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Shop a large range of Spherical plain bearings rod end, JQB, JDBS spherical plain bearing thrust spherical plain bearing, rod ends bearings – maintenance-free self-lubricating at bronzelube.com. Support all your size range: Available from 12.7 mm – 600 mm (0.500 in. to 23.622 in.) bore … with excellent quality, to win customers of all ages.


  • Cylinders for mining trucks
  • Equalizer track bars, lift and tilt cylinders, push blades, trunnion balls, and ripper blades for bulldozers
  • Articulated joint upper and lower steering cylinders and boom and bucket cylinders for wheel loaders
  • Stick and bucket cylinders for hydraulic excavators
  • Additional applications for space shuttles, heavy movable structures, and miscellaneous vehicles


Sphere Oscillating Bearing, Spherical plain bearing – maintenance-free, thrust spherical plain bearing. RANGE OF APPLICATION Valve, barrage assets, ball valves, guide vane bearings, dampers, etc.

GE 45 ES-2RS equivalent graphite impregnated brass bush
Radial spherical plain bearing metric sizes

GE 45 ES-2RS equivalent graphite impregnated brass bush Radial spherical plain bearing metric sizes

Radial spherical plain bearings are designed to accommodate radial and combined radial and axial loads, and also misalignment. This specific design includes a steel/steel sliding contact surface combination and a double-lip contact seal on both sides. The bearings require maintenance and can be relubricated via lubrication holes and an annular groove in both rings.

  • Designed for radial and combined radial and axial loads
  • Long service life
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Suitable for heavy static, alternating, or impact loads

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Tin bearing bronze Radial spherical plain bearing, requiring maintenance, sealed, metric sizes

We cast bushings, plain bearings, sliding plates, seals and various other wear parts in bronze.

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Spherical Plain Bearing, Special spherical plain bearings with the maintenance-free ball, Maintenance-free


Sliding Layer

Bronze alloy with solid lubricant

Technical Detail

With sliding properties

  • graphite type spherical plain bearings are maintenance-free
  • Standard production according to DIN dimensions
  • Special measurements and designs are produced at short notice!
  • This sliding material causes no threat to health and the environment (if ordered lead-free)!

Joint bearing characteristics The structure of joint bearing is simpler than rolling bearing, which is mainly composed of an inner ring with an outer spherical surface and an outer ring with an inner spherical surface. The joint bearing is generally used for low-speed oscillating motion (i.e. angular motion), because the sliding surface is spherical, it can also be tilted in a certain angle range (i.e. spherical motion), and can still work normally when the support shaft and the shaft housing hole are not concentric.

Self-lubricating spherical plain bearings are self-lubricating bearings that can be rotated or swung in any direction.
The self-lubricating spherical joint bearing is a kind of self-lubricating performance, that can be rotated or swung in any direction. It has the high bearing capacity, small coefficient of friction can automatically adjust the center can simultaneously withstand radial and axial load, self-lubricating maintenance-free, long service life, a wide range of applications, and other characteristics. Since the end of the last century, the product has been put on the market for the domestic water conservancy projects and various mechanical equipment to provide different specifications of self-lubricating joints bearing tens of thousands of sets, the actual use of many water conservancy projects proved that our company developed and produced a stable and reliable performance of self-lubricating joint bearing, in the national key water conservancy projects gradually replace the imported, representing the technology of domestic self-lubricating joint bearing reached the international advanced level!
Self-lubricating joint bearings are divided into three categories, namely radial joint bearings, thrust joint bearings, angular contact joint bearings
Self-lubricating thrust joint bearings
Self-lubricating materials have excellent friction reduction, wear-resistance and self-lubrication, and also have
High bearing capacity and good dimensional stability, can meet the special self-lubricating joint bearings for hydraulic machinery. The self-lubricating material has excellent friction reduction, wear-resistance and self-lubrication.

Spherical bearing, self lubricating

Joint bearings can withstand large loads. According to its different types and structure, it can bear radial load, axial load or radial, axial at the same time combined load. Due to the inner ring of the outer spherical surface with composite materials, so the bearing can produce self-lubrication in the work. Generally used for low-speed swing movement, and low-speed rotation, but also in a certain angle range for tilting movement, when the support shaft and shaft shell-hole is not the center degree is large, but still can work normally. Self-lubricating joint bearings are used in water conservancy, professional machinery and other industries.

Sphere Oscillating Bearing Introduction:
A self-lubricating plain bearing is a kind of space motion plain bearing with self-lubricating performance, which can rotate or swing in any direction. The self-lubricating plain bearing consists of the inner ring and outer ring.
Product features:
The product has a high bearing capacity, small friction coefficient, automatic self-aligning, can bear radial and axial loads at the same time, no maintenance, long service life, wide application range, and so on.
Product Application:
The product is widely used in hydraulic machinery arc gates, plane gates, miter gates, a hydraulic hoist and tubular turbine water guide mechanism and other equipment.

Characteristics and application of joint bearing, oilless bushing supplier

The outer layer of the self-lubricating spherical joint bearing is a steel ball, which can be quenched to improve the load-carrying capacity, and the inner ball combines the wear resistance of copper alloy (ZCuZn24Al6, SAE430B) and the self-lubricating property of solid lubricant so that it does not need oiling and maintenance during the use. We also have an oil groove on the outside of the design so that it is easy to refuel, which can greatly improve the life of the product if it is in use, so the product is widely used in high load, intermittent, or rocking motion, such as steam locomotive production line, hydraulic turbine, reservoir work/accident door, plastic machinery, etc. Various types of copper alloys are available depending on the operating conditions used.

Spherical bearing, self lubricating

Standard No. d(H7) D1(h6) B C D b Alignment Angle (°) Allowable Radial Load (kN) Allowable Thrust Load (kN)
JQB-015 15 26 12 9 22 4 8 6.5 0.5
JQB-020 20 32 16 14 28 4 4 12.6 1.4
JQB-025 25 42 21 18 36 4 5 21.8 2.5
JQB-030 30 50 27 23 44 4 6 32 3.5
JQB-035 35 55 30 26 49 4 5 43.7 4.8
JQB-040 40 62 33 28 55 4 6 54.7 5.7
JQB-045 45 72 36 31 62 4 5 69.7 7.2
JQB-050 50 80 42 36 70 4 5 92.4 10
JQB-060 60 100 53 45 90 4 6 143 16
JQB-070 70 110 58 50 99 4 5 181 20
JQB-080 80 130 70 60 115 4 6 254 30
JQB-090 90 140 76 65 125 4 6 313 36
JQB-100 100 160 88 75 145 6 6 544 64
JQB-110 110 170 93 80 155 6 5 642 73
JQB-120 120 190 105 90 170 6 6 797 94
JQB-130 130 200 110 95 180 6 5 880 105
JQB-140 140 210 90 70 180 6 7 668 56
JQB-150 150 220 120 105 200 6 5 1135 129
JQB-160 160 230 105 80 200 6 8 891 73
JQB-180 180 260 105 80 225 6 6 1002 74
JQB-200 200 290 130 100 250 6 7 1434 117
JQB-220 220 320 135 100 275 6 8 1577 118
JQB-240 240 340 140 100 300 9 8 1720 118
JQB-260 260 370 150 110 325 9 7 2075 143
JQB-280 280 400 155 120 350 9 6 2455 172
JQB-300 300 430 165 120 375 9 7 2630 172

Maintenance-free features quite long service life. Conforms to ISO Standard E type bearings. High precision. The inner surface of the inner ring is subject to sliding. Suitable for higher load than other self-lubricating spherical bearings. Customized design can be made on your requirement.

Graphite Bearing – Self-lubricating Graphite Bearings
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A plain bearing is a kind of sliding bearing with a special structure, which is mainly composed of an inner ring with an outer sphere and an outer ring with an inner sphere. It can swing and rotate in any direction. Generally, it can bear a large load and has the characteristics of high load-bearing, impact resistance, wear resistance, self-aligning and good lubrication.Because the outer sphere of the inner ring is usually inlaid with composite materials, the joint bearing can produce self-lubrication in operation. Generally used for low-speed swing motion and low-speed rotation, but also in a certain Angle range of tilt motion, when the supporting shaft and shaft shell hole concentricity is large, it can still work normally. Widely used in low-speed swing motion, tilt motion, and rotary motion, such as nuclear power, aerospace, engineering hydraulic cylinder, forging machine tools, construction machinery, automation equipment, automotive shock absorber, hydraulic machinery, and many other industries and fields, is the core components to determine the host operation performance.

Spherical Plain Bearing, graphite oilless bushing/bearing Size

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Spherical Plain Bearing, ShopforCopperBushings at BRONZELUBE.COM

Engineered for a Longer More Reliable Service Life, Metric Spherical Plain Bearing.

High Strength Spherical Plain Bearing, Customized Processing Self Lubricating Bearing – Resistant

Spherical Plain Bearing, Graphite Copper Bushing Self Lubricating Materials High Strength.

Spherical plain bearings and rod ends, Spherical Plain Bearings

According to its different types and structure, it can bear radial load, axial load or radial, and axial combined load. It can be generally divided into centripetal joint bearings, angular contact joint bearings, thrust joint bearings, rod end joint bearings, and other types.

Spherical Plain Bearing Supplier

Focus, the pursuit of “spirit”, and always continuous innovation, customer and social needs as the guidance, constantly moving forward, with the advantages of on the self-lubricating material technology, can provide products to satisfy different working conditions of self-lubricating bearing joints, including engineering plastics modified joint bearing, metal base self-lubricating bearing joints, and used in high temperature, high load conditions of special products.

Application of Spherical Plain Bearing :

-Self-lubricating spherical plain bearings Application
Self-lubricating spherical joint bearings have been widely used in the hydraulic machinery of arc gates (supporting hinge bearings), flat gates (fixed wheel bearings)
bearing), flat rate (fixed wheel bearing), herringbone gate (bottom pivot bearing i.e. bearing shaft nest ball liner), hydraulic
The bearings have been widely used in the arc gates (supporting hinge bearing), flat gates (fixed wheel bearing), herringbone gates (bottom pivot bearing, i.e. bearing nesting ball liner), hydraulic open and close machines and hydraulic turbine generator sets (water guide mechanism of cross-flow turbine), as well as lifting and transportation equipment, port machinery (shore bridge), metallurgical equipment (coking machine), engineering machinery and other industries. With the increase of market development, the application field of self-lubricating spherical joint bearings will continue to expand. Self-lubricating radial joint bearings are mainly used in arc gate support hinge bearings, plane
gate fixed wheel bearings; self-lubricating radial joint bearings, self-lubricating thrust off
The self-lubricating radial spherical joint bearing and self-lubricating thrust joint bearing are mainly used in the bearing of the hydraulic opening and closing machine support; the ball liner of the bearing axis of the bottom pivot of the herringbone gate is generally inlaid bearing.

Sphere Oscillating Bronze Bearing self-lubricating

Basically, general-purpose products, are suitable for various circumstances Including high or low load, high or low temperature, with oil or oil lubrication, or even In the water. With its matrix made of high-strength brass, Its hardness doubles than of normal bronze bushings and the wear performance improves to a large degree, so it is applicable for continued pitching machines, and conveyors of the metallurgy industry. It could also be used in plastic injection machines, in the automatic switch of high-tension electricity, in the luffing and supporting parts of construction machines, hydraulic gate supporters, pulley, drive wheels of water control projects, and also for drying tunnel of paper machines, auto die, sliding parts for ships unmooring, etc.

Copper base inlay type self-lubricating joint bearing outer bearing steel sleeve, inner JDB solid inlay type bearing

It is on the substrate of high-force brass. A high-performance solid lubrication product inlaid with graphite or MoS2 solid lubricant. It breaks through the limitation of general bearing relying on oil film lubrication. In the process of use, through frictional heat to make solid lubrication and shaft friction, the formation of oil, powder coexistence lubrication excellent conditions, it can replace the traditional flange linear motion bearings, linear slide bearings Both to protect the shaft does not wear, but also the solid lubrication characteristics eternal.

Alloy materials

Model JDB-1 JDB-2 JDB-3 JDB-4 JDB-5
China Brands
ZCuSn6Zn6Pb3 ZCuAI10Fe3 ZCuSu10P1 Steel+ZCuSn6Zn6Pb3 HT250 GCr15
GCuSn6Zn6Pb3 GCuAI10Fe3 CuSn12 Steel+CuSn6Zn6Pb3Fe3Ni5 B1
GB-CuSn5Zn5Pb5 GB-CuAI10Ni GB-CuSn10 Steel+CuSn6Zn6Pb3Ni 100Cr6
United States
C86300 C83600 C95500 C90800 C83600 Class40 52100
British Standard HTB2 LG2 AB1 PB4 LG2

Material alloy chemical composition

Chemical Elements JDB-1 JDB-2 JDB-3 JDB-4 JDB-5
Cu ( % ) Rest Rest Rest
Sn ( % ) 6 10 6
Zn ( % ) 25 6 6
Ni ( % )
AI ( % ) 6 10
Fe ( % ) 3 3 Rest Rest
Mn ( % ) 3 0.905 – 1.3 0.20 – 0.40
Cr ( % ) 1.30 – 1.65
C ( % ) 2.5 – 4 0.95 – 1.05
Si ( % ) 1.0 – 1.3 0.15 -0.35
Pb ( % ) 3 3

Technical Parameters

Performance JDB-1 JDB-2 JDB-3 JDB-4 JDB-5
Max.load P ( N/mm² ) 100 60 70 60 250
Max.speed V ( m/s ) Dry0.4 oil5 2 2 0.5 0.1
Max.PV ( N/mm²·m/s ) 3.8 0.5 0.6 0.8 2.5
Density ρ( g/cmsup3 ) 8.0 8.0 7.6 7.3 7.8
Tensile strength ( N/mm² ) > 600 > 250 > 500 > 250 > 1500
Elongation ( % ) > 10 > 4 > 10
Hardness ( HB ) > 210 > 80 > 80 > 160 HRC> 55
Max.temp ( ℃ ) 300 350 300 400 350
Friction coef. ( μ ) Oil lubrication: 0.03 Friction(dry): 0.16



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