Iron Graphite Plate

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Application characteristics
Cast iron inlay bearing/mold guide plate and bushing is a new product with HT250 as the base material embedded with solid lubricant, which is a typical material-saving product. It can greatly reduce the cost and meet the requirements of users.

At present, this product has been used in automotive molds, injection molding machine mold frame and other occasions.


The iron graphite plate material provides a maintenance-free bearing solution, particularly with high load, intermittent and oscillating motion. Solid lubricants within the cast iron combine the high load capacity with wear resistance and low friction.


Self-lubricating sliding plate Guide plate

Iron Graphite Plate with embedded solid lubricant, High-quality Iron Graphite Plate from China, China’s Solid Bronze Iron Graphite Plate product …

Cast Iron Wear Plate

Oil Free Cast Iron Wear Plate (20mm thickness)
Slide components Oil Free for mold, and usable without the need to reapply oil.
Models: FC250 + Oil Free Solid Lubricant plate
*Adding oil grooves can be ordered as optional

Cast Iron Wear Plate 

Solid Metal Iron Graphite Plate is made of cast iron-based metal with special lubricants embedded. The base metal withstands high load and the solid lubricant plugs provide self-lubrication.

The solid metal Iron Graphite Plate shows excellent performance without pre-lubrication under conditions of extreme high/lower temperature with low speed.
This series of Iron Graphite Plate features metallic structures with a range of various lubrication methods depending on the series. Lubrication options include oil grooves, sintered layers, solid graphite lubricants, lubricant indents, and lubricant through holes.

Slide plate

Iron Graphite Bearing Iron Graphite Plate

Iron Graphite Iron Graphite Plate / Solid Lubricant by China – Select, configure order. We deliver punctually and offer fair prices.

We are a professional manufacturer of various kinds of bearings in China for Iron Graphite Plate

Iron Graphite Plate from China. We offer free shipping, free CAD downloads, short lead times, competitive pricing, and a small minimum …

Type: Metallic Solid Lubricant Plain Bearings
Material: Iron 

Iron Graphite Plate Technical Data

Max. Static Load 70 N/mm2
Max. Dynamic Load 10 N/mm2
Max. Speed Dry .15 m/s
Max. Speed Hydrodynamic .25 m/s
Max. PV 0.8 N/mm2*m/s
Tensile Strength 150 N/mm2
Coefficient of Friction 0.08 to 0.20
Temperature Range (°C) -40°C to +400°C
Hardness HB > 160
Iron Graphite Plate

Bearings for middle-load, middle-speed applications with superior run-in characteristics.

Base Graphite Lubricant Bush Oilless Bearing, Iron Graphite Bush, Iron Base Graphite Lubricant Bush, Oilless Bearing …

The plugged graphite series are self-lubricating bearings for middle loads composed of Iron bases and embedded solid lubricant. Two types of base materials are available: for general use for high temperatures.

Solid Iron Graphite Plate are available in metric sizes. This solid Iron Graphite Plate material is suitable for a wide range of applications. The Iron Graphite Plate is applicable for oscillating movements for applications where rotating speeds are low. … All surfaces of a solid bronze bushing are machined.

Iron Graphite Plate

Usually the use of professional production of standard parts than homemade standard parts of its fit accuracy and position accuracy will improve at least an order of magnitude, and can ensure interchangeability, improve the service life of the mold, and then promote the industry’s internal economic system, business mechanism and industrial structure and production management reform, to achieve specialization and scale production, and drive the formation and development of the mold standard parts commodity market. It can be said that without the specialization and commercialization of mold standard parts, there is no modernization of mold industry.
Mold standard parts are mold molding products produced according to China’s mold standardization system including four categories of standards, namely: mold basic standards, mold process quality standards, mold parts standards and technical standards related to mold production.
Mold standards can also be divided into ten categories according to the main classification of mold, such as stamping mold standards, plastic injection mold standards, die-casting mold standards, forging mold standards, fastener cold heading mold standards, wire drawing mold standards, cold extrusion mold standards, rubber mold standards, glass products mold and automobile punching mold standards.



graphite oilless bearing bushings OEM parts

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Custom Size, Extra large, Imperial size, Metric Size

Flange bushing

Composite Bearing, Metal Bushing, Plastic Bushing


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