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Plain bearings bush can meet the high-load, lowmaintenance, long-life needs of demanding applications.

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Self-lubricating Plain BushingReplacing Roller Bearings

Tailored Solution

Our plain bushings, for special and extreme situations, are excellent suited for any numbers of varied applications. These are used at rolling mills, turbines, general and plant engineering up to wind energy plants and hydromechanical steel structures as well.

plain bushings bearing

Plain Bushings Offer Advantages Over Roller Bearings

    • Simple assembly process and tooling by press fit reduces cost and eliminates bearing damage
    • Higher load capacity and excellent shock load resistance with a greater contact zone
    • Compensation for misalignment and vibration damping with a conformable liner
    • Quieter performance with less moving parts
    • Reduced costs of shaft and housing surface finishes and hardness treatments
high quality self-lubricating-bearings

Self-lubricating Plain Bushings Type

Viiplus offers a variety of plain bushings bearing that may replace roller bearings.

graphite plugged bronze bushings

Graphite Plugged Bushings

Cast bronze bushings with solid lubricant

self-lubricating plain bushes

Plain Bushes Bearing

Wrapped bronze bearings with solid lubricant

Bimetal bushings bearing

Bimatel Bushings

Bimatallic bearings bush

wrapped bronze bearing

Wrapped Bronze Bushing

CuSn6 bronze bushings with diamond pockets

pom polymer plain bushes bearing

POM Coated Lined Bushing

Composite self-lubricating bearing

PTFE composite sliding bearings

Metal-polymer plain bushings

Composite self-lubricating bearing PTFE material

What are the differences between plain bushings and roller bearings?

Plain bearings, also referred to as… bushings, sleeve bearings, solid bearings, shaft bearings, or journal bearings, are differentiated from roller bearings by the fact that plain bearings have no rolling elements.

“High Performance”

Higher load capacity, especially for shock load resistance and a greater contact zone.


“Reduced Noise”

Compensation for misalignment and vibration damping with a conformal liner.

Custom Design

“Maintenance Free”

Straightforward and simple maintenance and installation.


Self-lubricating bearings bush

Bearing Coating Technology Replace Roller Bearings

Roller bearings are often needlessly complicated for a wide range of applications. That’s why we suggest replacing them with the simplicity and cost effectiveness of plain bearings or our advanced coatings technology. The quality plain bushings bearing provided by today’s Viiplus bearing technology have many advantages compared with rolling bearings.

Always self-lubricating, always long life.

A plain bearing, sometimes known as a sliding bearing, consists of only a bearing surface, with no rolling elements.

These bearings can handle more misalignment than a roller bearings, and are suitable for oscillating or reciprocating movements.

In addition to their simple design and cost effectiveness, plain bushings bearing provide greater load capacity, greater space, lighter weight, and more compact design saves weight. In addition they compensate for deviations, reduce edge loads and suppress noise and vibration. Because they contain no moving parts, bearings also provide a quieter working environment, more reliable performance, and require little maintenance.

Replacing Roller Bearings with Self lubricating Plain Bushes
Replacing Roller Bearings with Self lubricating Plain Bushes for agriculture manchinery

Custom made sliding bearings bushes

These plain bushings advantages are achieved by design engineers in the wide application of plain bushings bearing to replace rolling bearings. These applications include wind turbines, agricultural equipment, steering systems, air conditioning compressors, engine rocker arms, throttles, transmissions and drivetrain, and heads, among others. Potential applications include offshore floating production and storage systems, braking mechanisms, generators and starters.

Polymer coating bushing is an effective environmental protection solution.

Plain bearings are not suitable for all applications. Especially where ultra-low friction and/or high precision shaft positions are required. However, plain bearings show excellent performance in the oscillation motion involving high load and slow motion, because the falling off of the rolling parts of rolling bearings may lead to premature failure.

Replacing Roller Bearings with Self lubricating Plain Bushes
Replacing Roller Bearings with Self lubricating Plain Bushes for wind turbine

Replacing traditional roller bearings with Viiplus bearings can provide users with technical and competitive advantages. The larger contact area provides high carrying capacity and resistance to fatigue failure, impact and edge loads. The friction characteristics of bearings are also resistant to inertia and high-speed gliding, and the main body of roller bearings tolerate deviations better than many rolling element designs.

Compact overall structure and smaller housing save space and weight. The simple pressing fit almost eliminates the potential damage of installation. Conversion to sliding bearings can also reduce part of the cost of low risk assembly.

Plain bushings bearing solutions to drive industrial progress

Plain bushing bearings are a reliable, cost-efficient solution for applications with multi-directional, self-aligning movements.

Plain bushing bearings reduce friction by using highly-specialized bearing materials, such as PTFE or graphite, to facilitate movement between two surfaces. Plain bushing bearings can be either self-lubricating or externally lubricated.

  • Metal-Polymer Composite Bushings
  • Metal or Bi-Metal Plain Bushings
  • Engineered Plastic Bearing
  • Cast Bronze Bearing With Solid Lubricant
Replacing Roller Bearings with Self lubricating Plain Bushes

Plain bushings and sliding bearings

Production of sintered and self-lubricating bushings in bronze, iron, steel, ptfe and plain bearings.

Viiplus has been producing self-lubricating bushings, lubricating bushings and plain bearings for more than ten years, by metal sintering process such as bronze, iron and steel.

In fact, Viiplus produces a wide range of products that can be used in many applications, including cylindrical and flanged bushingssintered and wrapped bushings and bronze bushings with graphite inserts.

As a manufacturer, is able to satisfy both requests for material with standard dimensions and special dimensions suitable for use in the industrial and professional field.

soild bronze bearing bushing sleeve

Here you are some good reasons to start a self-lubricating plain bushes business relationship with us:

  • Professionalism
  • Cordiality
  • A total satisfaction of all market demands
  • High-quality products
  • Very competitive prices is able to meet all your needs and to fulfil the requests of retailers, final users, mechanical and engineering companies, agricultural machinery companies, automatic-machines producers, cylinders and tail-lifts manufactures, etc.

As Chinese quality suppliers of plain bearings and plain bushings, Viiplus offer an extensive product range, along with expert advice.

We have several plain bearings and bush options available to meet your unique needs.

Plain bushing bearings – sometimes known as bushes, bushings or sleeves – come in a variety of materials and compositions to suit most demanding applications. In all cases they allow movement for sliding, rotation or oscillating actions, where there is relative motion between opposing surfaces.

You can find the largest assortment plain bushes at Choose from more than 1,000 self-lubricating bearings and order right away.


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