Overview – Bushings and Plain Bearings

Bushings, also known as “ Plain Bearings ” or “Sleeve Bushing,” are designed for use in self-lubricating applications and offer features and benefits unavailable with many rolling-element bearings.

Plain bearings are a reliable and economical solution for applications with multidirectional and self-aligning movements.

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Plain bearings are used in many industries and in many applications in which the challenge of oscillating movements and possible misalignments must be overcome cost-effectively and reliably. From mining and construction machinery to agricultural and forestry machines to forklifts and solar systems.

Plain bearings, also referred to as bushes, bushings or sleeve bearings, are usually cylindrical in shape and contain no moving parts.

Plain bearings consist of two parts. On one side is the fixed part that carries the loads called the support and on the other side is the area that is worn out. in other words, the one in contact with the moving element: the socket.

Sleeve bushings are mechanical components which are designed to carry a load and which allow sliding or rotational movement between two parts of a machine. Their main purpose is to prevent the wear of the machine support points, which would occur if the shafts rolled directly on the structure.

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Our sleeve bushings are widely used in hydraulic and pneumatic industry, forging machine tool industry, plastic machinery industry, lifting and handling machinery, port machinery, office, fitness machinery. , textile machinery, food packaging, filling machinery, chemical machinery, printing and packaging, paper machinery, automobiles, automobiles and railway locomotives, shipbuilding industry, plastic machinery industry, machinery metallurgical, engineering machinery, etc.

Self-lubricating bushings are used when the bearing is to operate with or without marginal grease. Our goal is to ensure that the bearing offers the best performance and maximum life in various conditions. The principle of operation of self-lubricating bearings is that a solid lubricating film will form during the initial break-in period, formed by the transfer of a small amount of material from the bearing layer. This plate comes into direct contact with the moving parts, protecting and lubricating the mating parts and extending the life of the bearing.

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Since bearings generally resist friction that generates heat, lubricants such as oil or grease are used to prevent the excessive wear and tear that this frictional heat can cause. Lubrication-free bushings do not need any lubricating oil because the bearing body has a lubricating structure which is made possible by lubricating the oil in the bearing housing or by depositing a solid lubricant or the like. Since they do not need lubricating oil, lubrication bushings are often used in applications such as precision machinery, which makes refilling of lubricating oil difficult, and equipment with low oil affinity.They also dramatically reduce maintenance costs by eliminating the need for regular lubrication and allowing stable operation over long periods of time. Lubrication-free bushings come in a variety of shapes which can be used for different applications as needed. Examples include straight sockets, collar sockets, flange sockets, and housing sockets.

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