Self-lubricating Steel Metallic Bearing Bushing


Steel Shoulder Bushings Is a Wrapped Bushing Made Of Steel Or Stainless Steel Lubricated Metal Material! Split Bushing Bearings Metallic Bearing Made to Order! Metric Bronze Plated Shoulder Bushing.

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Bearing Life Calculation – Bearing Loads & Speeds

Self-lubricating Steel Bearings, Shoulder Bushing, Standard Bush Sizes For Sale.

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“Plain bearing – Surface speeds –!”

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  • Improved raw material yield.
  • Reduced chip production.
  • Heat and surface treatment capability.
wrapped steel PTFE Teflon bushing

Steel bushing (lubricated metal)

We also manufacture steel bushings made of steel or stainless steel with lubricated metal bearing material. Metal on metal lubricant, Surface treatments for enhancing tribological properties of surfaces are also available.

Material properties: SUS304 with PTFE coating )

Steel Lubricated Bushing Manufacturing range

  • Outer diameter (D): 5- to 200-mm dia
  • Thickness (t): 0.5-3.0 mm
  • Length (L): 5-100
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Flange Bushing (Lubricated Metal)

We also offers a full line of both straight and flanged steel composite bushing, teflon plain bearing and bronze bushings. heavy duty bearings and different types of bushings!

Bushing Material Types, Teflon Plain Bearing Flanged bushing to ISO standards: ISO compliant flanged ball bearing units are available in a huge variety of designs.

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flange bushes

Bushings Metal & Custom thrust washers

We also offers a full line of steel thrust washer, lubricate thrust bearing washer, lubricating PTFE thrust bearing washer, plain bearing washer.

Self-lubricating bearings and thrust washers are used in automobiles, buses, trucks and as well as ships, construction machinery, etc. Customized, application-specific products such as graphite bronze washer and copper alloy bearings are also available.


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Metallic Bushing Bearings

Major Applications

Steel Metal Lubricated Bushing Supplier: General industrial machinery, hydraulic equipment, automotive parts and parts of carburetor structures.

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Agricultural Equipment Bushing

Switch from Bearing – Bushing Solutions

Bushing Material Selection, Steel Shoulder Bushing

Switch from Lubricated Bushing . Small Minimum Quantities. Cost-Effective Prices. Highlights: Brochures Available, Offering Cost-Effective Prices.

  • Market Steel Bushes Bearings to Solve Your Engineering Challenges.

  • We Design, Manufacture and Supply Bearings and Plain Bushes.

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