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Self-lubricating Crane bearing

Self lubrication bearings for cranes & pulleys on cantilever arms.

Bearings for port machinery, self-lubricating bearings, plain bearings, bushings, oil-free bearings, bushings
Self-lubricating Crane bearing

Offshore Industry Crane Bearings – High Wear Resistance

Port equipment / container handling equipment Bushing.

Applications Include: Self-lubricating Bronze Bushes & Bimetal Bearings. The Dry Running Capability Of Performance Reduces Maintenance Requirements. Enquire Today. Self-lubricating Bearings Solutions. Easy Installation. The self lubricating material properties always offer an outcome in dry situations.

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Self-lubricating Crane bearing

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Self-lubricating Crane bearing bimetal bearings

“Metal Bushing for Long Port Crane Service Life”

Ports & Cranes Bearings, Cost-effective, Excellent price! Crane Metal Bearings – Crane Duty Bimetal Bearings. High tech bushing for the Crane industry –

In Focus Sliding Bearing- Reliable, quiet alternative to your parts? Self-lubricating bearing being successfully used in cranes.

Crane bearing: Crane bushing is used to support the mechanical rotating body, reduce the friction coefficient during its movement, and ensure its rotation accuracy. Large Selection of self-lubricating bearings, Competitive Prices. Fast Shipping & Great Prices Available At Allied. Exporter Sales, Easy Payment. Visual Bushing Finders. Types: Metal, Bimetal, Wrapped Bronze, Solid Bronze Bushing.

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Metal & Bimetal Bushing for the Crane Industry

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Self-lubricating Crane bearing

Bimetal Bearings For Container Port Cranes

  • Technical field: The self-lubricating bearing used for container port crane belongs to the field of mechanical transmission.
  • Container port crane is one of the key heavy machinery equipment in machinery manufacturing industry. A lot of copper alloy bearings are used in traditional crane equipment. In actual use process, in order to ensure the equipment normal operation, the bearing must be use for normal repair and maintenance, this needs often under the condition of high altitude for bearing lubrication, the regular maintenance of insurance is not very convenient, but if not timely for bearing lubrication, caused by oil lubrication, will be a bit shaft, make the mechanical malfunction. The above problems are undoubtedly perplexing the optimization of port cranes and the upgrading of products. China is the main producer of container port cranes in the world, and almost all well-known international ports have used Chinese products. In order to improve the scientific and technological content of container port crane, avoid the inconvenience of refueling at high altitude, avoid the pollution of oil, and improve the cleanliness of equipment, container and port environment, it urgently needs a kind of structure with high strength, good self-lubrication performance, good wear resistance and flexible operation. And can save 80% with non – ferrous copper container port crane special self – lubricating bearing series products. The purpose of the utility model is to provide a special self-lubricating bearing for container port crane with high structural strength, good self-lubricating performance, good wear-resisting performance, flexible operation and material saving. The purpose of the utility model is to complete by the following technical scheme, it is made of high quality carbon structure steel plate shaft sleeve matrix, the matrix is sintered with at least one layer of CuB10Sn10 copper alloy layer, on the surface of the copper alloy layer is rolled with arranged orderly diamond oil hole and embedded in the diamond oil hole graphite. The bonding surface of the matrix and the sintered copper alloy layer is in a molten state, and the steel backed copper alloy layer, and the matrix is made of a sleeve with flange and a lap mouth by means of the shaft sleeve manufacturing process with a baffled bracket. The shaft sleeve is welded into a whole flange by carbon dioxide gas shielded welding. The inner hole friction working face of the shaft sleeve is also sprayed with a layer of MoS2. The utility model has the advantages of high technical content of steel base and copper alloy, large bearing capacity, wear resistance, self-lubrication, maintenance free, flexible operation, and can save a large number of non-ferrous metal copper materials. This kind of special self-lubricating bearing for container port crane is an important basic part in the machinery manufacturing industry. Metric size is an ideal replacement product for the traditional sliding bearing used for container port crane under the condition of heavy load and low speed. The utility model can also be designed and applied in engineering machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery and other machinery manufacturing fields. It combines the characteristics of high structural strength and large bearing capacity of steel-based material with the low friction characteristics of sintered copper alloy lining material as a friction pair. The graphite embedded in the diamond hole of the inner hole and the MoS2 sprayed on the friction working face of the inner hole play a better role in self-lubricating characteristics and improving wear resistance.

Finished bimetal bearing crane lubrication bearings benefits.

  • Reliable lubrication of bearings for crane

  • Prevent unscheduled downtime

  • Reduce operating costs

  • To increase bushing life and reduce lubrication time

  • Maintenance-free, we almost always offers a solution.

  • Two times longer service life at high loads

Self-lubricating Crane bearing bimetal bushings

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Heavy loads, long periods of use, and a wide variety of weather conditions – cranes bearing bushing in port facilities must have fantastic performance. And that is just where our bushing & metal bearings are being used. They have proven themselves for years in many ports with their corrosion-resistant, maintenance-free bushing materials and long service life. Their fields of application include bimetal bearings.

bimetal composite bearings are based on high-quality low-carbon steel and have low-friction copper alloys (CuPb10Sn10, CuPb6Sn6Zn3, CuPb24Sn4, CuPb30, AlSn20Cu, CuSn8Ni). Various types of oil grooves, oil holes, and oils need to be processed under operating conditions .

Bimetal Bearing Long Service life – 80 % less installation space

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Self-lubricating Crane bearing for port machinery

Bearings for port machinery, self-lubricating bearings, plain bearings, bushings, oil-free bearings, bushings

Self-lubricating Crane bearing

Bearings for port machinery, self-lubricating bearings, plain bearings, bushings, oil-free bearings, bushings

Self-lubricating Crane bearing for container port

Bearings for port machinery, self-lubricating bearings, plain bearings, bushings, oil-free bearings, bushings

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