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Sliding Bushing Configuration

Self-lubricating Bronze Bushing PTFE Material Solution

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These sliding bushings are made of bronze backed with bronze powder PTFE/Pb, are dry bushings.

PTFE sliding bushing dimension
PTFE sliding bushing


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PTFE sliding bushing
PTFE sliding bushing
PTFE sliding bushing

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Wrapped sliding bushing PTFE material
  • Dry slide bearing requires no lubrication
  • High static and dynamic load capacity
Custom Sliding Bushing Design

PTFE Sliding Bushing Bronze Backed, Bronze With PTFE – Metric

Metal-Polymer Composite Self-lubricating Bushing Material

The PTFE sliding bushings are suitable for dry running, low coefficient of friction, lower wear, good sliding characteristics, forming a transfer film can protect the mating metal surface, suitable for rotary and oscillating movement.

Sliding Bushing PTFE Material Structure
  • Bronze Back + Porous Bronze Sinter + PTFE + Lead

  1. 0.01 ~ 0.03mm PTFE / Pb blend provides an excellent initial transfer film that effectively coats the mating surface of the hub assembly, forming a solid oxide type lubricating film.
  2. Sintered bronze powder 0.20-0.35mm, provides max. thermal conductivity from the surface of the bushing also serves as a reservoir for the PTFE / lead mixture.
  3. The bronze base provides an extremely high load-bearing capacity, excellent heat dissipation. Very good corrosion resistance.

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PTFE sliding bushing

Special sliding bushings dimensions and imperial sizes are available on request.

Standard sized parts for a wide range of sliding bushings products with basic dimensions (inner diameter, outer diameter, length, etc.) according to international standards are available.

  • Straight Sliding Bushings
  • Flanged Sliding Bushings
  • Thrust Washer Sliding Bushings
  • Strip Sliding Bushings
  • Customized Sliding Bushings

Exacting standards of product quality and a strong reliability in service and high quality performance.

We are experts in self-lubricating bronze bushings.

Bronze PTFE Bushing Characteristics

  •  Good wear and friction performance over a wide range of load, speed and temperature conditions without lubrication.
  • Also can perform well with lubrication.

*Bronze based PTFE sliding bushing is widely used in steel metallurgy industry, cement grouting pumps and scrow conveyers of machine, marine and offshore equipment, dyeing machinery and so on.

PTFE sliding bushing

Wrapped sliding bearing, bronze/PTFE sliding layer, DIN 1494/ISO 3547, Maintenance-free

Specific load capacity static ≤ 250 [N/mm2] Temperature strain -200 [°C] to +280 [°C]
Specific load capacity dynamic ≤ 140 [N/mm2]
Sliding speed ≤ 2.5 [m/s] Max. PV-value 1.8 [N/mm² x m/s] 3.6 [N/mm² x m/s] for short time
Friction value 0.03 [µ] to 0.25 [µ]
Support material Bronze Intermediate layer Sintered bronze
Sliding layer PTFE
Housing Ø H7 Shaft tolerance f7 or h8
Bushing inner-Ø after mounting H9
Steel, hardened or untempered.
Surface roughness ≤ Ra 0.8
It is a maintenance-free material due to the PTFE sliding layer. Outstanding sliding and wear performance. High load capacity and very versatile bushing.Extended performance due to the bronze backing.
hydraulic cylinders, cranes and construction machinery, all sorts of production machinery, pumps and medial devices
It is maintenance-free with a PTFE sliding layer. It is not necessary to lubricate this material, but basically possible!
Housing Chamfer min. 1.5 mm x 15-45°, for easy bushing alignment
Shaft Chamfer 5 mm x 15°, for easy insertion of the shaft
We advises to use a force fitting mandrel for the installation of the bushing. It might be necessary to apply some grease on the outer surface of the bushing when press fitting it into the housing.
Gluing Adhesive should not contact the sliding surface!
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