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Precision Wear Plates, abrasion-resistant plates, bronze graphite plate – Made In China,
Precision Wear Plates Available In Standard And Custom Sizes. Highlights: Save Time And Money!

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Self-lubricating Sliding Plate/ Wear Plate
Self-lubricating slide plate/bronze wear oilless plate is available in metal-based, bimetallic and non-metallic materials. It is self-lubricating and does not require grease and oil, allowing maintenance-free operation and increased productivity of machines/equipment.

Abrasion-resistant plates, JSL wear plate, Precision Wear Plates – with or without graphite, slide plates, We provide its customers with a wide range of self-lubricating slide plates made of bronze with solid graphite inserts, interchangeable with major European and Japanese brands. This type of normalized is used and appreciated in machining operations with major friction, friction and wear problems or in machining operations where external lubrication with oil or grease is difficult or impossible.
Bronze-graphite Abrasion resistant plates normals are made, as the name oilless plate, bronze plate, slide plate and holes are made on the surface into which graphite inserts are applied; these inserts gradually release microparticles of graphite that generate a thin layer that ensures self-lubrication of the sliding assembly because of the high lubricating power of graphite.
bronze-graphite standard plates are made from high-quality bronze and graphite, in compliance with industry standards. in addition, able to supply its customers with special bronze-graphite bearing and bushing products made based on drawings and technical specifications provided by the customer. Get a free quote today.


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It is durable for a long time – Wear plate,

C95400 Aluminum Bronze Sheet And Nickel Aluminium Bronze

Bronze Wear Plate, Bronze-plated wear plates, ways, and gibs are made from low carbon, extra-fine grain steel electroplated with a bronze alloy.

Quality Wear Resistant Plates

 This type of plate is often referred to in the market as bronze plate, plugged graphite, graphited, or simply self-lubricating. Bronze Plates with solid lubricated.

Bronze Wear Plates, Solid Bronze Wear Plate …

Graphite Slide Plate - Self-lubricating Bushing

L-Shaped Plate, #500SP (SLP) oilless plate,

Self-lubricating Bronze Plates

Die Components Oilless Bronze Wear Plate Manufacturers …

Wear Strips, Wear Plates and Wear Parts 

Mold Guide Plate – self-lubricating slide bearing, L shaped oilless plate, guide slide plate, bronze plate

Lshaped Wear Plate with Graphite Plugs Material Bronze alloy CuZn25Al5Mn4Fe3 + Graphite plugs.

LShaped Plate, #500SP (SLP) plate, Check out the variety of configurable, LShaped Plate


Material: Bronze with solid lubricant, oilless lubricating


Material: Bronze with solid lubricant, oilless lubricating, Sliding Plate, Bronze with solid lubricant

High-precision Bronze Plate – Bronze Plate Price, bronze-graphite plates

Bronze wear plate standard metric size! Bronze Precision Plates – Abrasion Resistant Graphite Plate – Standard, Copper Alloy. Select, and configure the order. Offers fair prices.

Abrasion-resistant plates product overview
Self-lubricating Wear Plate Copper Alloy L Type

BronzeLube Precision Wear Plates – Made In China

Precision Wear Plates Available In Standard And Custom Sizes. Highlights: Save Time And Money.Slide bearings have been developed for high load, low speed applications and are made of rotational cast high-strength bronze using a specially formed graphite plug as a lubricant.

Our graphite bronze plate range of oilless plates are available in metric and imperial sizes.

Self-lubricating, long-lasting bronze graphite wear plate

Product Overview: Made by inlaying a special solid lubricant in an appropriate location. By supporting the load through the metal base material and having a lubricating effect due to the inlaid solid lubricant, it shows excellent self-lubricating durability even under severe conditions. It is most suitable for positions where frequent lubrication is necessary, for positions with reciprocating motion or frequent starting and stopping, and for positions where it is difficult to form an oil film. It can be used in self-lubricating condition without refueling devices, which can shorten the assembly period, reduce oil pollution and beautify the environment. Excellent bite resistance.
Product characteristics
Most suitable for the position where lubrication must be added frequently, the position of reciprocating motion or frequent starting and stopping, and the position where it is difficult to form an oil film.
It can be used in self-lubricating conditions, without a refueling device, which can shorten the assembly period, reduce oil pollution and beautify the environment.
Excellent galling resistance.

Self-lubricating, long-lasting bronze graphite wear plate

Wear Plate Application
Installed in the mold clamping guide position, so as to play guide lubrication and certain anti-pressure performance when closing the upper and lower mold. Good self-lubricating performance, no need for oil lubrication.
Use cases
It has performed well in the use of various industries such as injection molding machines, automobile stamping molds, tire molds, and factory machinery (excavators, etc.).

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Abrasion-resistant plates size chart, Plate Size

Type W1 W2 T t1 t2 ℓ1 ℓ2 ℓ3 ℓ4 ℓ5 d VDI CODE Catalog No. L
Type W
A 18 9 15.5 8.5 6 27.5 97.5 9 DSTLW 25 125
132.5 160
22 11 30.5 15.5 9 97.5 11 32 125
132.5 160
172.5 200
30 15 50.5 34.5 18 72.5 13.5 45 100
132.5 160
37 20 55.5 39.5 23 72.5 VDI3357-F-601 55 100
132.5 VDI3357-F-602 160
50 30 75.5 55.5 35 35 125 17.5 VDI3357-F-611 70 160
165 VDI3357-F-612 200
B 125 215 VDI3357-F-613 250
C 125 200 275 365 VDI3357-F-614 400
A 63 38 90.5 65.5 45 42.5 117.5 22 VDI3357-F-621 85 160
157.5 VDI3357-F-622 200
B 125 207.5 VDI3357-F-623 250
C 125 200 275 357.5 VDI3357-F-624 400
Standard No. W L  Bolt Hole  Sketch
a b C d Size Qty
Wear Plate-JSL-20xl00 20 100 60 M8 2 A
Wear Plate -JSL-20xl50 150 55 55 3
Wear Plate -JSL-20×200 200 55 50 55 4
Wear Plate -JSL-30xl00 30 100 60 M10 2 B
Wear Plate -JSL-30xl50 150 55 55 3
Wear Plate -JSL-30×200 200 55 50 55 4
Wear Plate -JSL-30×250 250 70 70 70 4
Wear Plate -JSL-45×200 45 200 55 50 55 4 C
Wear Plate -JSL-45×250 250 70 70 70 4
Wear Plate -JSL-45×300 300 65 65 65 65 5
Wear Plate -JSL-45×350 350 80 75 75 80 5

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Custom Size, Extra large, Imperial size, Metric Size


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