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Oversized Bearings. other cast bronze bearings!

Cast bronze bearings & bronze bushings are ideal for maintenance-free & heavy duty applications. Available as cylindrical, groove type, flange bearings or solid lubricant insert.




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Large diameter bronze parts from

We specialize in casting large diameter bronze parts from china. Excellent bronze properties makes it unique in some applications.

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We produce brass and bronze bushings and cast bearings that are custom and standard machined parts.

High-performance and Long-lasting

Cast bronze bushings In different sizes and types. Small minimum order value & quantity, fast delivery.

Oilless Parts- Graphite

“Custom Cast Bearing Solutions, Custom Quality Cast, Brass, & Self-lubricating Bearings.”

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Save your purchasing cast bronze bushings budget for your project.

bronze bushing

Oil & Grease Grooving

Bronze Bearing / Groove Type Design.

Offers good hardness, strength and wear resistance; excellent anti-frictional characteristics.

Cast Bronze Sleeve Bearings Machined to Your unique specifications.

Cast Bronze C93200 (SAE 660)- METRIC SIZE

Cast Bronze SAE660 Sleeve Bearings / Bushings – INCH SIZE

* The most common groove styles for cast bronze bearings parts.

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More cast bronze bushings products from china

Lead-Free Cast Bronze Sleeve Bearings

Cast bronze bearings are machined from continuous cast bronze for superior quality and performance. The continuous casting process ensures a uniform bronze structure throughout the bearing, free from porosity and inclusions of hard particles commonly found in other casting processes.

Our standard bearing line features over 1000 sizes, carried in stock at Bunting Bearings and Authorized Distributors. These standards provide off-the-shelf economy for most applications and may be easily resized, oil grooved, or graphite to meet special requirements.


Machine-cast bronze bearings offer technically and economically advantageous bearing solutions. It has a high load capacity, low weight, and good corrosion resistance. Viiplus can offer different types of bronze alloys depending on the required period of use, service … etc. Tolerance is much narrower than wrapped bronze bushes.

Machine-cast bronze bearings offer technically and economically advantageous bearing solutions. It has a high load capacity, low weight, and good corrosion resistance. Viiplus can offer different types of bronze alloys depending on the required period of use, service … etc. Tolerance is much narrower than wrapped bronze bushes.

  • Cylindrical Cast Bronze Bushings
  • Flanged Cast Bronze Bushings

  • Grooved Cast Bronze Bushings

  • Wear Plates

  • Thrust Washers

In addition to standard industrial sizes, we manufacture plain bearings according to your size and tolerance requirements. We can produce sleeve sleeves based on non-standard printouts, in specific sizes, or we can perform reverse engineering for your samples.

Plain bearings are used in a variety of applications. Their good load and anti-friction properties make them an excellent all-purpose bearing.

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Cast bronze bushings Popular Bronze Materials for Centrifugal Casting Bronze Alloys

Refined copper alloy bushing provides a simple and economical way to use the bearing, with high bearing load, good corrosion resistance, arbitrary size processing and other characteristics.At the same time, different grades of copper alloy can be provided according to different use conditions, and different forms can be processed according to requirements. It has higher dimensional precision than the rolled copper bearing.

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of a bronze cast sleeve bearing, and our product consists of good quality.

  • Bearing in cast bronze to support radial and axial loads with a load value at the speed of 75,000 PV
  • Continuous casting for a uniform bronze structure without porosity
  • Operating temperatures range from -450 degrees F to 500 F (-267 degrees C to 260 C)
  • Non magnetic and corrosion resistant
  • Straight bore is suitable for conventional cylindrical shafts

Cast bronze bushings have excellent machining properties, good hardness, strength and wear resistance with excellent anti-friction qualities. The copper alloy is not subject to dezincification.

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Bronze is a versatile and widely used material for bushings because it is available in many alloys and compositions.
Bronze sleeve bushes or Cast bronze bushings bronze bearings are hard and strong in contrast to brass bushes, which are softer and more easily deform. Thus bronze bushings have a longer service life than brass bushings. They resist shocks and bumps, wear and corrosion.
You need an external lubricant, such as grease or oil, during installation and operation to reduce friction and wear.

Cast Bronze Bearings

In fact, a properly designed and maintained Cast bronze bushings bronze bushings often outperforms the equipment it needs.
The relatively high hardness of the cast bronze bushing and the good impact resistance make it widely available in machinery,earth moving machines, hydraulic cylinders, lifting equipment, pumps and various other bearing applications.

Cast bronze bushings are used in a wide range of construction and other off-road equipment, where reliability is required in a harsh environment. Cast bronze bushings can also be found on all types of agricultural equipment in pivoting joints, hinges, steering and suspension assemblies.
There are many industrial uses for Cast bronze bushings. These types of Cast bronze bushings are widely used in machines. Cast bronze bushings are essential components of different types of mechanical presses. The towers use bronze rings in several locations and components. Industrial cranes depend on Cast bronze bushings to support their pulley movement. Without Cast bronze bushings, spinning and turning equipment will not turn easily or quickly.
The intrinsic properties of the Cast bronze bushings make them the ideal choice for hydraulic cylinders. Conditions including lower speeds and heavy load requirements of hydraulic cylinders are met by the properties of the Cast bronze bushings. They are widely used in this area for many critical components.
For more years, National Bronze Mfg. Provides Cast bronze bushings solutions for the power transmission industry. The simplicity in the design of the cast bronze sleeve bushing proved the test of time. From sprockets to pulleys to gears, cast bronze bushings have extended and improved the performance of the critical components of the power transmission.
Aerospace,Agriculture,Alternative Energy,Casters,Defense Vehicles,Electric Motors,Exercise Equipment,Food Processing Equipment,Oil and Gas,Pumps and Valves,Train and Rail,Waste Roll Off Equipment,Water Treatment Equipment

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of a Cast bronze bushings, and our product consists of good quality.

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Cast bronze Common bronze bushings materials: the extra corrosion resistance of these alloys (usually bronze with tin, aluminum or silicon) makes it especially useful in humid environments.

Chemical Composition


Minimum Physical Properties

Tensile Strength, PSI35,000
Yield Strength, PSI20,000
Elongation in 2″10%
Brinell @ 500 KG Load65
Maximum Operating Temperature+500 degree F+
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