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Heavy Duty Construction Machine Bronze Bearings

Aluminium bronze bushes supplier

Bronze Bushings material descriptions, semi-finished and finished-products. Aluminum bronze bearings are used in heavily loaded applications. Bronze Bushing are available in metric and imperial sizes.

Aluminium bronze bushes
Aluminium bronze bushes

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Bronze bearing technology.

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Aluminium bronze bushes
Aluminium bronze bushes
Aluminium bronze bushes
Finished Bronze Parts

Supplier of Aluminium Bronze Bushes – Aluminum Bronze Bearings.

Bearing is made of aluminum brass with groove type. C954 Aluminum bronze is heat treat able and is used in application requiring a greater load bearing capacity than the standard C93200 Bearing Bronze material

Top Quality Aluminium Bronze C954

The promise of C954 aluminum bronze high quality, meet your requirement.

Bronze Bushings

C95400 Aluminum Bronze (C954)

High tensile bronze bushings

“Aluminum Bronze alloy C95400 as a standard stock bronze bushings parts”

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Aluminium bronze bushes

High Strength Bearings & Bushings Applications.

Made-To-Order Special Alloy Bronze Sleeve Bushing & Bronze Bushing Parts C95400 Aluminum Bronze (C954) – Per ASTM B505. Industrial – Selecting Bronze Bearing Materials:

  • Mining & quarrying
  • Heavy construction
  • Motorsport
  • Offshore oil & gas
  • Marine
  • Kilns

  • Dryers
  • Injection moulding machines
  • Dust collectors
  • Louvres
  • Hot conveyors

We design bronze bushings for heavy duty application.

C954 Bronze with solid graphite lubricant inserts (alternative specifications are available on request).

Cast Bronze Bushings for Heavy Duty Equipment. Aluminium bronze bushing are used in a wide range of construction and other highway equipment.

Heavy duty bearings for applications that other bearings can’t handle!

* Sliding material and bushing type selection guides.

Aluminium bronze bushes
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Aluminium Bronze Bushing C95500 Made To Order From China in standard sizes.Aluminium Bronze CuAl10Fe5Ni5 Bearings Offer A Hardness And Resistance Superior To Other Bronze Alloy Bushings. For Applications Where Importance Of Corrosion Resistance Is High.Custom Machined Bushing.We Stock And Manufacture different material cast bronze bearings Solutions.Aluminum bronze is the highest strength standard copper-based alloy.C95400 Aluminum Bronze Bearing & Bushing.Chemical Composition according to ASTM B505/B505M.

Solid Bronze Bearings

Solid bronze bearings and flanged bearings are highly suited to demanding applications in challenging environments. This makes the solid bronze bearings ideal for a wide variety of applications.


We manufacturer and stock custom bronze bearings, machining capabilities to include turning, boring, grooving, facing, milling, drilling, grinding and deburring of almost any material brass bearing.


Aluminium Bronze Bushing Good performance at high temperature.CuAl10Fe5Ni5 Material Bronze alloy bearings have Extremely hard and tough material with high static and dynamic resistance, sea water, corrosion and erosion resistance.


Support material :CuAl10Fe5Ni5

Chemical composition
% min. % máx
Al 8,5 10,5
Cu 76,0 83,0
Fe 4,0 5,5
Mn 3,0
Ni 4,0 6,0
Bi 0,01
Cr 0,05
Mg 0,05
Pb 0,03
Si 0,01
Sn 0,01
Zn 0,50



Metric bearings and imperial bushings made to order: standard bushing forms in special dimensions, half-bushings, special shapes obtained by stamping or deep drawing, customized bushing designs


  • Cylindrical bushes
  • Flanged bushes
  • Thrust washers
  • Flanged washers


Material Properties Database – different bronze materials are available in this category.Special dimensions are available on request.

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