POM Bushing

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Boundary Lubricating Bushings Copper plate + copper powder + (PTFE + Pb + filler)


Boundary Lubrication Bushing- POM Bushing

Lubrication Bushing

self-lubricating pom bushing

Designed for the marginal lubricating bushing. It is backed with copper-plated steel with porous bronze sintered on it and polymers (POM) embedded into the bores of the bronze. The steel back provides the products with high-quality low-carbon steel. Oil dents stamped on the surface of the polymer can achieve good lubrication between the bushing and its mating axis. It is of good anti-abrasion and load capability. The plating coating on the surface is erosion protective. And it is environmentally protective as no lead is included in the surface polymer POM. Products of the POM series are widely used on automotive chassis, forging machines, mine quarrying machines, metal smelting, and casting machines and in water irrigating and steel rolling industries.
composite bushing strip-material

MaterialCarbon Steel + Copper Powder + POM

Typical applicationIt’s used in vehicle chassis, forming machine tools, steel metallurgical machinery, mineral mountain machinery, hydraulic industry, and rolling steel industry, etc.

Copper bushing oil-free bushing Oil bearing wear-resistant opening slotted self lubricating bearing non-standard customizable

95*100*20(9520) [Composite POM Bushing]
95*100*25(9525) [Composite POM Bushing]
95*100*30(9530) [Composite POM Bushing]
95*100*35(9535) [Composite POM Bushing]
95*100*40(9540) [Composite POM Bushing]
95*100*45(9545) [Composite POM Bushing]
95*100*50(9550) [Composite POM Bushing]
95*100*55(9555) [Composite POM Bushing]
95*100*60(9560) [Composite POM Bushing]
95*100*65(9565) [Composite POM Bushing]
95*100*70(9570) [Composite POM Bushing]
95* 10*75(9575) [Composite POM Bushing]
95*100*80(9580) [Composite POM Bushing]
95*100*85/9585) [Composite POM Bushing]
95*100*90(9590) [Composite POM Bushing]
95*100*95(9595) [Composite POM Bushing]

pom bushing composite bearing catalog OEM part size chart


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