Project Description

We manufacture sliding steel backed bushing bearings strip & PTFE ,POM metal sheet in accordance with DIN ISO 3547. We can manufacture any intermediate size with diameters between 80 mm and 600 mm. In general, the basic material is 1.5-mm-thick,2.0-mm-thick 2.5-mm-thick metal sheet for composite bearings. We also manufacture other solid bronze bushing materials made of CuSn8 at our customers’ request.

Self-Lubrication Bearings Material

Wrapped dry sliding bearings,The sliding bearing specialist with in-house custom manufacture.

  1. For individual applications in a wide variety of industries:
  2. ISO 3547/DIN 1494 Steel-bronze-PTFE composite
  3. Eco-friendly, lead-free, RoHS-compliant

Much more than a metal sheet

Custom-Manufacture-Self-Lubricating Bushings Flate Strips & Metal Sheets

  • Plain bearings
  • Steel ptfe bearings/pom bushes
  • Flange Bearings
  • Fiberglide Woven bearings
  • Wrapped plain bearings

Manufacturing Process Roller burnishing

Manufacturing process, cutting & machining VIIPLUS manufactures special sliding bearings according to your wishes. We adapt the sliding bearing to your requirements and to the possibilities of our machinery in operation. This is how we create the optimal solution to your application. Our machinery in operation comprises milling machines, lathes and one plate bending machine.