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Metal bushings for the textile industry

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Long service life
Metal bushings for textile machine

AFTER-SALES SUPPORT: Metal bushings for textile machine, Metal Textile Bushes at Best Price in China, pre-lubricated bearings give you the widest application range.

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Do you have a special application in which you use self-lubricating bushings plain bearings?

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Garment Machine Bushing

Quality metal bushing are the defining factors of textile industry. produces the high quality self-lubricating bushing.

Bearing Technology, Equivalent Glacier Garlock Bearings.


Along with various quality metal bushings, we are also providing one of the self-lubricating bushing for textile industries.

Textile Industry Solutions |

Bushing Solutions for the textile industry:

Textile Machine Bushing: Self Lubricating Textile Industries Bushings – Plug in, install, low cost. Delivers on time and at competitive prices. Composite plain bearings bushing of the dimensional series by their maintenance-free feature and the omission of lubricants prevent any failure through the sticking together of textile fibers.


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Metal-Polymer Self-lubricating and Maintenance-free Bearing Solutions: metal-polymer material for greased applications
Textile Equipment Bushing
Spinning, weaving, tufting, and finishing
machinery, rotating bobbins, etc. In these
applications, Self-Lubricating Bearingsoffer exceptional
cleanliness, freedom from the effects of
static electricity and fire hazards, tolerance
of “fly” and other airborne dirt, elimination
of complex lubrication systems, and smooth
running with no-stick slip.

Re-greasing will significantly increase the life of grease-lubricated bearings. Plain-bearing Textile Industries such as PTFE and POM can be used in high load applications. The maximum permissible loading for the bushing bearing, particularly at slow sliding speeds, may exceed the load limit of the bearing housing or the fixing bolts.

yarn warping machine in a textile weaving factory

Maintenance-free bearings are used in applications such as electrical gears, solenoids, textile machinery, food processing equipment.

Metal-Polymer Plain-Bearings

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