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Oilless Bushings Project

Dry Bearing Bush, Made of Metal –

Overview of maintenance-free bearing bushing. Online- shop with large selection of dry metal bearing bush materials & dimensions.

Plain bearings bush. Sleeve bearings with flange.

Bronze Bearing Bush & Wrapped Bushes, Choosing the bearing bush for your application.

Dry bushings bearings & washer, Work in High Temp & Submerged Applications!

dry bearing bush

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Bearing Bushes – Manufacturers & Suppliers in China, Change metal bearings bushing now & reduce costs by up to 90%


elf lubricating bush manufacturer, official website: choose your bearing bush material, pick-up your bearing bush type and find the right bearing bush parts for you.

self-lubricating bearing bush

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Selection Metal Bushing Material According to Industry, The following list of materials is available upon request Please Call Our Sales Technician for more information.

  • Oilless bearing material worldwide with excellent price/performance ratio

  • Metric sizes or custom size available
  • Cost-effective

  • Self-lubricating and maintenance-free

  • Popular oil-less free material worldwide

  • Widely used in lead-free fields for no lead containing.

graphite plain bearing bush
graphite plain bearing bush
graphite plain bearing bush
Top Quality Oilles Bushes

High Quality Oilless Bearing Bushings To Meet Your Requirements.

Oilless Bushing Production

Bronzelube Have Experienced Professional Production & Design Team From China.


Bronze with Solid Lubricants, Custom Bearings,Yes, we do.


Plain Bearings Bush Supplier

Maintenance free bearing and oilless bushings, bronze with solid lubricant

Design Guide Bushing Supplier, Easier tracking with your bearing bush.

Find here online price details of selling Bearing Bushes. Same great service. Much bigger scale. Our Sales team will answer any questions you may have about tracking your bushing goods. They can also explain any tracking statuses you’re unsure of. You can contact us any time. To try and save you some time about tracking bearing bush packages. You might find a quick answer.

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Bearing Technical

Always self-lubricating, Always oil-less free, Always long-lasting!

Bearing Bushes at Best Price in China

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Plain Bearings Flange Bearing, Metric

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Oilless Bearings Material
Bearing Bush Supplier

Oilless Bushings Design

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Sleeve bearings – maintenance-free, made of metal –

Bearing Bushes at Best Price in China

A bearing bushing, also known as a bush, is an independent plain bearing that is inserted into a housing to provide a bearing surface for rotary applications; this is the most common form of a plain bearing.

We are one of the prestigious manufacturers and exporters of Bushings Parts & Bearings. These include bronze bushing bearing, bronze bearing bush, flanged bronze bearing bush.


  • Plain Sliding, Rolling Bearings, Self Lubricated Wrapped Bushes
Oilless Bushings Suppliers & Exporters in China

Sleeve bearings – Maintenance-free, made of metal –

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Unique and Different
  • Oil Free Bushings Design
  • Oil Free Bushings Solutions
  • Bearing Bush Flange Size
  • Metric Size Oil Free Bushings

Dry Bushes & Washers

Dry Bushes and Washers Manufacturer …

Industrial Configurable Components Supply

Bearing Bushing Type Split Bearing Bushes. PTFE lined. These Metal Bush Bearings are widely used in the Machinery Industry. (Inside Diameter x Outside Diameter x Length).

Manufacturers and Suppliers of Bearing, Bush, Washers, Graphite Filled Bronze Bushes, Half Shell Bearings, Dry Bushes, Dry Washers, Plain Bushes, Oilless Bushes

Each combination of bearing bush design and material has distinctive properties and makes the bearing bush design particularly suitable for specific applications.

Oilless Guide Bushings are a type of graphite plugged bronze bearing bush. As it’s used together with guide pin for mould tool making.

bushing graphite bearings

Specializing In Quality Bronze Bearing Bush With Exceptional Customer Service. Shop Now. Order Online Today. Stock Orders Ship Today. Bearing Bush Standards, Bronze Standards, Steel Backed PTFE Lined, Standard Metric Bushings, Oilless Bushing

Oilless Bearing Bush with Graphite Plugs

The bearing bush embedded in solid lubricant without oil is a new type of solid copper alloy and homogeneously incorporated with solid lubricant in its body.

Bronze alloy CuZn25Al5Mn4Fe3 + Graphite plugs

Oilless bearing bush incorporate high quality copper alloy based metals with solid lubricant plugs. These bearing bushes are designed to meet a wide variety of application requirements demanded by today’s equipment. Precise tolerances using the strategic location of connectors and connector components ensure lubrication-free performance and service. This bearing bush style is available in standard, metric, and custom inches. The bearing bushes offer extreme temperature limits and high load capacity performance. Available with truncation type bearing bushes and a flat wear plate.

Bearing Bush Applications

  1. Heavy duty tractor and farm implement equipment
  2. Mining equipment
  3. Forestry equipment
  4. Mixing tank blade shaft support
  5. Foundry, furnace and steel production equipment
  6. HVAC applications
  7. Heavy duty caster and wheel support bearings
  8. Kiln kart veneer dryer applications and possiblely other applications…

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Oil-Free Bushing – Metal, Straight and Shouldered Oilless Bearings, Customized Oilless bushes products are available made to order from china.

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Our Wrapped Bearing Bushing Bronze Parts Supplier

High-Quality bearing bush To Your Specifications –

Manufacturer of Self Lubricating Bush & Bronze Bearing Bush by

Discovery Oilless Bushing

High Quality oil free bearing bush with Competitive Price. Self-Lubricated Bearing Bush. Inch, metric sizes.

Self-lubricating bushes oil free bushing bearing – Wear Plates with graphite

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