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Quality is confirmed. … Our quality policy is based on the objective of identifying and meeting customer needs, and of being a professional partner and reliable supplier. bronzelube.com is always committed to manufacturing products with the highest quality standards and to developing innovative solutions.
Sliding Bearings Quality

You can rely on the sliding bearings quality Focus on the customer

Bronzelube.com is always committed to the manufacture of products with the highest quality standards and to develop innovative sliding bearings solutions.

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The bronzelube.com test laboratory: rigorous testing for guaranteed quality.

Sliding Bearing Quality, certifications, and approvals

Quality from the bronzelube.com test laboratory

  • Partner for quality sliding plain bearings, Steel Bushing Quality. Every interaction, every touch point, every order gives us an opportunity to demonstrate our quality to our customers.

  • Sliding Bearings in high-quality fittings, Your standard quality sliding bearing, which is to say excellent. For now, so long as they are made from China, Save Your Cost.
  • Material Test results improve our online sliding bearing sourcing, ensure the sliding bearing technical quality level.

  • Our Continuous Commitment to Quality – Sleeve Bearing – Quality Sliding Bearings Online The VIIPLUS Sliding Bearing Company

  • Our Measurement of Quality Quality is the cornerstone of VIIPLUS’s reputation. The Sliding Bearing Quality Management System reinforces our quality core value through targeted, disciplined best practices for all levels of the organization, including both manufacturing and service processes.

  • A Global Commitment to Premium Quality – Sliding Bearing Quality, So what makes a us stronger? The viiplus name – it means quality. The kind of quality you deserve. and the price of sliding bearings, then you can trust it.

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You can rely on the Sliding Bearing Quality

Quality management systems - application

Quality of sliding bearings and self-lubricating products, systems, and services.

Quality management systems - application

The promise of quality bushings

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Sliding Bearing Application Assistance

The china mold and die components supplier, High-quality oilless bearing material!



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ISO 9001 Certified.Copper Alloy Bearing & Metal Self-lubricating Bearings Supplier.Machine dies and mold parts.

We have been recognized as the premier supplier of Self-lubricating Bearing & Bushings. We continually adapt to changing markets and industry demand for greater diversity, higher quality and more eco-friendly customized parts.

We can supply in a wide range of self-lubricating bearings standard and sizes.

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Metal-Polymer Bush

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POM Bushing

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Graphite Bearing

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PTFE Bushing

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Bronze Bushing

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Sliding Bearing

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You can rely on the bronzelube quality.


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We can supply in a wide range of self-lubricating bearings standard and sizes.

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