Self-lubricated Bearing Slides

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Self-lubricated Bearing Slides- graphite embedding- Graphite Filled Bronze Wear Plate, Graphite Embedded Bronze Wear Plate, Graphite Impregnated Bronze Wear Plate

Self-lubricated Bearing Slides

Self-lubricated Bearing Slides and Wear Plates Bronze Material CuZn25Al6Fe3Mn5+Graphite Oilless Bush; Application: agricultural machinery, crane electromotor, spring pin, steering shaft.

Manufacturer of Oilless Wear Plate – Graphite Filled Bronze Wear Plate, Graphite Embedded Bronze Wear Plate, Graphite Impregnated Bronze Wear Plate offered …


Standard Self-lubricated Bearing Slides – Plugged Graphite – Select, and configure order. Bronzelube delivers punctually and offers fair prices.  Oil-Free Graphite Plate -Standard Type (Copper Alloy) – Graphite Embedded Bronze Wear Plate with Graphite Embedding. Oil-Free Slide Plate Material: Copper alloy

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Graphite copper guide plate is the use of high force brass as the substrate and set into the orderly arrangement of cylindrical polymer filler for the abrasive material graphite. Its superiority mainly lies in the fact that it makes copper alloy and non-metallic wear-reducing materials have their own complementary advantages, not only has a high load-bearing capacity but also breaks through the general brass rely on oil film grease lubrication boundary, to achieve the oil-free lubrication. The embedded solid lubrication is easy to form lubricating film, which is useful to improve the friction and wear performance and has high-cost performance in terms of stability and reliability. It has the advantages of good machinability, high precision, high load-bearing capacity, and good wear resistance.
This self-lubricating guide plate can be used in many fields such as; construction machinery joint parts, such as excavators, mining scrapers, rotary drilling rigs, concrete trucks, rock drilling machinery, winches, port cranes, etc., and metallurgical machinery continuous casting machinery, water conservancy machinery, conveying machinery, rolling mills, blowing machine film blowing machine, injection molding machine crosshead clamping differential, tire curing machine, trailer balance beam, etc..


Self-lubrication is a kind of sliding-bearing product made by cloth hole slotting and solid lubricant. Self-lubrication plate is made by compounding solid lubricant with a low coefficient of friction in the bearing matrix to reduce the friction force between the friction surfaces or other forms of surface damage.

Solid inlay self-lubrication bearing is in the ordinary sliding bearing (sleeve), shaft tile and slide plate, guide plate, and other parts of the friction surface of the relative mechanical movement, through a reasonable cloth hole, slot, and in its hole slot embedded with a certain shape and strength of the solid lubricant and made products. The embedded lubricant includes graphite, sulfide (molybdenum disulfide, tungsten disulfide, etc.), calcium fluoride, synthetic resin, polytetrafluoroethylene, etc. The thermal expansion coefficient of the embedded solid lubricant is greater than the expansion coefficient of the embedded substrate, and the type of embedded solid lubricant is selected according to the working condition.

Oil-Free Self-lubricated Bearing Slides-Standard Type (Copper Alloy) -Graphite Plugged Bearing by

Solid Lubricated bearings are siding blocks are self-lubricated bearings obtained by means of drilling orderly arranged holes in proper size on the surface of the metallic matrix of the bearings before flinging the solid lubricant with sol lubrication capability (the area of the solid lubricating applied is Usually 30% of the abrasion area). The bearings integrate the advantages of both that metallic matrix and the specially formulated lubricants and break through the
limitation of the ordinary bearings, which depend on the oil for lubrication: The solid lubricant bearings are especially suitable for oil-free, high-temperature.
high-1oad, low-speed, anti-fouling, anti-corrosion, anti-radioactivity circumstances, as well as the special circumstances in water or vacuum settings where is impossible to add oil for lubrication. This product is widely applied to the feel rolling equipment, filing equipment, water turbines, and steam turbines.
instruments and meters as well as mine machinery, vessel machinery, textile- machinery, shipbuilding industry, cosmonautics, navigation, etc. They
can be used for general engineering types of machinery too.
The base materials of solid lubricant bearings shall be determined according to the working conditions of the bearings. The commonly used material is high-strength copper, tin bronze and cast iron, etc. The filled solid lubricant is mainly graphite and addictive. Various additives are for various working conditions. Therefore, according to the working conditions of the bearings, a mix of metallic matrix and filled solid lubricant can enable the products to meet the specific requirements in various conditions with various temperatures, loads, movements, and ambient substances and meanwhile, ensure stabilized and
reliable functioning.

Features Of The Solid Lubricant Bearings & Slide Plate

1. Flexible design, simple, convenient with wide applications
The designing of an oil-feeding system is both a labor-consuming and time-consuming job. Therefore, the neglecting of the oil-feeding apparatus in the designing
of solid lubricant bearings saves the cost of the oil-feeding apparatus. Besides, for various specific circumstances, the solid lubricant bearings can be designed into
various types to meet the requirements thereof. The use of solid lubricant bearings can greatly reduce the cost of mechanical maintenance and oil.
2. Functional in absence of oil
Since the linear expansibility of solid lubricant is greater than metallic matrices, when the movement of solid lubricant bearings (SLB) starts, the lubricant is
transferred onto the parts in abrasion thus realizing the self-lubrication. Therefore, the SLBs can be used in circumstances where oiling and greasing are difficult
or impossible and they perform excellent lubrication even under low-speed and high-load circumstances.
3. Cost efficiency
The traditional mechanical design requires frequent oiling maintenance; an oil gauge check shall be performed to ensure the passage of the oil-supplying
apparatus is clear. Since the periodical oiling can cause pollution to the machines themselves as well as to the ambient surroundings, resulting in an increase
of the maintenance cost, the realization of self-lubrication can not only make the environment clean but greatly reduce the lubricating costs as well.
4. Excellent performance under high-load, low-speed circumstances
The SLBs are made of rotational cast high-strength copper as the matrix. which functions as load bearers. Besides, SLBs use specially formulated
graphite as a lubricant, ensuring excellent self-lubrication. Combining the advantages of both the matrix and lubricant, SLBs are capable of exerting their wonderful
performance in circumstances with high load and low speed.
5. In circumstances where it is difficult for the oil films to generate, such as the alternative movements, swinging movements, and frequent on-and-off, SLBs
highlights their excellent resistance to abrasion. As the principle of the arrangement of SLB lubricant is to ensure that each part of the equipment is involved in
the lubrication throughout the movement, the location of the lubricant shall be determined according to the movement direction of the parts in abrasion.
6. Excellent chemical resistance and corrosion resistance
The lubricant for SLB is formulated out of abrasion-resistant materials such as graphite and PTEE and has stabilized molecular structure. The metallic
matrix can be selected according to the various chemical resistance and corrosion resistance accordingly. Therefore, the SLB enjoys high chemical resistance
and corrosion resistance.
The cost of the products is more competitive and, compared with other products of the same kind, the SLB features in longer service hours, less
maintenance, longer replacement periods, and better performance.

JSP Plate Size chart


JSP Standard Size Self-lubricating Slide Plate
SIZE width length Distance of assembly hole Lubricating Hole
Designations W L A B C D E No.of Holes
JSP-1875 18 75 15 45 2
JSP-18100 18 100 25 50 2
JSP-18125 18 125 25 75 2
JSP-18150 18 150 25 100 2
JSP-2875 28 75 15 45 2
JSP-28100 28 100 25 50 2
JSP-28125 28 125 25 75 2
JSP-28150 28 150 25 100 2
JSP-35100 35 100 20 60 2
JSP-35150 35 150 20 55 55 3
JSP-35200 35 200 20 55 50 55 4
JSP-35250 35 250 20 70 70 70 4
JSP-35300 35 300 20 65 65 65 65 5
JSP-35350 35 350 20 80 75 75 80 5
JSP-3875 38 75 15 45 2
JSP-38100 38 100 25 50 2
JSP-38125 38 125 25 75 2
JSP-38150 38 150 25 100 2
JSP-4875 48 75 15 45 2
JSP-48100 48 100 25 50 2
JSP-48125 48 125 25 75 2
JSP-48150 48 150 25 100 2
JSP-50100 50 100 20 60 2
JSP-50150 50 150 20 55 55 3
JSP-50200 50 200 20 55 50 55 4
JSP-50250 50 250 20 70 70 70 4
JSP-50300 50 300 20 65 65 65 65 5
JSP-50400 50 400 20 90 75 75 90 5
JSP-75150 75 150 20 110 4
JSP-75200 75 200 20 80 80 6
JSP-75250 75 250 20 105 105 6
JSP-75300 75 300 20 85 90 85 8
JSP-75400 75 400 20 120 120 120 8
JSP-75500 75 500 20 115 115 115 115 10

Oilless bearing, Self-lubricated Bearing Slides Parts  Solid Embedded Graphite Self-lubricating Oil Bearing

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Plain Oil-Free Self-lubricated Bearing Slides -Standard Type (Copper Alloy) – – Standard (CHINA METRIC SIZE)

Basic Information
Product type Self-lubricated Bearing Slides No groove Oil groove Oil-free Information

Product type Self-lubricated Bearing Slides Material Copper alloy Heel No groove
Oil groove Oil-free

Self-lubricated Bearing Slides Supplier, Factory Price Customize Graphite Brass Bearing Bushing Used For Stamping Mold Injection Mold Automation

Slide Plates -Standard Copper Alloy + Graphite (Embedded) plate

Self-lubricated Bearing Slides, slide plate, bronze plate with graphite. We offer free CAD downloads, short lead times, competitive pricing, and a small minimum order quantity. Catalog Download and require a complete Part Number.

Basic Information

Product type Self-lubricated Bearing Slides Heel No groove Oil groove Oil-free

China Oiles Wear Plate, Bronze Graphite Inlaid Plates

Self-lubricated Bearing Slides, Copper self-lubricating Plate, types of linear bearings.

Standard Self-lubricated Bearing Slides – Select, configure, and order.  We deliver punctually and offer fair prices.

What are the Oil-Free Self-lubricated Bearing Slides?
Through the program of the CNC machine tool, the Oil-Free Self-lubricated Bearing Slides can guide and control the linear motion, when under heavy pressure.

The Oil-Free Self-lubricated Bearing Slidesact as linear bearings for guiding and controlling. We provide various types of brass wear plates, from unfinished cast bronze plates to fully finished parts.

Graphite Bronze Plates, Self-lubricated Bearing Slides, Graphite Embedded Parts.

The Graphite Bronze Plates can be manufactured as one piece in desired dimensions up to 500kg

Self-lubricated Bearing Slides And Wear Plates

With a brass-type copper alloy created with advanced casting technology as the base, this product uses embedded solid lubricant for a high-load oil-free bearing …

Oil-Free Self-lubricated Bearing Slides

Oilless Self-lubricated Bearing Slides with Graphite Plugs, High tensile brass based / solid lubricant embedded, Oil-Free Slide Plate JSP – Standard, Copper Alloy

Customized oilless bronze graphite bushing sliding plate for sale

Plastic Mold Components, Self-lubricated Bearing Slides Oil-Free Plain Plate JSP series – Standard, Copper Alloy

Factory Bronze Bearing Sliding Plates, Brass bushing, copper graphite sliding plate

Self-lubricated Bearing Slides(Oil-free Plates) – Wear Pads

A factory specializing in the production of Oilless Wear Plate, providing Oilless Wear Plate-related products at high-quality prices, welcome to buy.

CuZn25Al5Mn4Fe3 wear plate
Typical Application
consecutive casting and rolling machines, mine-exploiting equipment, ships, steam engine, etc.
Density g/cm3
Hardness HB
Tensile Strength N/mm²
Yeild strength N/mm²
Elongation %
Coefficient of linear expansion 10-5/℃
Heat-conducting Coefficient W(/m.k)
Flexibility Coefficient KN/mm²
Temp. Limits ℃
Max. Dynamic Load N/mm²
Max.speed m/s
Dry Lubrication 0.3; Oil Lubrication 1.0
Max.PV N/mm²*m/s
Dry Lubrication 1.65; Oil Lubrication 3.25
Dry Lubrication 0.12~0.16; Oil Lubrication 0.03~0.08
We can also develop according to customers special requests while out of this table

Bronze plate material is made with high-strength copper alloy, and the inserted solid lubricant materials are made with graphite and PTFE.

Machinery & Equipments


  • CNC machining center; CNC lathe; Normal lathe; CNC milling machine;
  • General punching machine, CNC turning center; Wire EDM, etc.
  • And we also can offer 4 or 5 axis-CNC center processes.
  • General milling machine; General drilling machine; General planning and grinding machine

Oil-Free Self-lubricated Bearing Slides Online shop

Oilless Wear Plate with Graphite Plugs Material Casting Bronze + Graphite Plugs. Features. Wear plate series bearings incorporate high-quality bearings.

bronze with solid lubricant

Oil-Free Self-lubricated Bearing Slides Standard, Copper Alloy

According to the bushings’ working conditions, the bronze combination between the different metal basements and various solid lubricants can ensure that the product can perform under various temperatures, loads, movements and mediums as required.

Oilless bush is especially applied in oil-free high temperature, high load, low speed, contamination resistance, corruption resistance radiation resistance as well as the use under such special work conditions that cannot be lubricated, such as underwater and in vacuum space.

Self-lubricated Bearing Slides Metric Size made to order:

Self-lubricated Bearing Slides Characteristics:

1. May work without any oil for long period.
2. Extremely high load capacity, good anti-wear, and low friction.
3. Particularly appropriate for low speed and high load.
4. Suitable single-direction axial loads
5. Free design is possible on the shape and size
6. Can be used in a wide range of temperatures, from - 40℃+ 300℃

Oil-Free Self-lubricated Bearing Slides

• Product Type: Self-lubricated Bearing Slides
• Heel: No groove
• Oil Groove: Oil-free

Product Description

SESW Bronze Oilless Standard Slide Wear Plate

W1 W2 L1 L2 Catalog No. W L (SESW)
45  15 SESW 28 75
50   25 100
100 150
45  15 38 75
50   25 100
100 150
45 15 48 75
50 25 100
75 125
100 150
150 200
45 15 58 75
50 25 100
100 150
25 75 75
50 100
75 125
100 150
150 200
50 25 50 100 100
75 125
100 150
150 200
200 250
200  50 300
37.5 75 25 125 125
100 150
150 200
200 250
200  50 300
200 75 350
100 25 100 25 150 150
150 200
200 250

Additional information


Custom Size, Extra large, Imperial size, Metric Size


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