Self-lubricating metal-backed system for rigorous applications

Bushings, Thrust Washers & Strips Supplier, metal-backed bearing excel where long wear and low maintenance matter most.

High-Precision Plain Bearings

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From Commercial to Combat, This is Where Innovation Is Born

VIIPLUS Plain Bearings & Engineered Bushing Products has been designing, testing, and manufacturing the highest performing bearings, drive systems, and operational critical parts in the industry, excelling under the most demanding conditions. Bushing, thrust washer, strips with products in industries as varied as marine, factory automation, medical, motorsports, hydropower, heavy equipment, and oil & gas.

We manufacture self-lubricating bearings, sliding bushings, sliding thrust washers, and strips for many years.

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The overviews of the available bushing, thrust washer, and strip types, their designs, designations, characteristics, and main application areas.

self lubrication bearing bushings

Our plain bearings consist of a wide range of both straight and flanged bushings, thrust washers, and strips.

A wide assortment for virtually every application

We are able to provide customers with delivery services and product solutions that are second to none. With the widest assortment of bushings in the world, we offer distributors and customers the ability to meet all their industrial application needs with
a single source.

Select the right bushing for the application

We are recognized worldwide as the leading manufacturer of plain bearings. We are known for our excellent technical support and application know-how. However, we are also a major player in the field of plain bearings: spherical plain bearings, connecting rod ends, and a very wide range of bearings.
The product selection guide in this catalog simplifies the selection of bearings from our expanded range.

Extend service life with plain bearings – Cylindrical bushings Flanged bushings Thrust washers Strips.

The performance of plain bearings, which also includes bushings, thrust washers, as well as strips, mainly depends on the interaction of load, lubrication, surface roughness, sliding speed, and operating temperature in specific applications.

Under the spirit of continuous improvement, we are making efforts to continue to improve bushing product quality and to offer maximum satisfaction to customers.

A wide assortment to meet your requirements

Choose from our selection of bushings, including over 1,000 products in a wide range of styles and sizes. In stock and ready to ship.

Bushings (sometimes called sleeve bearings, sleeve bushings, or sleeve bearings) reduce friction between two sliding surfaces against each other.

Thrust washers are lubrication-free and need no maintenance, even in dirty or dusty environments.

Bushing Selection

The temperature range for solid and wrapped bronze bushings can be extended with special lubricants.

oilless bushing