SPW Oiless Thrust Washers

Oil-free Thrust Washer

High-performance characteristics in heavy load and low-speed operating environments.

Copper base Mosaic solid lubrication thrust bearing washers Material: CuZn25Al5, also with different alloys available upon request

– Cast bronze bearing washer, bronze thrust washer, bronze washer, graphite lubricant bronze bearing
– Solid bronze washer with graphite points, solid bronze spring washer cast, bronze washer with graphite lubricant


SPW Oilless Thrust Washers Maintenance-free Solid lubricated Thrust Washer

Oilless Solid Lubricant Thrust Washers, Self-lubricating Thrust Washer

High-performance characteristics in heavy load and low-speed operating environments.

Oilless Thrust Washer

Metric Solid lubricated Thrust Washer Part number:

SPW material is made with high-strength copper alloy, and the inserted solid lubricant materials are made with graphite and PTFE.

According to the bushings’ working conditions, the bronze combination between the different metal basements and various solid lubricants can ensure that the product can perform under various temperatures, loads, movements, and mediums as required.

Oilless bush is especially applied in oil-free high temperature, high load, low speed, contamination resistance, corruption resistance radiation resistance as well as the use under such special work conditions that cannot be lubricated, such as underwater and in vacuum space.

Key Characteristics:

1. May work without any oil for long period.
2. Extremely high load capacity, good anti-wear, and low friction.
3. Particularly appropriate for low speed and high load.
4. Suitable single direction axial loads
5. Free design is possible on the shape and size
6. Can be used in a wide range of temperatures, from - 40℃+ 30

Oilless Washers - Graphite Impregnated Bronze - Select, Order


Washer  Material: Metal Bronze


Thrust bearings for sale, Self-Lubricating Thrust Washers, Brass, Metric – Bronze Washer…

Material: CuZn25Al6Mn4 Bronze with solid graphite lubricant inserts
(alternative specifications are available on request)

Features Self Lubricating Thrust Washer Lubricant

Solid Lubricant
Lubricant Features Typical application
SL1 Graphite+add Excellent resistance against chemical attacks and low friction.Temp limit 400 ℃ Suite for general machines and under an atmosphere
SL4 PTFE+Additives Lowest in friction and the good of water lubrication, Temp. limit 300℃ The ship, hydraulic turbine, gas turbine, etc



1. Where possible, try to use standard design;
2. Please note that the surface of any foreign body assembly;
3. Sliding surface after use, because the solid lubricant film formation results in a surface with black or gray-black phenomenon, please do not scrub, as usual;
4. Before assembly, if the lubricating oil is applied to the wear parts, can shorten the running-in period, in favor of mechanical operation, operation;
5. The assembly should be slowly pushed forbidden beat, so as not to damage bearings and cause deformation;
6. Design should be used in different parts of the appropriate material, in order to improve the mechanical properties, extending bearing life;
7. In the high load, the reciprocating motion, it is recommended to use screws;
8. In freshwater, seawater, and at sea, the shaft, or recommend the use of stainless steel, chrome plated.

Self-Lubricating Thrust Washers & Graphite Bearings Advantage

1. The design is flexible, simple, and convenient, and has a wide range of use;
The fuel supply system is a heavy-duty, time-consuming, and labor-intensive device in mechanical design. There is no need to consider the use of solid self-lubricating bearings when designing fuel, which saves fuel device equipment and can be applied to various special occasions. The solid self-lubricating bearings are designed in a variety of shapes to meet the needs of various special occasions. The use of solid self-lubricating bearings can significantly reduce the cost of mechanical maintenance and fuel.
2. No oil can be used;
Since the coefficient of linear expansion is greater than that of the solid lubricant of the metal matrix when the solid self-lubricating bearing starts to run, the piece will be transferred to the mill members to realize self-lubrication, so it is difficult to use solid self-lubricating bearings in oil and can not be oil or fat. Locally, even in the case of low speed and high load, it can also play a good lubrication effect.
3. Low cost of use;
With the traditional mechanical design, the fuel gauge should be checked at all times during refueling and maintenance within a certain operating time. The installation of the oil is smooth. Regular refueling will cause pollution to the surrounding environment and increase maintenance costs. After lubrication, not only can the environment be cleaned, but also the use cost of the lubricant can be greatly reduced.
4. Under high load and low-speed conditions, it can exert superior performance;
The solid self-lubricating bearing uses centrifugal casting high-strength brass alloy as a matrix, which plays a role in the load. The special formula of graphite with good self-lubricating performance is used as a lubricant, playing a role in self-lubricating, which combines their respective advantages, Even under high load and low-speed conditions, it can exert superior performance.
5. Reciprocating motion, rocking motion, and frequent start-stop film formation difficulties, exert excellent wear resistance;
The principle of the self-lubricating bearing arrangement of solid lubricants is to ensure that all parts of the grinding member have the role of lubricant during the operation. Therefore, the arranged lubricant must be arranged based on the direction of movement of the grinding to determine the location of the lubricant.
6. Excellent chemical resistance and corrosion resistance;
The solid self-lubricating bearing lubricant is specially formulated from graphite, polytetrafluoroethylene, molybdenum disulfide, and other wear-resistant materials. It has a stable molecular structure. The metal matrix can have different chemical resistance and corrosion resistance according to the metal selected. Therefore, solid self-lubricating bearings have excellent chemical resistance and corrosion resistance.
7. The product is more competitive in cost performance, compared with similar products, it has a long service life, less maintenance, a long replacement cycle, and good performance.


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Thrust Washer Description

Customized brass graphite washer
Brass / Bronze(CuZn25Al5Mn4Fe3)
Brass color
Metric Size
Max line speed V
Dry Lubrication 0.3m/s,Oil Lubrication1.0m/s
PV value limit
Dry Lubrication 1.65N/mm²· m/s,Oil Lubrication 3.25N/mm²· m/s
Friction coef u
Dry Lubrication 0.12~0.16, Oil Lubrication 0.03~0.08
Max Working temperature
Mating Axis
Hardness >220 HB, Roughness Ra=0.4~1.25
Thermal conductivity

Thrust Washer  Size

(Examples) I.D. is  120.5mm, O.D. is 200mm, and thickness is 10mm.

Thrust Washer I.D.: Φd O.D.: ΦD Thickness: T Position of Mounting hole: P.C.D Number of Holes Countersunk Screw
SPW-0603 6.2 25 3 15 2 M3
SPW-0803 8.2 28 3 18 2 M3
SPW-1003 10.2 30 3 20 2 M3
SPW-1203 12.2 40 3 28 2 M3
SPW-1203N 12.2 40 3
SPW-1303 13.2 40 3 28 2 M3
SPW-1403 14.2 40 3 28 2 M3
SPW-1503 15.2 50 3 35 2 M3
SPW-1603 16.2 50 3 35 2 M3
SPW-1603N 16.2 50 3
SPW-1803 18.2 50 3 35 2 M3
SPW-2005 20.2 50 5 35 2 M5
SPW-2505 25.2 55 5 40 2 M5
SPW-2505N 25.2 55 5
SPW-3005 30.2 60 5 45 2 M5
SPW-3005N 30.2 60 5
SPW-3505 35.2 70 5 50 2 M5
SPW-4007 40.2 80 7 60 2 M6
SPW-4507 45.2 90 7 70 2 M6
SPW-5008 50.3 100 8 75 4 M6
SPW-5508 55.3 110 8 85 4 M6
SPW-6008 60.3 120 8 90 4 M8
SPW-6508 65.3 125 8 95 4 M8
SPW-7010 70.3 130 10 100 4 M8
SPW-7510 75.3 140 10 110 4 M8
SPW-8010 80.3 150 10 120 4 M8
SPW-9010 90.5 170 10 140 4 M10
SPW-10010 100.5 190 10 160 4 M10
SPW-12010 120.5 200 10 175 4 M10

Oilless washer size

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Custom Size, Extra large, Imperial size, Metric Size

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