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Rolled dry sliding bushings ptfe

The sliding bushings are encapsulated sliding bearings made of a three-layer composite produced from a steel strip, a sintered-on porous bronze layer and a surface sliding layer made of PTFE and Pb (lead).

This type of sliding bushing has a low friction coefficient and protection against wear and corrosion, and can be used without oil. The low manufacturing costs and top-of-the-range technical foundations mean that these sliding bushings are used in a variety of different kinds of sliding applications, such as in textile manufacturing machinery, hydraulic systems and automotive machinery as well as agricultural and forestry machinery.

Resilience Temperature
Sliding speed
Limit value (dry) Limit value (oil)
140 N/mm2 -195°C    +280°C 5 m/s 0.03 – 0.18 4.3 N/mm2 × m/s 50 N/mm2 × m/s

Material: Steel backed or other metal bearings

  • Self-lubricating: Yes
  • Lubricant: PTFE lubrication layer
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Specialty Dry Bushes Bearing Products & Technologies

You will find engineering dry bearings materials that include bushing type, dry bushing application, technical data, and dry bushes size.

Maintenance-free, space-saving dry sliding bearings

There are two standard types of composite material for dry sliding bushing: PTFE composite and POM composite.
  • Straight self-lubricating bushings
  • Flanged dry sliding bushings
  • Thrust washers
  • Strips
polyethylene bushings

polyethylene bushings

The dry plain bearing has a common structure consisting of a steel substrate bonded to a sintered porous bronze layer impregnated and coated with PTFE / lead-bearing material. Dry plain bearings utilize the unique properties of dry PTFE bearing and combine them with strength, stability, and good wear resistance, excellent thermal conductivity, and low thermal expansion.
  • Dry slide bearing requires no lubrication
  • High static and dynamic load capacity

Dry sliding bearings can meet strict criteria for long life and trouble-free operation, with or without lubrication, in a variety of equipment such as hydraulics, valves, automotive, agriculture, material handling, and many more.

Properties of  dry sliding bearings

  • Long service life and maintenance-free operation
  • High load-bearing capacity
  • Low wear
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Stick-slip free sliding behavior
  • Good chemical resistance of sliding surfaces

We are leading manufacturers, suppliers of Dry Sliding Bearings which is a composite structure consist of a carbon steel backing, an intermediate layer of sintered bronze and a PTFE modified sliding layer.

It offers the good properties of self-lubricating, abrasion-resistant, low-friction, and offers the advantages of metal and multi-element polymer, as well as an excellent cost-performance ratio.

Dry bushes take advantage of the out-standing dry bearing properties of PTFE and combine them with strength, stability, and good wear resistance.

Metal Polymer Composite Bearing PTFE bushing steel backed sintered bronze

Wrapped Composite Dry Sliding Bearing, Steel/Ptfe, Maintenance-Free

Excellent sliding and wear behavior, for all types of movement, high load capacity, all-around adaptable.

A range of PTFE coated wrapped bearings suitable for dry running, low friction, and low wear applications. These wrapped bearings have excellent sliding characteristics forming a transfer film that can protect the corresponding metal surface.

PTFE coated bearings were developed for high-performance oil lubrication applications. These applications include, but are not limited to:

  • Automotive suspension legs
  • Shock absorbers
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Gear pumps and motors
  • Axial and radial piston pumps and motors
Cylindrical and flanged bushings, thrust washer, strips are a standard fabrication.

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