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Self-lubricating sleeve bearings flange size Hi-Temp Bearing Solution. Non-galling. Run dry & keep running.


Flange type self-lubricating bushing, PTFE flanged bearing size

PTFE flanged bearing consists of a cylindrical body with a flange at one end. These bearings are capable of supporting radial loads as well as light axial loads due to the flange providing a thrust surface.

Bronze + PTFE bushings – Bronze Backed Bushing Serie

The use of composite self-lubricating materials, to achieve the real sense of green energy saving
The company uses composite self-lubricating materials, the benefits of this innovative process lies in: environmental protection production process, low energy consumption, high production efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, and green manufacturing.

Some examples of PTFE flange bearings are self-lubricating flange bearings,  low friction flange bearings. specially designed for auto spare part applications.

Metal base adhesive self-lubricating bearing flange bushing
Product material
Made from PTFE, a conductive mixture and steel back tightly bonded

Designation Size
D1 D2 D3士0.5 士0.25 L1 f1 f2
SF-1F 06040 6 8 12 4 1 0.6 0.3
SF-1F 06070 7
SF-1F 08055 8 10 15 5.5
SF-1F 08075 7.5
SF-1F 10070 10 12 18 7
SF-1F10090 9
SF-1F 10020 12
SF-1F 12070 12 14 20 7
SF-1F 12090 9
SF-1F12120 12
SF-1F 14120 14 16 22 12
SF-1F14170 17
SF-1F15090 15 17 23 9
SF-1F15120 12
SF-1F15170 17
SF-1F16120 16 18 24 12
SF-1F16170 17
SF-1F 18120 18 20 26 12 0.8 0.4
SF-1F18170 17
SF-1F 18200 20
SF-1F20115 20 23 30 l1.5 1.5 0.8 0.4
SF-1F20165 16.5
SF-1F20215 21.5
SF-1F22150 22 25 32 15
SF-1F22200 20
SF-1F25115 25 28 35 11.5 1.2 0.6
SF-1F25165 16.5
SF-1F25215 21.5
SF-1F30160 30 34 42 16 2
SF-1F 30260 26
SF-1F35160 35 39 47 16
SF-1F35260 26
SF-1F40260 40 44 52 26
SF-1F40400 40

Product features
With low friction coefficient, good wear resistance and self-lubrication performance, thick coating, noise elimination, no clearance

This design allows for easy manual or automated installation. These self-lubricating PTFE flange bearings are ideal for applications such as convertible tops of cars, automobile seats, and aircraft seats.

SF-1 is steel-based, a sintered porous bronze particles interlayer and calendered with PFE and filling mixture as a surface layer.
It is low friction, anti-wear, anti-corrosion, and can be used without lubrication. Moreover, it is low-cost, low vibration, and low noise.
SF-1 is widely used in various sliding motions of different kinds of machines such as printing machines, textile machines, tobacco machines, gymnastic machines, hydraulic vehicles, automobiles, motorcycles, agriculture and forests machines, and so on.

It is a lead-free product.

Recommend housing tolerance H7 and the shaft h8.

Application scenarios
Widely used in the hinge, seat rotating parts, slide rails, transmission chain, office machinery, food and medical equipment, and other occasions

  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Automotive
  • Exhaust After-treatments
  • Heavy-Duty Engines
  • Heavy-duty Trucks
  • Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Industrial & Domestic Ovens
  • Lifting Applications
  • Mechanical Handling
  • Medical Equipment
  • Natural Gas/Petrochemical Valves
  • Pneumatic Equipment
  • Textile Machinery

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Custom Size, Extra large, Imperial size, Metric Size

Cylindrical bushes

Solid Bronze Bushing, Bimetal Bushes, Cast Bronze Bushing, Wrapped Bushing


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