Engineered Composite POM bushing Solutions, Sintered porous bronze on a metal substrate with POM calendared into the dynamic wear surface. Requires boundary lubrication for optimum performance. High PV rating, low speeds. Commonly used in mining equipment, rolling mills, ski lifts, and other applications where bronze bushings are utilized.

A wide range of  POM composite bushings.

Material Description: POM Composite of Steel Backing, Tin/Bronze Layer
Inch – Metric: Metric
Other Features: With Lubrication Hole

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Cylindrical POM bushing – Wrapped composite sliding bushings

Bronze sliding bearings, composite bushings and engineering plastics: POM bushings

Composite Plain Bearings POM material – Metric & Inch Size

POM composite bushings are suitable for applications where a sliding material with self-lubricating properties is a prerequisite.  This composite plain bearing is widely used in agricultural equipment, construction machinery, material handling equipment, home appliances, and consumer goods, etc.

  • POM sliding bearings bushings for grease or oil lubricated applications
  • Standard parts contain grease indents in the sliding layer; plain sliding layer available by request
  • Optimum performance under relatively high loads and low speeds
  • Suitable for linear, oscillating and rotating movements
  • Wide range of parts available from stock

POM composite bushing material

POM composite plain bearings are suitable for applications that require minimal maintenance under difficult operating conditions. Because of the lubricant retention pockets on the sliding surface, POM composite plain bearings are particularly suitable for applications in contaminated environments where lubricant cannot be supplied continuously or frequently.

POM Marginal Bearings Structure

  1. POM thickness 0.30~0.50 mm, it provides high wear resistance and low friction even with the only minute volume of lubricant are supplied, this bearing surface carries a pattern of circular indents which should be filled with grease on the assembly of the bearing.
  2.  Sintered bronze powder thickness 0.20-0.35mm, provides max. thermal conductivity away from the bearing surface also serves as a reservoir for the resin mixture.
  3. Low-carbon steel, provides exceptionally high load carrying capacity, excellent heat dissipation.
  4. Copper/Tin plating thickness 0.002mm, provides good corrosion resistance.

The POM composite bearings are suitable for rotary and oscillating movements, fewer maintenance needs due to long regreasing intervals, less wear, less sensitivity to edge loads, no water absorption and therefore no swelling, good handling behavior cushioning, good impact resistance.

POM composite bushings Lubrication

Composite plain bearings made of POM are designed to operate under extreme lubrication conditions. The sliding surface of these plain bearings contains grease reservoirs that must be filled prior to installation. Relubrication of these sleeve bearings is not required, but the presence of grease can significantly extend the life of the sleeve bearings. Grease may be periodically applied to protect the mating surface from corrosion.

lubricating bushing

lubricating bushing

Metal-Polymer Plain Bearings Grease Lubricated

Maintenance-free & Space-saving Composite Dry Sliding Bearings Solutions

Metal-polymer composite bearing with POM material (DX bushing).

POM composite plain bearings are designed to operate under marginal lubrication conditions. The sliding surface of these bushings contains grease.

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