Sintered Bronze Bearings

Sintered Bronze Bearings

Shop a large range of Sintered Bronze Bushing. Cost-effective and high precision in dimension. It’s made of bronze powder, mold pressed in high pressure, sintered in high temperature and soaked in oil by vacuum. It’s used in domestic electric appliances, electric tools, textiles machinery, chemical machinery and automobile industry, etc.


Sintered bronze bearings metric size. Self Lubricating sintered bronze bearings, save cost, reduces downtime

Provide Increased Reliability & Self-lubricating bushing bearing in High Temp applications. Reduced costs & downtime. Services: Custom Design, Engineering Support, Short Lead Times.

standard products customized.

Sintered bronze bearings  powder metallurgy oil bearing application characteristics:

Sintered bronze bearings Copper base POWDER metallurgy oil-bearing working principle:

Powder metallurgy oil-bearing is made of copper powder or iron powder as raw material, processed by mold pressing, high-temperature sintering, and vacuum oil immersion. Products are widely used in household appliances, power tools, textile machinery, chemical machinery, automobile industry, and so on. Copper base POWDER metallurgy oil-bearing bearing uses the porosity of sintered body to impregnate 10%~40%(volume fraction) lubricating oil and is used in a self-feeding state. When running, the bearing temperature rises, because the expansion coefficient of oil is larger than that of metal, it automatically enters the sliding surface to lubricate the bearing, and when it stops working, the oil is sucked back into the pore with the temperature drop.

Technical parameters of sintered bronze bearings copper base powder metallurgy oil bearing

Maximum bearing pressure:35 N/mm2

Maximum temperature:-80~+160 degrees Celsius

Maximum sliding speed: 2.5m /s

Alloy material: CUSN6-6-3

Maximum PV value :2.45 N/mm2. M /s

Sintered bronze bearings copper base powder metallurgy oil-bearing processing type: can be processed into the straight sleeve, flange flanging sleeve, gasket, slider, non-standard special-shaped parts, support non-standard products customized.

Sintered bronze bearings copper base powder metallurgy oil bearing application characteristics:

Sintered bronze bearings copper base oil bearing is made of tin bronze powder by mold pressing and sintering at high temperature. The matrix has fine and evenly distributed pores, which form an oil-bearing state after vacuum impregnation with lubricating oil. The product has the characteristics of short-term lubrication without oil, low cost, changeable inner and outer diameter, etc., suitable for medium speed and low load places. Products have been widely used in household motors, power tools, textile machinery, chemical machinery, automotive industry and office equipment, and other occasions.

sintered bronze bushes, For Industrial, Sintering

Self Lubricated FU Sintered Bronze Bushing, sinter bronze material

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Product Introduction:

FU the sintered bronze bushing is mold pressed under high pressure and then sintered under high temperature, and oil is soaked into the homogeneously spread tiny pores of the metal under vacuum. FU bushing can withstand dry conditions in medium speed and low load for some time. Moreover, it is cheap and easily customized according to various requirements.

This is widely used in domestic electric and electronic machines, electric tools, textile machines, chemical engineering machines, automobiles, and official business machines.


Self-lubricating Sintered Bronze Bushing

Engineered for a Longer More Reliable Service Life, FU Sintered Bronze Bushing

Manufacturer of Sintered Bronze Bushing Metric & Inch Size。

High Strength Sintered Bronze Bushing

Product Description

FU-1 sintered bronze bearing, its bronze powder is pressed under high pressure and sintered under high temperature, after that, it is oil-impregnated for better lubrication.

Sintered Bronze Bushing can be used under conditions of medium speed and low load.It can work without oil for short time and it is cost-effective and high precision in dimension. It is widely used in mini electrical parts, home appliances, electrical tools, textile machines, the chemical industry, auto industry, and office equipment, etc.

Basic material CuSn10
Load capacity 35N/mm² Temperature limit -80℃~160℃
Friction Coef 0.12~0.18

Sintered bronze sliding bearing SINT

Self Lubricated Sintered Bronze Bushing

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Sintered Bronze Materials

Basic Materials Chemical Composition(%) Other Materials

ASTM B438-70 GR1

Type I

DIN30910 PART3

SINT A50 Mil-B-5687C

Type I CompA







MPIF:CT-1000-K26/ASTM:B 438-83a/DINSINT-A50

MPIF:CT-1000-K37/ASTM:B 438-83a/DIN:SINT-B50

MPIF:CT-1001-K23/ASTM:B 438-83a/DIN:SINT-B51

MPIF:CT-1001-K33/ASTM:B 438-83a/DIN.SINT-C51



Sintered Bronze Bushing, Self Lubricated Bushing Sleeve Applications

Power Tools Spur Gear,helical gears,transverse gear,pinion gear,helicoidal gear,dual gear,camshaft, bearings, rotors;

Hand drill: bushings, couplings, spur gears, helical gears, nuts, etc.;

Vibrations Drill: converters, ratchet, bushings, etc.;

Planer: bushings, belt pulley A.B.C, etc.;

Electric Planers: bushings, belt pulley A.B.C, etc.;

Circular Saw: washers, etc.;

Electric Coordinates Saw: gear, balanced hammer, etc.;

Bench Drill: gear, helical gear.

Agricultural Machinery Engine: Crankshaft Gear, camshaft gear, balance blocks, sliding wheel;

High-powered tractors: Driven gears for low pressure pump and metering pumps, phase adjustment cam,adjustment cam, connecting rod, hydraulic output pressure cap, rotor, stator, oil pan, valve film, round room   board, separated disk, drive ring.

Office Machinery Duplicator, typewriters, Imaging Machinery, etc.

Duplicator: gear, scanning cam, pulley, sprocket, gear. rods, etc.;

Typewriters: bearings, star wheels, speed cam, print cam, select the cam, etc.;

Imaging Machinery: magnetic shield, winch wheel, gear, etc..

Home Appliances  Electric fans, washing machines, audio equipment, electric sewing machine, electric razor, etc.v

The main products are the sintered metal motor bearings.

Gear pumps: gear and floating side;

Hydraulic Parts Rotor pump: inner and outer rotor, side board;

Vane pump: pressure plate with oil pan

Piston: cylinder, piston sliding shoe, pressure plate, the ball washer end;

And various valves.

Textile Machinery Automatic loom, drum-type winder, draw frame, and wire machines, warp knitting machine, carding machine, twisting machines, twisting machines, spinning machines, cotton sweaters machines, wool weaving machines, dyeing machine towel machine, etc.; Ring
Auto industry Engine parts, power transmission, steering parts, suspension parts, brake parts, electrical installation parts
Others  Air compressors, machine tools, aircraft, ships, mining machinery, construction machinery, instruments,food machinery, hardware, etc.

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