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Self-lubricatingSelf-lubricated SLP Oiless L Type Plate base inlaid graphite self-lubricating plate wear-resisting slide plate copper graphite slide plate with high force brass (ZCuZn25Al6) as the matrix, through the matrix inlaid solid lubricant (graphite or molybdenum disulfide) as the lubricating medium to replace the traditional tin bronze, can not be easy to oil, long-term lack of oil or no oil environment. We can also process oil grooves and positioning holes according to the customer’s actual demand.

Series Description:

Wear-resistant metal material as the matrix, by adding various lubricating materials to reduce friction coefficient, and achieve self-lubrication. This material structure combines the advantages of high load of metal, good impact resistance and low friction coefficient of nonmetal, which can be used in various working conditions. According to the distribution of solid lubricant is different, divided into according to certain proportion rule configuration set and evenly distributed in the working layer of dispersion of two kinds of solid lubricating bearing, Mosaic solid lubrication bearing is suitable for low speed and high load, and the dispersive solid lubricated bearing even under the condition of high speed in the micro, can keep a very low coefficient of friction.



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Bronze Solid Self-lubricating Bearing Plate, Oilless Plate. Aluminum Bronze with Graphite Plugs

Mold Technologies wear plate,  Self-lubricating,Custom guide plate


Bronze with solid lubricant, oilless lubricating


Plates and flat bars. … Flat and square tool bronze. Flat Bronze Plate, Precision graphite plates …

Precision ground plates and flat bars – graphite plugged bronze plate

Product Name
Oil-free wear plate/oil-free slide plate/self-lubricating wear plate/guide slider
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Mold Parts Production
Specializing in the production of guide pillar and guide bush and wholesale sales of mold parts
Shipping Terms
Specialized in the production of mold parts
Delivery time
Price and delivery time on request
Product Features
1. Flexible design and wide range of applications
2. Free sample of the slider for approval
3. High quality with the best price
4. Small minimum order quantity
5. Fast delivery time
6. Excellent customer service
Wear plate bronze + graphite plug solution
Customized high-quality guide plate, self-lubricating material. Aluminum bronze with graphite plugs
Self-lubricating wear plates provide a long-lasting wear surface for molds that require slides, cams or flat surfaces where frictional wear is a concern.
Many of the fully machined bronze wear plates we manufacture are self-lubricating. This is accomplished by cushioning the bronze plate with a graphite plug process. We offer a complete line of graphite bearings.
Replacement for “Sankyo wear plate”. Copper alloy 10mm-4 bolt hole

Manufacturer of custom self-lubricating bronze bearings.
Reliable quality, full range of models, abundant supply, fast delivery, OEM and wholesale. Inquire now and get a free quote. Good after-sales service. Made in China .

L self-lubrication plate JSL bronze graphite strip

Standard No. K L W B C D Size Number Type
JSL-20×100 8 100 20 M8 2 A
JSL-20×150 8 150 20 55 M8 3 A
JSL-20×200 8 200 20 50 55 M8 4 A
JSL-30×100 10 100 30 M10 2 B
JSL-30×150 10 150 30 55 M10 3 B
JSL-30×200 10 200 30 50 55 M10 4 B
JSL-30×250 10 250 30 70 70 M10 4 B
JSL-45×200 22 200 45 50 55 M10 4 C
JSL-45×250 22 250 45 70 70 M10 4 C
JSL-45×300 22 300 45 65 65 65 M10 5 C
JSL-45×350 22 350 45 75 75 80 M10 5 C

Wear plate standard metric size. bronze alloy graphite plugged L-type standard size wear plate JSL mold self-lubricating plate, JSL Plate

Looking for fast and affordable SLP Oiless L Type Plate solutions for your customers?
Explore our oilless bearing size & Self-lubricated SLP Oiless L Type Plate – Graphite Filled Bronze Plate, our custom size service allows you to balance speed with an attractive price, with an emphasis on timeliness.

Precision machined sliding surfaces

Material 500#SP + Graphite,


Bronze with solid lubricant, oilless


Bronze-Plated Steel With and without graphite plug

L-Gibs – Metric Size Metric Size &  Inch Size

Bronze with Self-Lubricating Graphite Plugs Plate

■Plastics Injection Molds ■Special Machines ■Press Gibbing ■Special Slide Applications

Plain Bronze & Self-Lubricating Wear Bronze Strips & Plate

Standard L-Gibs with and without mounting holes Self-Lubricating L-Gibs with and without mounting holes

L-Gibs and Wear Strips can be put together to make your own custom assemblies..

The variety of sizes offered makes custom gib and slide assembly construction fast and easy. During normal sliding action, graphite produces a lubricating film across the entire wear surface. It is recommended that a mist of light oil be wiped on the sliding surface prior to assembly. One-piece construction with pre-drilled and counterbored screw holes machined complete.

Self-Lubricating Bronze Wear Strip

Standard Self-lubricated Self-lubricated SLP Oiless L Type Plate – Plugged Graphite – Select, configure order. Bronzelube delivers punctually and offers fair prices.  Oil-Free Graphite Plate -Standard Type (Copper Alloy) – Graphite Embedded Bronze Wear Plate with Graphite Embedding. Oil-Free Slide Plate Material: Copper alloy

Oil-Free Self-lubricated Bearing Self-lubricated SLP Oiless L Type Plate – Plugged Graphite (Copper Alloy) -Graphite Plugged Bearing by


SLP plate is made with high-strength copper alloy, and the inserted solid lubricant materials are made with graphite and PTFE.

According to the bushings’ working conditions, the bronze combination between the different metal basements and various solid lubricants can ensure that the product can perform under various temperatures, loads, movements and medium as required.

Oilless bush is especially applied in oil-free high temperature, high load, low speed, contamination resistance, corruption resistance radiation resistance as well as the use under such special work conditions that cannot be lubricated, such as underwater and in vacuum space.

Key Characteristics:

1. May work without any oil for long period.
2. Extremely high load capacity, good anti-wear and low friction.
3. Particularly appropriate for low speed and high load.
4. Suitable single direction axial loads
5. Free design is possible on the shape and size
6. Can be used in wide range of temperature, from - 40℃+ 300℃

Self-lubricated SLP Oiless L Type Plates a high-performance solid lubrication product inlaid with graphite or MoS2 solid lubricant on the high force brass substrate. It breaks through the limitation of general bearing relying on oil film lubrication. In the process of use, through friction heat to make solid lubricant and shaft friction, the formation of oil, powder coexist lubrication excellent conditions, not only protect the shaft does not wear and make the solid lubrication characteristics eternal. Its hardness is twice as high as the general copper sleeve, and its wear-resisting performance is twice as high. At present, it has been widely used in gold casting machine, train support, steel rolling equipment, mining machinery, ships, gas turbines, and other occasions of high temperature, high load, low speed, and heavy load.

Self-lubricated SLP Oiless L Type Plate thickness 10 graphite copper plate copper custom size according to drawings production

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