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Bimetal Bushing Bronze Sleeve Bearing Manufacturer
It has high fatigue strength, load capacity, and impact strength.
The product is applied to track roller, air compressor, especially replaced the Centrifugal casting bimetal bushing for the track roller application. the alloy thickness becomes uniform compared with the centrifugal casting bimetal bushing, and save a lot of material, which make the product cost performance higher.
Steel back layer + Cooper alloy layer
  • Low cost;
  • Thin-walled construction;
  • Small construction;
  • Good wear resistance;
  • Oil grooves and oil holes can be designed according to the application and mass production can be realized.
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Steel Backed Bronze Bushings – High Load Capacity

High precision steel Sleeve Bushings from China. Ideal for heavy machinery and equipment. Hardened steel bushings for high specific loads with oscillating motion and low frequency. Self-lubricating Connecting Rod Bushing & Maintenance-free!

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Bushing Design

Material introduction: Bimetal rolling products are made of low carbon steel with sintered tin bronze powder or rolled aluminum tin alloy on the surface. After many times of rolling and sintering, the product structure forms are bushing, bushing, thrust gasket, and so on, among which the most common bushing form is used. HS130 bimetal alloy materials are commonly used: CuPb10Sn10, CuPb24Sn4, CuPb30, CuSn6Zn6Pb3, AlSn20Cu, and so on. Due to more and more attention to environmental protection in the world, our company also developed a kind of cusN6.5-0.1 alloy material to meet the requirements of the environment has been widely used in the market.

– Lubrication characteristics: Due to the characteristics of bimetal materials, bimetal bearings must work in an oil lubrication environment. According to the different application occasions, they can generally be designed for three lubrication conditions. Such as low-speed movement occasions, such as automobile balance bridge, leaf spring, brake shoe, steering knuckle, punch guide plate, bulldozer driving wheel, from the driving wheel and other parts. It can be designed for grease lubrication, that is, the bearing surface is coated with grease during assembly, and then grease is regularly added during use; In the case of medium speed movements, such as connecting rod, punching and shearing machine shaft, conveying wheel and other parts, can be designed to configure oil cup lubrication; In high-speed motion occasions such as gearbox, oil pump, oil cylinder, engine, clutch, and other parts, can be designed for oil immersion lubrication.

– Product packaging: industrial packaging, carton packaging.


Connecting rod

Connect the piston and the crankshaft, and transfer the force of the piston to the crankshaft, the reciprocating movement of the piston into the rotation of the crankshaft.

Bimetal Sleeve Bushing Specification, Bimetal Bearing Size Chart- High-Quality Price Ratio

Bimetallic composite bearings to the high-quality low-carbon steel substrate, the surface of the sintered copper alloy having a low friction characteristic (CuPb10Sn10, CuPb6Sn6Zn3, CuPb24Sn4, CuPb30, AlSn20Cu, CuSn8Ni) as bearing wear layer, copper alloy surface may need to use conditions processing various types of sump hole, oil hole, so as to not be suitable for continuous refueling or difficult situations.


Bimetal bushing

To high-quality low-carbon steel substrate, the sintered surface having a low coefficient of friction…

Bimetal Bush Typical application

Application: con-rod of automobile engines, engineering, and agriculture machinery, heavy-duty construction machinery, etc.

Performance Data
Max dynamic Load P 140N/mm²
Max line speed V Grease lubrication 2.5m/s
Max PV value Grease lubrication 2.8N/mm²·m/s
Friction coef μ Grease lubrication 0.05~0.15
Max line speed V Oil lubrication 5m/s
Max PV value Oil lubrication 10N/mm²· m/s
Friction coef μ Oil lubrication 0.04~0.12
Max Working temperature Grease lubrication 150℃
Performance Data
Max Working temperature Oil lubrication 250℃
Mating Axis Hardness ≥53HB
Mating Axis Roughness Ra=0.32~0.63
Alloy Hardness 80~120
Heat-conducting Coefficient 47W/(m·k)
Coefficient of linear expansion 18×10-6K-1
according to customers’ special requests while out of this table.


bimetal bushing size




bimetal bush sleeve bushings

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