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Self-lubricating Slide Plate – Standard, Copper Alloy – Plugged Graphite – Select, configure order. Delivers punctually & offers fair prices.


Standard Oil-Free Self lubricating slide plate graphite copper plate oil-free high force brass slider copper wear plate SEWT28-100 125 150

Self-lubricating slide plate-Standard Type (Copper Alloy) –Graphite Plugged Bearing by

bronze with solid lubricant

Oil-Free Self-lubricating slide plate – Standard, Copper Alloy

Maintenance-free [ low-maintenance ] sliding elements
are components for mold making and tooling

but are also used in

the automotive industry (tool guides, car body presses, …)
plastic injection molding machines and injection molds
mechanical engineering
Welding technology
lifting and conveying technology

are mostly made of bronze with embedded graphite deposits

are available in the following designs
Sliding guide bushes
sliding strips
Guide strips
Angle strips
sliding plates
Flat sliding bearings
Flat guide rails

An overview of the available geometries can be found here

Slide plates [ Guide rails ] Angle plates Flat slide bearings have their main application in slide assemblies.

Sliding plates are universally applicable and are also used in machine and plant construction.

There is a wide range of dimensions and designs on the market. If yours is not included, [ no problem ] please ask.

Your application requires special dimensions or [ special designs ] . Also no problem. We also manufacture and sell these components according to customer drawings and in special dimensions.

Maintenance-free does not mean neglecting the [ maintenance ]. The graft depots like it when you regularly receive a little oil. Pleases the depot – keeps it longer – pleases the user – the service life can be influenced with it.

flange bushing

We offer maintenance-free sliding elements as standard slide plates.

Maintenance-free sliding elements
Maintenance-free sliding elements – bushings, sliding plates, flange strips, angle strips, connecting guides, guide pillars, centering units and pin guides – are mainly used in the automotive industry and mechanical engineering.

Self lubricating slide plate 75*28*20 SEW28-75
Self lubricating slide plate 100*28*20 SEW28-100
Self lubricating slide plate 125*28*20 SEW28-125
Self lubricating slide plate 150*28*20 SEW28-150
Self lubricating slide plate 200*28*20 SEW28-200
Self lubricating slide plate 250*28*20 SEW28-250
Self lubricating slide plate 75*38*20 SEW38-75
Self lubricating slide plate 100*38*20 SEW38-100
Self lubricating slide plate 125*38*20 SEW38-125
Self lubricating slide plate 150*38*20 SEW38-150
Self lubricating slide plate 200*38*20 SEW38-200
Self lubricating slide plate 250*38*20 SEW38-250
Self lubricating slide plate 75*48*20 SEW48-75
Self lubricating slide plate 100*48*20 SEW48-100
Self lubricating slide plate 125*48*20 SEW48-125
Self lubricating slide plate 150*48*20 SEW48-150
Self lubricating slide plate 200*48*20 SEW48-200
Self lubricating slide plate 250*48*20 SEW48-250
Self lubricating slide plate 75*58*20 SEW58-75
Self lubricating slide plate 100*58*20 SEW58-100
Self lubricating slide plate 125*58*20 SEW58-125
Self lubricating slide plate 150*58*20 SEW58-150
Self lubricating slide plate 200*58*20 SEW58-200
Self lubricating slide plate 250*58*20 SEW58-250

Maintenance-free sliding elements


Self-lubricating slide plate Metric Size made to order:

Self lubricating slide plate Characteristics:

1. May work without any oil for long period.
2. Extremely high load capacity, good anti-wear, and low friction.
3. Particularly appropriate for low speed and high load.
4. Suitable single direction axial loads
5. Free design is possible on the shape and size
6. Can be used in a wide range of temperatures, from - 40℃+ 300℃

Oil-Free Plain Guide Rails

• Product Type: Guide rails
• Heel: No groove
• Oil Groove: Oil-free

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Custom Size, Extra large, Imperial size, Metric Size


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