Plastic bearing Linear bearing

Shop a large range of Plastic bushing bearings at Plastic bearing linear bearing design. Request a quote. The plastic bearing, no need to put on oil, no maintenance, less pollution.


Plastic bearing Linear bearing sleeve- High-Quality Price, Providing the working engineer with an understanding of basic tribological concepts. Plastic bearing flange bearing adjustable elastic diagonal opening thin wall design
Self-Lubricating Engineered Plastic Flange Bushings

Self-Lubricating Plastic Bearings

Plastic bearing linear bearing dust resistance noise resistance corrosion, engineering plastic bearing domestic development manufacturers, cutting-edge testing and r & D equipment. A series of engineering plastic bearings are based on imported high-quality engineering plastics, by adding reinforced fibers and wear-resistant materials to greatly improve their mechanical properties and friction properties. Series of plastic bearings with its excellent friction, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and low cost and other advantages are gradually replacing traditional metal products such as powder metallurgy. It is widely used in pharmaceutical machinery, textile machinery, packaging machinery, water conservancy machinery, food machinery, fitness equipment, office equipment, automobile industry, high voltage isolation switch 3D printing equipment and chemical industry, etc.


High bearing capacity of plastic linear bearing

Plastic linear bearing as a linear sliding bearing, the working surface is in the form of surface contact with the shaft surface, and the ball bearing transmission is in the form of point line contact with the shaft surface; This determines that LIN series plastic linear bearings with larger contact surfaces have higher bearing capacity than ball linear bearings.
Plastic linear bearings operate with low noise
Metal ball linear bearings because of the ball in the process of movement and the impact of the cage between the noise, and this noise will increase with the speed. However, the working face of LIN plastic linear bearing is designed for sliding friction, so it can only emit low friction sound and very low operating noise during operation
Plastic linear bearings allow constant contact with cleaning fluids
Plastic linear bearings are often used in the guiding mechanism of food packaging machinery, often washed by cleaning liquid, years of use proves that LIN plastic linear bearings can resist the corrosion of all kinds of alkaline cleaning liquid as designed, set up the whole immersed in liquid medium operation.

Self-Lubricating Engineered Plastic Bearing

Bushing Type: Sleeve; Material: Bearing Surface: Plastic; Engineered Plastic Bushing Material  Solid Lubricant; Self-lubricating:

Self-Lubricating Engineered Plastic Bearing


Self-Lubricating Engineered Plastic Bearing forms available in standard dimensions

  • Plain cylindrical bushes
  • Plain flanged bushes

Plastic Bearing types made to order: standard forms in special dimensions, thrust washers, half-bearings, sliding plates, customized bearing designs

plastic sleeve bushings OEM PART


Additional information


Custom Size, Extra large, Imperial size, Metric Size

Cylindrical bushes

Solid Bronze Bushing, Bimetal Bushes, Cast Bronze Bushing, Wrapped Bushing


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