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After the rolling process is completed, PTFE mixtures are filled in the interstice of the bronze layer. Under normal operation, Part of the PTFE mixture on the top layer will be removed and transferred to the mating surface, forming a physically lubricating film, which will reduce the friction cone. and protect the mating shaft.
2 Porous Bronze layer;
The layer provides bonded strength of Self-Lub. Layer.
3 Steel Backing
The layer provides load & thermal conductivity
4 Copper / Tin layer


Thrust Washer. Thrust-bearing PTFE lining, Cylindrical bushes; Flanged bushes; Thrust washers; Flanged washers; Sliding plates. Metric bearings and imperial bushings made to order: standard bushing …

Self Lubricating Metric PTFE Thrust Washer …

PTFE composite thrust washers, PTFE THRUST BEARING, Teflon coating thrust washer

 Self-lubricating bearing

metal composite self-lubricating material with high-quality low carbon steel as the substrate, the middle spherical sintered porous copper powder layer, the surface tie with PTFE wear-resistant lubricating material as bearing working layer, this material has excellent mechanical load capacity , The middle layer of copper powder not only in time to pass bearing the heat generated during operation, but also improves the plastic layer and substrate bonding strength. PTFE is designed for complete dry friction and has developed a wide range of materials based on lubrication, friction coefficient and durability requirements. Bronzelube.com PTFE metal composite materials in the external lubrication or non-lubricating circumstances, can in the most extensive load, speed and temperature range to provide the best performance.

PTFE composite thrust washers are self-lubricating as well as maintenance-free and provide a long service life due to low friction. Despite their compact design, these washers can accommodate heavy axial loads and are suitable for relatively slow rotational or oscillating movements. They also have good dimensional stability and thermal conductivity.

PTFE composite washers consist of a sheet steel backing on which a 0,2 to 0,4 mm thick porous layer of tin/bronze is sintered. Furthermore, by a rolling process, the pores of the sintered layer are filled with a mixture of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) and molybdenum disulfide additives. This additional 5 to 30 μm thick running-in layer provides an optimum combination of the mechanical properties of the sintered tin/bronze and the good sliding and lubricating properties of the PTFE mixture.

Running-in period

During a short running-in period, minute amounts of the PTFE material from the running-in layer are transferred to the counter surfaces. After this transfer has taken place, the characteristics of low friction and wear properties of these washers are reached.

Teflon coating thrust washer, Note: Delivery time estimates are based on real-time product availability and standard ground shipping. High-Quality sleeve Teflon thrust washer To Your Specifications. Inside Diameter  – Washer, Check out the variety of configurable. Designed specifically for hydropower applications, Teflon PTFE fiber-reinforced composite bearings combine the self-lubricating properties of PTFE with …

Plain Thrust Bearing Washer – PTFE Material,we have a large inventory of plain sleeve thrust washers available for purchase. Bearing materials include case iron, duration, fiberglass reinforced PTFE, nylon, powdered metal, and more. Graphite plugs or no plugs available.

Thrust Bearing Service Long Life, Teflon coating thrust washer

The permissible maximum load on a thrust washer is higher than that on the flange of a flanged bush, and under conditions of high axial loads, a thrust washer should be specified.


  • Base material: Steel
  • Intermediate layer: Sintered bronze.
  • Top layer: PTFE


Fiber Reinforced Composite Thrust Washer Bearings with PTFE  Liner,
Teflon Coating Thrust Washer, Switch From Steel Bearings Are Self-Lubricating, Which Means You Never Need Grease. For Hydro Plant Application.

Metal-polymer precision Teflon coating thrust washer …

Teflon Coating Thrust Washer Application of hydropower plant
Energy – Hydropower, Turbine & Hydro Teflon coating thrust washer
The applications of Hydroelectric Power Plant include: Unlike another source of energy, Hydroelectric Power Plant helps in generating Eco-Friendly Energy. They help in creating Recreational Facilities. It also helps in Flood Risk Management. The water from the dam is used for Agricultural Irrigation Facility.

thrust washer Diameter, thrust washer, depending on the inside diameter.



PTFE THRUST WASHER Counterface Design

The shaft or thrust collar used in conjunction with the PTFE plain bearings Teflon coating thrust bearings or thrust washer must extend beyond the bearing surface in order to avoid cutting into it. The mating surface must also be free from grooves or flats, the end of the shaft should be given a lead-in chamfer, and all sharp edges or projections that may damage the soft overlay of the PTFE plain bearings must be removed.

Teflon coating thrust washer self-lubricating bushing

Metallic Teflon coating thrust washers refer to plain bearings with self-lubricating functions.
They are high-performance, high quality, lubrication-free, and maintenance-free bearings for various industries.

Bearing forms available in standard dimensions

  • Plain cylindrical bushes
  • Sliding plates

Lubrication of Sliding Bearings for Hydropower Applications

Bearing forms made to order: cylindrical bushes with non-standard dimensions, customized bearing designs

The Steel backed series are a self-lubricating Teflon coating thrust washer composed of three layers: Polytetrafluoroethylene plastic layers with fillers, sintered bronze layers, and back metals steel backing.

Self-Lubricating Teflon coating thrust washer, switch from metal bearings are self-lubricating, which means you never need grease. Extend the life of your equipment by switching to composite bearings and bushings.

Similar Glacier Washer Garlock Bearings then thrust washer Bearing Technology manufactures self-lubricating, prelubricated plain bearings and tribological polymer.

Self-lubricating Teflon coating thrust washer

Carbon Steel + Copper Powder + (PTFE + Pb + Filler)
Steel backed with copper-plated steel with porous bronze sintered on the steel and polymers (PTFE+Pb) embedded into the bores of the bronze. By combining the metals and the polymers together, its products are endowed with a lower friction coefficient and good capacity of anti-abrasion and self-lubrication. Moreover, the steel back is plated with an erosion-prevention layer. Products of the PTFE composite series are widely applied in printing, weaving, and tobacco-producing machines, gymnastic equipment, etc.

Thrust washer bearing feature, Lubrication of Sliding Bearings for Hydropower Applications

Dry Operation Very Good
Lubricated Operation Very Good
Machinable Applicable
RoHS Compliant Compliant
Standard Sizes Not Available

Performance Index Data
Max Load P Static Load 250N/mm²
Max Load P Dynamic Load 140N/mm²
Max Load P Oscillation Load 60N/mm²
Linear Velocity V Dry Lubrication 2.5m/s
Linear Velocity V Oil Lubrication >5m/s
Max PV value Grease Lubrication 1.8N/mm²· m/s
Max PV value Oil Lubrication 3.6N/mm²· m/s
Performance Index Data
Friction Coefficient μ Dry Lubrication 0.08~0.20
Friction Coefficient μ Oil Lubrication 0.02~0.07
Mating Axis Hardness >200 HB
Mating Axis Roughness Ra=0.4~1.25
Working Temperature -200~+280℃
Heat-conducting Coefficient 40W/(m·k)
Heat-expansion Coefficient(Axial) 11×10-6K-1


One-Piece Compact design
One-Piece Compact Design
Material is suitable for continuous sliding, rotating, and oscillating movement
Suitable for Continuous Sliding, Rotating, and Oscillating Movement
The material allows for simple assembly
Simple assembly
Material eliminates/reduces maintenance
Maintenance-Free Operation
The material performs well under lubricated operation
Lubricated operation
Material withstands high loads
High Load Capacity
The material helps extend the application’s service life
Extended service life
Material operates well in a dry environment
Dry operation



Self-Lubricating Multilayer Composite Bushing is of excellent anti-abrasion performance, mainly due to the particular molecule structure of PTFE. The abrasion process can be generally divided into three phases, so there are kinds of friction coefficients. See the right graph:

1. “Running-in” phrase: PTFE compound on the bushing is transferred to its mating surface and forms a lubricating film. At this phase, the friction coefficient is bigger, thus the abrasion pace is very quick. See the curve shown in area I of the graph.
2. “Stabilization” abrasion phrase: After the “Running-in phase”, the friction happens between PTFE and PTFE, thus the friction coefficient is smaller and keeps steady. As a result, the wear rate is low and steady. See the curve shown in areaⅡof the graph.
3. “Sharp” abrasion phrase: As PTFE in the porous layer is slowly consumed up, not enough lubricant can be supplied to the gliding media. The friction coefficient and wear rate will rapidly rise. When 70% of the bronze surface is exposed, the service life of Self-Lubricating Multilayer Composite Bushing closes to its end. See the curve shown in area Ⅲof the graph.


thrust washer plain bearings All dimensions in mm



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