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Babbitt Bearing Metal Bushings

Engine Bushing Components – Light Vehicle Engine Bearings.

Bi-metal Bushing Engine Bearings: With high precision equipment, constantly improve the production process & refined management platform, to provide high-quality self-lubricating bearing products for the world’s industry.


Babbitt Bearing Metal Bushings bimetal bushing in variety application

Heavy Duty Engine Components – Bimetal Bearings

Port equipment / container handling equipment Bushing.

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Applications Include: Self-lubricating Bronze Bushes & Bimetal Bearings. The Dry Running Capability Of Performance Reduces Maintenance Requirements. Enquire Today. Self-lubricating Bearings Solutions. Easy Installation. The self lubricating material properties always offer an outcome in dry situations.

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Babbitt Bearing Metal Bushings

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Babbitt Bearing Metal Bushings


We are the only company in China that is engaged in the manufacturing of Engine bearings, bushes and thrust washers using bi-metallic strip or copper alloy mono-metal.

Save Cost: specialized engine components and high quality precision bimetal bushing parts.


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Small minimum order cost or quantity, Savings potential up to 40%.

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Focusing on Engine Bearings, Bushing and Thrust Washers. .

Tried & tested in crane applications; reduce costs, increase service life.


e make metal bearings ready to ship and deliver your desired component as quickly as possible.

self-lubricating Metal Bushings


What Is Bimetallic bearing?

Bimetallic bearing is one of the bearing lubrication system, the product is high quality low carbon steel back as substrate, the bronze alloy on the surface, through several high temperature sintering and density and rolled copper and steel bimetallic strip coiling, suitable for medium and high impact load under bush and thrust washer and so on many kinds of USES.

What Is babbitt metal? Characteristics & applications of babbitt alloys!

Babbitt is a kind of metal that we don’t see very often in our everyday life. The melting point of this alloy is lower than that of other alloys. It contains three metals, antimony, copper and cadmium, and the rest is tin. Its name is Babbitt because its inventor is American Babbitt, and its color is white, so the combination of Babbitt alloy.

It has a relatively low melting point. We all know that iron can melt close to a thousand degrees, while Babbitt alloys cannot be used at a maximum temperature of more than a hundred degrees Celsius. This characteristic has a lot to do with its composition.

It is well known for its use as a bearing material. Because the tin base and lead base inside it can reduce friction very well, it is a very good bearing alloy. And its hardness is not as high as other metals, so if used as bearings, can be very good to adapt to other parts and can be better pressed into. So at present it is generally used for all kinds of generators and some large machinery, such as mining machinery used.

Of course, Babbitt alloys are both hard and soft in structure. They contain both soft phase matrix and other hard metal components, such as copper and antimony, so they can be used to better support the weight, while ensuring smooth operation. In general, it is very useful in large equipment and generators, and its discovery is also very helpful and useful to our life.

Technical requirements for bushing babbitt alloy metal

In order to adapt to the working condition of the high speed rotating mechanical shaft, the alloy bearing should meet the following requirements:

(1) good surface properties, keep the lubricating oil film on the surface to prevent stagnation and prevent the shaft from getting stuck;

(2) High strength to prevent deformation caused by static load and load fluctuation;

(3) enough hardness to prevent wear;

(4) Good adaptability to compensate for the defects in the geometric dimensions of the rotating shaft;

(5) good tolerance to absorb sludge and organic residues;

(6) good corrosion resistance.

Bimetal bushing & bearing benefits.

Babbitt alloy bearing bush is now replaced by VIIPlus bimetallic bearing, bimetallic is a steel copper alloy product with low carbon steel plate as the matrix material and sintered surface of CuB10Sn10 or CuSn6Zn6Pb3 material. This product is one of the strongest bearing capacity in the double alloy bearings, and is used in the balance bridge bushing of heavy duty vehicles. It is a kind of widely used bearing with high load and low speed motion.

High tin aluminum bearing is made of steel plate with AISN20Cu material rolled on the surface. The product has medium fatigue strength and bearing capacity, good corrosion resistance, good sliding performance and other characteristics.

The product is commonly used as bushing of medium and small power internal combustion engine, bushing of train engine and bushing of air compressor. It is a new product to replace Babbitt alloy.

  • Reliable lubrication of bearings

  • Prevent unscheduled downtime

  • Reduce operating costs

  • To increase bushing life and reduce lubrication time

  • Maintenance-free, we almost always offers a solution.

  • Two times longer service life at high loads

Babbitt Bearing Metal Bushings

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Tech Up, Cost Down:

bimetal composite bearings are based on high-quality low-carbon steel and have low-friction copper alloys (CuPb10Sn10, CuPb6Sn6Zn3, CuPb24Sn4, CuPb30, AlSn20Cu, CuSn8Ni). Various types of oil grooves, oil holes, and oils need to be processed under operating conditions .

Bimetal Crane Bearing Long Service life – 80 % less installation space

  • Re-Babbitting Of Bearings
  • Steam Turbine Labyrinth Seals
  • Shaft Rebuilding/Manufacturing
  • Thrust Pads
  • Hard Chroming Facilities
  • Turbine Bearings
  • Steam Turbine Rotor Blades Rebuilding
  • Steam Baffles
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