufacturing process. In moving parts, the parts will be worn out due to long-term friction, and this is when bronze bushings are used to reduce friction. If the oil less bronze bushings wear to a certain point, only the oil less bronze bushings need to be replaced, thus saving the cost of replacing the shaft or seat.

Oil less bronze bushings also play a bearing role, belongs to the large category of sliding bearings, is a bearing that works under sliding friction, relative to the shaft is rotating, generally need to assist there is a lubrication system work. Sliding bearings work smoothly, reliably and without noise. In the liquid lubrication conditions, the sliding surface is lubricant separation without direct contact, but also can greatly reduce the friction loss and surface wear, the oil film also has a certain vibration absorption capacity role is lubrication, heat dissipation, friction reduction, extend life, etc.

Oil less brass bushings characteristics.

1, wear resistance: the wear resistance of oil less bronze bearing is still relatively good, different materials have different characteristics of the equipment. Oil less bronze bushings parts internal organization is still relatively tight, will not appear too loose phenomenon, it is no porous trachoma, so from the appearance of the Oil less brass bearings still looks brighter, its color is more special. And the most important thing is that its hardness is relatively high. 2.

2. Corrosion: Another feature of oil less brass bushings is corrosion resistance and good corrosion performance. It is mainly used in the atmosphere and fresh water, because this environment is relatively good. In the process of using oil less bronze bushings, it is generally not easy to bite the situation. The corrosion resistance of Oil less bronze bushings is mainly reflected in some chemical elements, such as: dilute sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and fatty acids and other elements, so that the corrosion resistance of bronze bushing is very good, the reason why it does not appear to bite the situation is mainly due to its own characteristics, its performance is relatively good, even in the absence of lubricants and water lubricants can still carry out normal work, in Sliding and self-lubricating performance can still be maintained.

3. pressure resistance: Oil less bronze bushings pressure resistance is also relatively good, its surface pressure is very large, can well withstand the bearing side pressure, in the case of high load pressure Oil less brass bushings can also be operated, suitable for low-speed heavy load occasions.

Oil less bronze bushings bearings processing technology: sand casting, metal casting, centrifugal casting, precision casting, pressure casting, vacuum casting

Oilless Bearing Features

1. No need for oil supply device, oil injection hole, oil tank processing

The cost of oil supply device, processing fee, assembly fee and other extra costs and time savings can significantly reduce manufacturing costs.

2、Reduction of operation cost

The amount of lubricant used and the maintenance cost of the equipment are greatly reduced, and the risk of insufficient oil supply is eliminated.

3.Reduction of design time

In addition, the use of self-lubricating bearings can also improve mechanical performance, extend the service life and improve reliability, etc. to obtain significant results.

4. Lubricant recovery and environmental protection

No need to recycle waste oil, which is conducive to environmental protection. JDB(500#SP) self-lubricating bearing as mechanical industry parts, there is a certain broad sense of use. In order to make the mechanical transmission run properly, a lot of efforts have been made. The bearings are distinguished into rolling bearings and sliding bearings. The general sliding bearing will cause hair pulling under high load movement mode, foreign matter mixing, temperature condition, oil supply, imperfect maintenance and so on. Like this general sliding bearing can not use the harsh conditions, solid inlay type metal self-lubricating bearing wear resistance, hair pulling resistance on, play the performance of the bearing should be, to achieve high performance of machinery and maintenance-free role.

Precautions for use

1、When possible, try to use standard specifications when designing.

2、Please pay attention to the presence of foreign matter on the surface when assembling.

3. If the surface of the sliding surface is black or gray-black due to the oil film formed by the solid lubricant after use, please do not scrub it and use it as usual.

4、Before assembly, if the lubricant is applied to the wear parts, it can shorten the period of integration and facilitate the operation and operation of the machine.

5. assembly should be slowly pressed into, strictly forbidden to knock, so as not to damage the bearing and cause deformation.

6. design, different parts should be selected with the appropriate material, in order to improve the mechanical properties and extend the service life of the bearing.

7. in high load bearing, reciprocating motion, it is recommended to use screws to fix.

8. In fresh water, seawater and offshore operations, it is recommended to use stainless steel or surface chrome plating for the grinding shaft.

Oilless Bushing Product advantages.

1. flexible, simple and convenient design and wide range of use.

Oil supply system in the mechanical design is a labor-intensive, time-consuming device, the use of solid self-lubricating bearings in the design does not need to consider the refueling device, saving the refueling device equipment, and can be designed for a variety of special occasions, the solid self-lubricating bearings into a variety of shapes to meet the needs of a variety of special occasions, the use of solid self-lubricating bearings, can significantly reduce mechanical maintenance, oil and other costs.

2. no oil can be used.

Because the linear expansion coefficient of solid self-lubricating bearing is larger than the metal matrix, so when the solid self-lubricating bearing starts to run, the oil film will be transferred to the wear parts and realize self-lubrication, so the solid self-lubricating bearing can be used in the place where it is difficult to add oil and can’t add oil or grease, even in the case of low speed and high load, it can play a good lubricating role.

3. low cost of use.

Traditional mechanical design, in a certain operating time, to often refueling maintenance, check the oil table, oil supply device is smooth, due to regular refueling led to the body itself and the surrounding environment pollution, resulting in increased maintenance costs, the realization of self-lubrication, not only can achieve a neat environment, and greatly reduce the cost of using lubricants.

4. superior performance under high load carrying and low speed conditions.

Solid self-lubricating bushing bearing is made of centrifugal casting of high-strength alloy brass as substrate, which plays the role of load bearing, and the special formula of graphite with good self-lubricating performance as lubricant, which plays the role of self-lubrication, so it integrates their respective advantages, and can play a superior performance even under high load plain bearing and low speed situation.

5. it can play superior wear resistance in places where oil film formation is difficult such as reciprocating motion, rocking motion and frequent starting and stopping.

The arrangement principle of solid self-lubricating bushing bearing lubricant is to ensure that the lubricant acts on all parts of the grinding parts during operation, so the arrangement of the lubricant must be determined according to the direction of movement of the grinding parts to determine the location of the lubricant arrangement.

6. superior chemical resistance and corrosion resistance.

The lubricant of solid self-lubricating bronze bearing is made of special formula of graphite, PTFE, molybdenum disulfide and other wear-resistant materials, which has stable molecular structure, and the metal matrix can be selected according to different metals with different chemical resistance and corrosion resistance, so the solid self-lubricating cast bronze bearing has superior chemical resistance and corrosion resistance.

7. The cost of the product is more competitive, compared with similar products, the working life is longer, requiring little maintenance, long replacement cycle, good performance.

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Bronze Lube has extensive experience in providing cost effective solutions.

plugged graphite bearing

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Standard Components for Sliding Material

“Copper Alloy, Solid Lubricant oil-less bushings supplier.”

Explore More Straight, Bronze Castings Type, Customized production of various specifications of copper bushings, product materials cover tin bronze, aluminum bronze, high force brass, lead bronze, brass and other copper-based alloy materials, customize the production of drawings.

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Material: Special Brass Self-lubricating Bushings.

Lubricant: Graphite
Surface Pressure P: 100 N/mm²
Sliding speed v: 30 m/min
P*v-value: 200 N/mm² x m/min
Operating temperature: -50°C / +200°C (max. 300°C)
Friction coefficient: 0,07

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Maintenance free bearing and guide bushes, bronze with solid lubricant.

  • Custom-made products. Straight type, flange type! Straight, Bronze Castings type. Oilless bushing suppliers, a range of oilless bushings that has gained an excellent reputation for reliability and performance. Maintenance free bearing and guide bushes, bronze with solid lubricant. Explore More oilless bushing products from china

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Oilless Bushes
Oilless Bushes

What are oil-free bearings made of, Oilless Bearings, Composite Slide Bearings ?

Oil-free bearings are usually made of bronze powders that are fused together to form a porous surface in which impregnated oil can be stored. As the bearings are used, oil is continuously circulated to the surface of the oil-free bearings, making them self-lubricating and justifying the name “oil-free bearing“. Self-lubricating bearings, maintenance-free …oilless bearings benefit from outstanding chemical and corrosion resistance.

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Copper Bushing Supplier – Oilless Self-lubricating Tech. Lubrication-free bushings come in a variety of shapes that can be used for different applications as needed. Examples include straight bushings, collar bushing, flange bushing and thrust washer…

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Oilless Bushing

Bronze Castings, Solid Lubricant

Oilless Bushes Made to order from china supplier, online sales.

Oilless Bearing Features


Sliding bearing, Self-lubricating bearing, Solid lubricants embedded bearing, Die Guide Components|Standard Bronze Bushings for Press Die MADE-TO-ORDER FROM CHINA. Special lubricant for use in high temperatures between 250 and 500 ºC.Oil-Free Bushings I.D. F7 – Copper Alloy.The most standard type in the Copper Alloy series.Specification/Dimensions in Stock. Special manufacturing, another sliding bearing alloy can be offered or produced upon request.


Bronze Graphite Bushings Full fills the highest operational demands and is suitable for shock loads. Depending on the alloy, it is corrosion-resistant and also highly wear-resistant with a long life span.


Support material: CuZn25AI5Mn4Fe3 + graphite (High Tensile Brass Alloy Solid Lubricant Embedded)

Sliding layer Solid lubricant graphite surface: app. 25-30%. Other commonly used bronze alloys: CuAl10Ni, CuSn12Pb, CuSn7ZnPb


Metric (mm) Imperial (inch) Bushing. Shaft and housing tolerances (Design of bushing arrangements). Housing ØH7 Bushing inner-Ø after mounting. Please consult our sales engineers, standard delivered tolerance: r6 or E7 Shaft tolerance f7 or h6


Bearing forms available in standard dimensions: Metric bearings and imperial bushings made to order: standard bushing forms in special dimensions, half-bushings, special shapes obtained by stamping or deep drawing, customized bushing designs

SHAPES & FORMS: Straight Bronze Type Flange Type & Washer


Lubrication Bearings: Graphite Bronze Bearing is maintenance-free but lubricating the sliding surfaces during assembly is recommended for initial start-up period. Common lubricants such as greases or oils can be used. For optimal performance and longevity, it is important that mating surfaces are properly cleaned when assembly.

Oilless Bearings Tolerance: For housing diameter, tolerance H7 (*2) to D dimensions (*1) is recommended. (Refer to Below Table 1) *Indicated dimensions

D O.D. m6 (*1) Housing Dia. H7
7~10 +0.015 + 0.015
+0.006 0
11~18 +0.018 + 0.018
+0.007 0
19~30 +0.021 + 0.021
+0.008 0
31~50 +0.025 + 0.025
+0.009 0
51~80 +0.030 + 0.030
+0.011 0
81~120 +0.035 + 0.035
+0.013 0

Maintenance-free bearings, flanged bearings, and thrust washers with lubricating plugs are suitable for heavy loads, high temperatures, vibrations and for use in corrosive environments. By using bronze brass alloy with specific lubricating plugs, this plain bearing can also be used in applications with salt water.

RANGE OF APPLICATION: Hardware and steel fabrication, stamping dies, tooling components for the automotive industry, sheet pressing etc.

SPECIAL MANUFACTURING: * For higher requirements – e.g. higher temperature ranges – different materials are available in this category.Special dimensions are available on request

plugged graphite bearings

Hi Temp Oilless Free Brass Bearing Solution.

High Quality And Service. Work in High Temp & Submerged Applications Where Grease, Oil & Plastics Fail. Non-galling. Increased reliability. Reduced costs & downtime. JDB ZCuZn25 AI6Fe3Mn3 Solid Inlay Bearing. The wear-resistant metal material is used as the substrate, and various lubricating materials are added to reduce the friction factor and achieve self-lubrication. This material structure combines the advantages of high load of metal, good impact resistance and low friction coefficient of non-metal, and can meet the use of various working conditions. According to the different distribution of solid lubricant, it is divided into inlay type with regular arrangement according to certain ratio and ...

Self Lubricating Bearings No Oil Or Grease , Plain & Self-Lubricating Bearings

Oil-free brass bearings are manufactured from a material that contains its own lubrication in the form of plugged graphite. These types of brass bearings are also referred to as self-lubricating bearings. As a result, the brass bearings do not require oil or external lubricants to operate optimally. ‎Ideal for High Temps · ‎Our Advantage, ‎Bearings for High Temps ·

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Material – Made of cast brass and fitted with graphite which is self-lubricating and does not require oiling. Has good load capacity and wear resistance.

Function – Also known as plain bearings or bushings. They are mainly used to guide or reduce friction in linear applications.

Application – Used in various industrial equipment such as electrical equipment, household equipment, printing machines and machine tools.

General, Bushing from China, we offers free CAD downloads, short lead times, competitive pricing, and small minimum order quantity.

The Self-Lubricating oilless components manufactured by us are mainly used to guide or control some form of linear motion, usually under considerable loads. The range of possible applications is very wide: molds, fixtures, special machines and all types of heavy equipment. Our parts have an extremely long service life, often exceeding the life of the tool or machine on which they are mounted. Almost all of our sales are for new constructions.

Self-Lubricating Components, Oilless Bushing Factory Direct Wholesale

Many of our self-Lubricating oilless components are self-lubricating. Self-lubricating parts are initially more expensive than conventional parts; however, they have the advantage of built-in permanent lubrication. No additional lubrication is ever required. In terms of total life cycle cost (i.e., taking into account the cost of periodic lubrication), self-lubricating parts are always less expensive than conventional parts-often quite low, because of the risk of not using lubrication.

Graphite Self-Lubricating Oilless Bushes

Graphite plugs provide self-lubrication. Graphite has some unusual properties that make it an excellent lubricant. Chemically, it is one of the three common isomers of carbon (amorphous carbon and diamond are the other two). In contrast to diamond, which has a very dense and strong three-dimensional crystal structure, graphite has a two-dimensional crystal structure – strong in two dimensions, but weak in the third. Its atoms are arranged in parallel sheets that can be easily sheared off, which gives graphite its characteristic slipperiness. For example, if you rub a pencil lead with your fingertip, it will feel greasy. This sensation is the sliding and flaking of the crystal flakes.

It is these sheared off crystal flakes that provide the lubrication during the self-lubrication process, sort of like a piece of tissue paper between two pieces of glass. Initially there is no lubrication, but as the two mating surfaces (e.g., bushings and shafts) move against each other, trace amounts of graphite are distributed across the wear surface and function as a solid lubricant. Because of its excellent stability, graphite will stay there for a long time. While graphite will sublimate at 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit in a reducing environment, it will oxidize in air at about 500 degrees Fahrenheit, so it is important to keep the temperature well below this threshold. In addition, the coefficient of thermal expansion of graphite is almost zero. When a graphite plug is embedded in a metal part, the metal will expand, but the graphite plug will not. The plug will loosen, and if the plug has any open surface (i.e., not limited by the mating part), then the temperature range will be limited to about 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Additional lubrication of Self-Lubricating oilless parts with graphite

In general, we do not recommend this. The only exception is when new parts are fitted together and several cycles are required to distribute the graphite over the wear surface. Some customers have found it useful to rub a little light oil (never grease) on the wear surface, which can be used as a temporary lubricant until the self-lubricating action begins. Beyond that, any additional lubrication is actually detrimental to the graphitized part. Liquid lubricants tend to attract dust and grit, leading to premature wear of the graphite. Grease is a particular problem; graphite shaft bearing bushing parts should never be lubricated.

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