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Pom Glijlagers Project

Bronzelube Realize A Maintenance-free Solution For Your Pom Glijlagers Application

High quality standards glijlagers is available from 10 mm up to 300 mm shaft diameter. Bigger sizes available on request.

high quality self-lubricating-bearings


High quality standards glijlagers is available from 10 mm up to 300 mm shaft diameter. Bigger sizes on request! can provide customized glijlagers, in addition to providing semi-finished and finished glijlagers. We have access to local production facilities in which customized glijlagers can be produced quickly and flexibly.

Small minimum order value & quantity, fast delivery.

Making Bushings Happen.

Taking bushing & bearing to new heights.

Avoiding Rebuild Costs with Wear-Resistant Coatings.

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POM glilagers
Pom glijlagers
Top Quality Glijlagers

High quality glijlagers, meet your requirement.

Custom-made Glijlagres

Professional glijlagers design& development team from China.

Glijlagers DX Alternative

High Quality-

Pom Glijlagers Grease Lubricated

Beside to the big variety of standard glijlagers dx alternative parts, we offer custom-made dimension gliijlagers.

Metric glijlagers bearings and imperial glijlagers bushings made to order:

  • standard glijlagers bushing forms in special dimensions, half-bushings, special shapes obtained by stamping, glijlagers with locating notches, lubricant holes and machined grooves, customized glijlagers designs

POM Glijlagers Material

  • Sliding layer POM with or without lubricant indents for machining
  • Porous Bronze Sinter
  • Steel Back
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Custom glijlagers size service, High quality glijlagers solutions.

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  • Cylindrical bushing, Flange Bushing,
  • Flat product: sliding plates, thrust washer, flat strips

We manufacture the full range glijlagers products.

Sliding bushes

Sliding Bearings are Bearings where the shaft rotates inside the Bearing bore. The friction and wear of Sliding Bearings is higher than in Roller Bearings. Sliding bushes are available in two different types. Grease glijlagers and maintenance free.

The more important is to focus all your energy on finding a glilagers to meet your request.

  • POM glijlagers bushings for grease or oil lubricated applications

  • Standard POM glijlagers parts contain grease indents in the sliding layer; plain sliding layer available by request.

  • POM glijlagers bearings have optimum performance under relatively high loads and low speeds

  • POM gerolde glijlagers are suitable for linear, oscillating and rotating movements

  • Wide range of POM composite glijlagers available from stock

Make every detail perfect from production to delivery for glijlagers !

Glijlagers bearings are especially suited to severe operating conditions where frequent maintenance is not possible.

Glijlagers Common Application

  • Civil engineering
  • Agriculture
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Construction engineering
  • Offshore
  • Inland shipping

* Our enterprise has more experiences, it will help you create a quality glijlagers product.

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