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Self-lubricated bushings improve the reliability & efficiency of pumps.Non-galling.Run dry & keeps running。 Highlights: Over 10 Years Of Quality & Service Experience, Chat Support Available.

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The Metal-Polymer Plain Bearings Grease Lubricated Solution for Extreme Temperatures

Pom Bushing Design.

Custom-made maintenance free pom bushing.

Cylindrical, flanged and thrust bushings forms are available.

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Quality Gear Pump Bushing Part Less Money.

Metal-Polymer Plain Bearings Grease Lubricated


Gear Pump Bushing, bushing life calculation. It is a special formula product designed and launched based on the structure of PTFE material and according to the high PV value of the gear oil pump. The product has special anti-fatigue shock advantages. Applicable oil pump pressure: 16-25Mpa, linear velocity 3.5-5m/s. In the realm of fluid lubrication, the PV value can reach 120 N/mm2.m/s. It is the best choice for various gear oil pumps, plunger pumps, and vane pumps.

Bushing Blocks and Thrust Plates Material

1:PTFE&Fiber mix
3:Copper back
4:Anodized coating-Cu/Sn/Zinc

A wide assortment of bushings available from stock.

“Let us help you find the tribological coatings bushing part you are looking for.”

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Metal-Polymer Hydrodynamic Composite Bearings, OEM/ODM Provider, One-Stop Service

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External Gear Pumps and Motors. Help Customers Look After Goods Matching The Delivery Time.

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Cost-effective alternative to gear pump bearings

Low-Friction Pump Bearings – Gear Pumps & Motors,Control Valves Bushing

Tech. Data

Performance   Data
Max. load P Static 250N/mm²
  Dynamic 140N/mm²
Max. speed V Dry running 2.5m/s
  Oil 10m/s
Max. PV Dry running 4.2N/mm²・m/s
  Oil 60N/mm²・m/s
Friction coefficient μ   0.03~0.18
Temp.   -195℃~+280℃
Thermal conductivity   42W/m・K


Gear Pump Bushing- Compact & Very Light –

※We have been providing gear pump bushing products at competitive prices for more than 10 years. China Manufacturer. Factory Supply. Gear Pump Bushing Material Available. Quick Reply in 24h. Fast Delivery. Various Bushing Sizes.Long Service Life.

* Lubricated Gear Pump Bushes forms available in standard dimensions.

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Metal-Polymer Plain Bearings Grease Lubricated Bushings Bearings-Sleeves, Flanges, and Washers and More. Standard & Made-To-Order Bronze Bushings And Related Bearing Products. POM Sleeve Bearings. Cast Bronze. Highlights:  Customer Service Available.

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