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Bronze Bushing Solution

Graphite Plugged Bronze Bushing Copper Alloy Straight Type

Graphite plugged bronze bushings are a complete line of self-lubricating bushings that excel whenever standard lubrication is impractical, including high temperature, heavy load applications.

A variety of bronze alloys of graphite bronze bushing:

  • C95400 Aluminum Bronze
  • C93200 Bearing Bronze
  • C86300 Manganese Bronze

graphite plugged bronze bushings dimension
graphite plugged bronze bushing

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Search By Bronze Bushing Size – Graphite Plugged Cast Bronze

Self Lubricated for Higher Temperatures and Heavier Loads

Online Oilless Bushing Solution.

Quality Cast Bronze With Solid Lubricant Plugs – Metric Size.

Check out our online graphite plugged bronze bushing product catalog with more than 1,000 bronze bushings products with full specifications available for download – all free of charge!

oilless bushing

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graphite plugged bronze bushings
graphite plugged bronze bushings
graphite plugged bronze bushings

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Plain & Self-Lubricating Bearings(Bushing Material:Graphite Impregnated Brass)

  • Straight graphite plugged bushing
  • Flanged oilless bushing
  • Thrust washer
  • Slide plate
  • Customzied bushing
Oil Free Bushing – Brass Alloy, Straight, Standard Type – Metric Size
Type Straight Bushing Material Graphite Impregnated Brass Maximum Allowable PV Value Range(N/mm2•m/s) 1.1~2.0
Maximum Allowable PV Value(N/mm2•m/s) 1.65 Maximum Allowable Load(N/mm2) 29 Maximum Allowable Velocity(m/s) 0.5
Mounting Hole Fits H7

Customzied Bronze Bushing

Customized graphite bronze bushing, meet your requirement.

Various Bushing Type

Small minimum order value & quantity, fast delivery.

Standard Graphite Bronze Bushing Material

Self-lubricating Bronze Bushing Embedded Solid Lubricants

  • Bearing Surface Material: Bronze – Cast Bronze
  • Bushing Type: Sleeve
  • Design Units: Metric & Inch
  • Solid Lubricant Embedded
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Standard graphite plugged bronze bushing over 1,000 sizes that are carried in stock.

Graphite plugged bronze bushing feature

  • Self Lubricated when standard lubrication is impractical
  • Performs well under various loads, types and speed operations
  • Resists corrosive and hostile environments
  • Excellent performance in medium to high temperatures up to 600° F
  • Compatible with most viscous lubricants & Oil and Grease applications

Graphite Plugged Bronze Bushing Solid Lubrication

A film of solid lubricant is transferred unto the shaft as it starts to run. The self-lubricating features allow the graphite plugged bushings to be used where oiling is difficult, expensive to implement and where grease/oil cannot be used. Excellent lubrication is achieved even under high loads at low speeds.

Graphite Lubricant Bronze Bushing is a Oilless self-lubricating bearings, we are slide bearing manufacturers supplier, professional design oilless bearings, graphite bearings, bronze bushes ,etc.
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graphite plugged bronze bushings

The graphite plugged bronze bushings are available in a broad range of inch and metric sizes.

  • Bronze no Graphite
  • Bronze w/Graphite

Self-lubricating bearings are superior in wear resistance, galling resistance and frictional properties, and provide improved performance and maintenance free.

Graphite Wear Plate / Oilless Slide Plate

Our wear plates in a broad range of standard inch and metric sizes and are available in steel or aluminum bronze, either with or without self-lubricating graphite.

We can save you time and money in bronze bushing research, design and production costs.

Searching your graphite plugged bronze bushings by copper alloy material and application.

We are available to assist you with the design of your bronze bushings. We supply a large number of customers throughout the worldwide. We mainly sell direct for the simple reason that it saves customers time and money.

* Applications for graphite filled bushings are virtually limitless. From tough to maintenance applications, to high temperature environments to heavy load applications, graphite filled bronze bushings exhibit excellent service and wear resistance.

graphite plugged bronze bushings
graphite plugged bronze bushings

Choose Your Graphite Bronze Bushing Material / Alloy

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Graphite Plugged Bronze Bushing Different Material.

C86300 Manganese Bronze Bushing Chemistry
  Cu(1) Al Fe Pb Mn Ni(2) Sn Zn
Min./Max. 60.0-66.0 5.0-7.5 2.0-4.0 .20 2.5-5.0 1.0 .20 22.0-28.0
Nominal 63.0 6.2 3.0 3.7 25.0
C93200 Bronze Bushing Chemistry
  Cu(1) Al Sb Fe Pb Ni(2) P(3) Si S Sn Zn
Min./Max. 81.0-85.0 .005 .35 .20 6.0-8.0 1.0 .15 .005 .08 6.3-7.5 1.0-4.0
Nominal 83.0 7.0 6.9 2.5
C95400 Aluminum Bronze Bushing Chemistry
  Cu Al Fe Mn Ni(1)
Min./Max. 83.0 min 10.0-11.5 3.0-5.0 .50 1.5
Nominal 83.2 10.8 4.0
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