Project Description

Dry Sliding Washer Available

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Hydraulic special material for Maintenance Free Metal Dry Sliding Washer Available PTEF RED COLOR is designed according to the working principle of oil cylinder and shock absorber, which is more wear-resistant in the condition of no oil. In addition to the advantages of self-lubricating shaft sleeve, this product is especially suitable for occasions with large inclination force with frequent reciprocation.

Its performance is similar to that of overseas DP4. At present, this product has competitive price and is made in China. It is suitable for automobile, motorcycle shock absorber and various hydraulic cylinder fields.The material is lead-free and complies with the eu ROHS directive.

Technical Information

  • Maximum bearing pressure: 140N/mm2
  • Friction coefficient: 0.04~0.20
  • Applicable temperature range: -195℃~280℃
  • Maximum sliding speed: 3m/s
  • Maximum allowable PV value (dry) : 3.8n /mm2.m/s
  • Maximum allowable PV value (oil) : 50N/mm2.m/s


  • Tin-coated backside
  • layer with sintered bronze
  • sliding layer: Multilayer Sliding PTFE

Gleitlager Washer

With our extensive punching tools and flexible machinery, we can quickly produce gleitlager buchsen of any shape and size you need.

Maintenance Free Slide Bearings Available

A wide range of materials from bushing types are sleeve bushings, flange bushings, gaskets and sliding plates available.


  • self-lubricating/ maintenance free for low sliding speed
  • low mechanical wear and excellent operating life
  • low static and dynamic coefficient of friction
  • high corrosion resistance

Special Manufacturing

For gleitlager buchsen parts prepared according to your drawings, please send us an inquiry.

Fitting tolerances

housing H7

shaft ø <=55: f7; >55: h8

Assembling instructions

The edges of the mounting hole and the shaft must be chamfered. It is recommended to use an arbour press. Please avoid damaging the sliding surface. The butt joint should not be in load direction.

Replacement Parts

  • Suitable for high loads
  • Multiple areas of us (universal bearing)
  • Long life
  • Wide temperature range

Red PTFE is recommended if RoHS compliance is required.

Bronze backed bushing gleitlager scheiben should be used if better corrosion resistance is required.

Standard gleitlager scheiben are manufactured to company standards and to DIN ISO.

We also provide you with suitable stamping parts according to the drawings, and label and package as required.

Plain bearing bushing