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Low friction bearings, Sleeve bushings – Metal polymer bearing supplier

Bushing Operating temperature From – 200°C- 280°C. Metric bearings & imperial bushings made to order. Cylindrical bushes available in standard dimensions.

High Quality PTFE Sleeve Long Life

  • Maintenance-free
  • Self Lubricating
  • Wear-resistant
DP4 BUSHING material red petfe equivalent
oilless bushing


Custom Sleeve Bearing Solutions.

Order PTFE Sleeve Bushing Online Today.

These sleeve bushings are available from stock in a wide range of sizes in both inch and metric specifications.

ptfe composite bearing

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collar sleeve bushing
Custom Bearing Solutions.

DP4 bearings equivalent; competitively priced vs DP4 sleeve bushing.

  • Metal-Polymer Composite Bushing Material Steel back + Porous Bronze Sinter + PTFE + Fillers


  • Sliding layer Carbon Steel Backing, Stainless Steel 304, or Stainless Steel 316 bushes.
  • Porous Bronze Sinter
  • PTFE + Fillers
Grease lubricated bushing

The promise of peek bushing high quality, meet your requirement.

Dry Bushing

Small minimum order value & quantity, fast delivery.


Self-Lubricating Multilayer Composite Bushing Supplier.

  • Copper plate + copper powder + (PTFE + filler)
  • Stainless steel + copper powder + (PTFE + filler)
  • Carbon Steel + Copper Powder + (PTFE + Filler)
  • Metal backed PTFE lined

  • Let us help you find the sleeve bushing part you are looking for

  • Reliable & safe sleeve bushing supplier

  • DP4 Garlock Bearings equivalent. –

Sleeve Bushing Technical Data
Performance Date
Load capacity P Static load 250N/mm²
Load capacity P Dynamic load 140N/mm²
Load capacity P Oscoillation Load 60N/mm²
Max line speed V Dry friction 2.5m/s
Max line speed V Oil lubrication >5m/s
PV value limit Dry friction 1.8N/mm²· m/s
PV value limit Oil lubrication 3.6N/mm²· m/s
Friction coef μ Dry friction 0.08~0.20
PTFE Bushing Technical Data
Performance Date
Friction coef μ Oil lubrication 0.02~0.08
Mating Axis Hardness >220 HB
Mating Axis Roughness Ra=0.4~1.25
Working temperature -200~+280℃
Thermal conductivity 40W/(m·k)
Coefficient of linear expansion 11×10-6K-1
Outside surface Plating copper/tin
We can also develop according to customers special request while out of this table.

Life Factors & Sleeve Bushing Application

  1. PV Value:

    PV value is an effective criterion to calculate the service life of sleeve bushing. If there is need to prolong the service Life, PV value must be reduced.

  2. Ambient Temperature: The higher the working temperature is, the shorter the life of the products would be.
  3. Quality of the Mating Surface:Sleeve bushing service life can be obviously prolonged if its mating axis is made by alloy steel or is plated by hard chrome and with surface Roughness Ra=0.4~0.63.

Application: he printing, woven, tobacco and gymnastic machinery, shock absorber etc..

* By combining the metals and the polymers together, its products are endowed with the lower friction coefficient and good capacity of anti-abrasion and self-lubrication. Moreover, the steel back is plated with an erosion-prevention layer. Steel backed with copper-plated steel with porous bronze sintered on the steel and (PTFE+Pb) imbedded into the bores of the bronze.

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