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Product Summary:

The copper alloy inlaid solid lubricant self-lubricating bearing combines the wear resistance of copper alloy and the self-lubricating performance of solid lubricating material, so that it does not need refueling and maintenance during use. The products are widely used in high load, intermittent or swing motion, such as steam engine production line, water turbine, reservoir work/accident door, plastic machinery, etc. Various types of copper alloys are available according to the operating conditions.

Brief Description

This material provides a maintenance-free and low friction bearing solution, particularly for high load and intermittent oscillating motion. Solid lubricants within the bronze combine the strength of the bronze with the wear resistance of the graphite. Applications covered are automotive production lines, water industry, dam gates, plastic molding machinery etc. Different types of bronze alloy can be offered according to the application.


Manganese Bronze bushing bearings – maintenance-free, Graphite Manganese Bronze bushing metric size.

Manganese Bronze bushing can be manufactured individually, up to 800 kg in weight and 1500 mm in diameter.

Manganese Bronze bushings with graphite plugs inch size. Manganese bronzes alloys can operate under very high loads and speeds. However, Manganese Bronze bushing applications require reliable lubrication. Besides excellent mechanical …

Self-lubricating slide bearings with dry lubricating. On the bronze alloy with lubricating, solid lubricant Graphite, PTFE, or MoS2. If you are looking for a professional bronze bushing exporter and forwarder logistics. Contact us today.

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Manganese Bronze bushing, graphite oilless bushing/bearing.


Engineered for a Longer More Reliable Service Life, Metric bronze bushing.

Graphite Manganese Bronze bushing, also known as brass graphite bearing, is a special material self-lubricating bearing, according to different uses and working conditions, choose different copper graphite bearings. One of the major categories of solid inlaid copper graphite bearings (JDB for short) is a novel lubricating bearing with both the characteristics of metal bearings and oil-free lubricating bearings. The metal matrix bears the load, and the solid lubricating material with special formula plays the role of lubrication. It has the characteristics of high bearing capacity, impact resistance, high-temperature resistance, strong self-lubrication ability, especially suitable for heavy load, low speed, reciprocating or swing, and other difficult lubrication and oil film formation occasions, also not afraid of water and other acid erosion and scouring. At present, the products have been widely used in a metallurgical continuous casting machine, rolling equipment, mining machinery, ships, steam turbines, water turbines, injection molding machines,s and equipment production lines.
Manufacturer of graphite oilless bushing/bearing- Self Lubricating Bush – Graphite Impregnated Bronze BushOilless Bush, Manganese Bronze bushings with graphite plugs, and Metric & Inch Size Oilless Bush …

High Strength C86300 Manganese Bronze Grooves Bushings …

Manganese Bronze bushings with graphite plugs, C86300 Manganese Bronze

Oilless Bearing Oilless Brass Flange Bushing Graphite Plugged Bearing.

Why is Manganese Bronze Bushing?  (Manganese Bronze Bushings = oilless Bushing)

Manganese Bronze Bushings are a kind of product with self-lubricating properties.

Appropriate size holes are developed and well-arranged on the friction surface of copper-Manganese Bronze Bushings as a metal matrix, and graphite or molybdenum disulfide are embedded as a solid lubricant.

This rational combination combines the respective performance advantages of metal alloys and non-metallic friction-reducing materials to complement each other.

It not only has the high bearing capacity of the metal but also has the lubrication property of the anti-wear material.

So Manganese Bronze Bushings are especially suitable for the environment like no refueling, less refueling, high temperature, high load, and water environment.

Application of Manganese Bronze Bushings :

● It is difficult to form lubricating oil film under low speed and heavy load.

● Bad environment, limited structure, not easy to add lubricating oil.

● The large temperature difference in the working environment.

● The maintenance is difficult and the long life of the bearing is required.

● When used in corrosive media.

● When impact load is easy to occur.

C86300 (SAE 430B) Manganese Bronze, Manganese Bronze Bushings

Shop C863 SAE 430B Manganese Bronze alloy bar stocks in cored or solid round shapes and various sizes. Request a quote today!

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Material: graphite bush bearing metric size available upon request, graphite oilless bushing/bearing metric & inch size.

C86300 (SAE 430B) Manganese Bronze Bushing

manganese bronze composition

Chemical Composition
Element Content (%)
Copper, Cu 60.0-68.0
Zinc, Zn 25.0
Aluminium, Al 3.0-7.50
Manganese, Mn 2.5-5.0

430b bronze

Solid lubricated inlaid bearings High wear resistance and high load bearing make it In the use of the process without refueling maintenance

Manganese Bronze Bearings · Manganese Bronze bushings with graphite plug Customisable design for Extra Heavy Loads · Highly resistant to deformation · High Wear-resistant · Corrosion-resistant · Low friction …

Manganese Bronze Bearings size,

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ZCuZn38Mn2Pb2 Bronze Bushing Manganese Brass Bushing Slider Machining Custom
Product introduction

ZCuZn38Mn2Pb2 (38-2-2 manganese brass) can be made into bearings, bushings, shingles, sliders and other types according to customer requirements, customized according to the drawings. ZCuZn38Mn2Pb2 has high mechanical properties and good corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and good machinability.

d D 8 10 12 15 16 20 25 30 35 40 50 60 70 80
8 +0.028
12 +0.018
10 14
12 +0.034
13 19 +0.021
14 20
15 21
16 22
18 24
20 +0.041
22 32 +0.025
25 33
30 38
35 +0.050
40 50
45 55 +0.030
50 60
F7 ODm6 L
d D 30 35 40 50 60 70 80 100 120 130 140 150
50 +0.050
62 +0.030
50 65
55 +0.060
60 74
60 75
63 75
65 80
70 85 +0.035
70 90
75 90
75 95
80 96
80 100
90 +0.071
100 120
110 130 +0.040
120 140
125 +0.083
130 150
140 160
150 170
160 180


Graphite Bronze Bushings, graphite bush bearing

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