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Oilless 2000 Bushing Project

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Oiles 2000 Sintered multi-layer bearings with dispersed solid lubricant

Bronzelube provide high-quality oilless 2000 bushing solutions for small-scale procurement Clients without Middleman.

Experience of over 10 years of successful projects on creating unique and different oilless bushing designs all over the world.

Oilless 2000 Bushing Supplier

Oilless 2000 bushing is a multi-layer bearing composed of a special friction surface and a supporting metal steel backing material. The sintered layer is made of special copper alloy powder and graphite-based solid lubricant dispersed and sintered, and is treated with oil.

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oilless 2000 bushing application-excavator

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Experience of over 10 years of successful projects on creating unique and modern interior designs all over the world.

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Top Quality Oilless Bushes

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Oilless 2000 Bushing

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Oilless 2000 Bushing Feature

Oilless 2000 bushing designed completed reliably from production to delivery.

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Oilless 2000 Bushing Material

  • Steel backing + sintered bronze powder with graphites

Self-lubricating, oil-free, maintenance-free friction pair, environmentally friendly new material

Oilless 2000 Bushing Properties

Lubricating ConditionNo LubricatingLubricate regularly
Operating Temperature range ℃-40~+120
Max. Pressure P N/mm2
Max. Speed V m/s
Max. PV Value N/mm2・m/s
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Oilless 2000 Bushings Bearing with excellent wear resistance and applicable in any sliding directions.

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We have several senior oilless 2000 bushing designers, pattern designers. Welcome merchants both domestic and overseas to place bulk oilless 2000 bushings orders with supplied designs and samples.

Oilless 2000 Bushing Characteristics

  • The small-size dispersed solid lubricant can be used under friction conditions in any direction of motion, and has good fretting resistance.
  • It can be used without oil.
  • Good load resistance, abrasion resistance, and good speed characteristics.
  • Various sizes of standard products and semi-finished products are available.

Oilless Bearing Application

Oilless 2000 bushing has the ability of dust resistance, corrosion resistance and impact resistance. It has good performance in the use process of injection molding machine, automobile stamping mold, tire mold, construction machinery (excavator, rotary drilling rig, etc.)

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