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Innovative Self-lubricating Bearings Solutions

Professional manufacture for metal polymer bearings

Standard or custom size bushing! Find your perfect polymer bearings & bushing. get expert advice. Types: flanged, straight, thrust washer.

metal-polymer bearing
metal-polymer bearing

The Metal-Polymer Plain Bearings Grease Lubricated Solution for Extreme Temperatures

Sleeve Bushings,  metal-polymer bearings – DU Garlock Bearings

Standard or custom-made pom bushes! Find your perfect parts solution. Innovative Solutions. Get Expert Advice. High-Quality Packaging. Types:

  • Cylindrical bushes
  • Thrust washers
  • Sliding plates
Pom Bushing Design.

Custom-made maintenance free pom bushing.

Cylindrical, flanged and thrust bushings forms are available.

composite sleeve glojlagers bushings

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metal-polymer bearing
metal-polymer bearing
metal-polymer bearing

Polymer Bushing – Wholesale Suppliers Online

Top Deals at Factory Price. Confidently Place Orders Online via Trade Assurance! Logistics Service. Production Monitoring.Types: Steel Backed or Stainless Steel Backed, Copper Plating or Tin Plating.

Various design bushing

Let us help you find the Metal-Polymer Plain Bearings Grease Lubricatedpart
you are looking for

Standard Bushing Production

Metal-Polymer Plain Bearings Grease Lubricated

Sliding layer POM with or without  lubricant indents for machining

Material Structure

  • Metal-Polymer Composite Bushing Material
  • Steel Back + Porous Bronze Sinter +
    POM with Lubrication Indents
  • Porous Bronze
  • Sinter Metal Polymer bearings
  • Steel Backed Bushing

Load capacity 70N/mm2
Friction value 0.05 to 0.25
Temperature -40 to +130 ℃
Max. Pv (oil condition) 22N/mm2 .m/s
Max. speed 2.5m/s
A wide assortment of bushings available from stock.

“let us help you find the tribological coatings bushing part you are looking for.”

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Customized Size, Custom Metal-Polymer Plain Bearings Grease Lubricatedservice.


metal-polymer bearing application

Self-lubricating boundary bushing POM material.

The perfect solution is provided for self-lubricating bearings.

※ Oil holes are designed in the standard material working layer. It is suggested that the oil feeding in the initial grease lubrication process can greatly extend the service life of the Metal-Polymer Plain Bearings Grease Lubricated, and it is suitable for the conditions of boundary lubrication or unsustainable oil feeding.

※ THE thickness of Metal-Polymer Plain Bearings Grease Lubricated
resin layer is 0.1-0.2mm on the surface without oil holes. After installation, the inner hole can be processed again to improve accuracy.

※ It is recommended to be used in the initial oil or grease lubrication conditions. The Metal-Polymer Plain Bearings Grease Lubricated material has excellent wear resistance and can be used under working conditions such as medium and high load, impact, dust resistance, and high-temperature resistance.

Metal-Polymer Plain Bearings Grease Lubricated Application

※ For example, axles, brakes, air compressors, suspension systems of agricultural machinery vehicles, hydraulic components such as plunger pumps, hydraulic motors, rotary motors, etc., as well as forest machinery, logistics equipment and other general industrial sliding bearings.

* Metal-Polymer Plain Bearings Grease Lubricated Bushes forms available in standard dimensions

metal-polymer bearing application
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Metal-Polymer Plain Bearings Grease Lubricated Bushings Bearings-Sleeves, Flanges, and Washers and More. Standard & Made-To-Order Bronze Bushings And Related Bearing Products. POM Sleeve Bearings. Cast Bronze. Highlights:  Customer Service Available.

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