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Fluid Power Bushings

Bushing blocks & plain bearings for external gear pumps & motors!

Low-friction bearings offers improved hydraulic performance ,reliability & efficiency of pumps; High mechanical strength for smaller pumps; motors size bushings!




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PTFE self lubricating bushing
Cylindrical Bushes
bushing bearings
Hydraulic bushing

Economic price.

We stand behind the quality of our pump bushings & motors solutions.

  • Eliminate Lubricant bushings
  • Increase Bushings Service Life
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Replace Plain Bearings
  • Reduce Size / Weight
  • Simplify Assembly
  • Eliminate Corrosion
  • Reduce Noise
Top Quality

The promise of Hydraulic bushing high quality, meet your requirement.

Hydraulic Bearings

Small minimum order value & quantity, fast delivery.

Self-lubricating Pump Bushings Design

“Bimetal Bearings, In the hydraulic bushing market, we can provide many applications with different materials of bushing products.”

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Cylindrical plain bearing pump bush, customized size!

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fluid bearing pump bushings
As a Hydraulic Bushings Supplier, We have a variety of self-lubricating bearings for pump bushings and motor bushes to help you reduce system cost, improve performance and extend service life. Provide competitive high quality hydraulic pump bearings. We keep our customers reliable and innovative in the market. The team of engineers will help you design the most reasonable solution at the lowest cost. We have extensive after-sales support, including global local supply and r&d. Provide: A variety of high performance bearings and solutions give our customers a performance and cost advantage in the market. Excellent customer support from our team, providing technical support for various pump bushings problems.Your reliable bushings partner. We provide our customers with low cost and high quality pump bushings. Continuous material innovation continues to help customers break through all aspects of technical difficulties. Get In Touch With Us Through! Email Or Phone. Get a Free Quote Today.

Reliable, light and excellent fluid bearing & pump bearing solutions.

In the hydraulic bearings market, we can provide many applications with different materials of pump bushing products. Where to find these applications.

  • Piston pump and motor bushings
  • Gear pump and motor bushings
  • Vane pump bushings
  • Gas cylinders bushings
  • Bearing of the gear shafts in gear pumps
  • External gear pump bushings
  • Internal gear pump bushings
  • Toothed ring pump
  • Rotor pump
  • Crescent pump
  • Free fluid bearing samples for approval

  • Fast Delivery

  • Reliable & safe bushings supplier

  • Small minimum order quantity

Hydrodynamic Pump Bushings & Thrust Washer Application.

Cylindrical plain bearing bush, flange size and thrust washer design, the pump bushing & bearings are professionally supplied to meet the special application requirements of the fluid power industry. The VIIPLUS solution is stable and reliable under high load and high speed conditions and supports most hydrodynamic applications.

* Our enterprise, is one of the undisputed supplier of the highly competitive fluid bearing bushings industry in china.

lubricating bushing
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More pump bushing products from china, plain bearings allow dimensional downsizing and higher working pressures without impacting volumetric and mechanical efficiencies of the external gear pump and motor.