Project Description

Machined solid sliding bearings,Huge variety of sliding bearing materials.Manufacture oil groove bronze bushings according to ISO 4379/DIN 1850.Any of our standard stock sizes of sleeve type bronze bearings are adaptable to grooving & graphite. Select the size you want, and add the lubricant of your choice. If not otherwise specified , the width and depth of oil grooves will be proportional to the wall thickness and the dimensions of the bearing contained within the bearing.

We manufactures special sliding bearings bushing according to your size. We adapt the sliding bearing to your requirements and to the possibilities of our machinery in operation.

Adjustment to special requirements or in accordance with customer drawings. Here you will find all information!

Custom Manufacture sliding bearings

Manufacture to customer spec.Manufactured with high precision bearing parts,plugged graphite.

We design with CAD drawings & CNC manufacturing is done on state-of-the-art turning- and milling machines.

So you will get exactly self-lubricating bronze lube parts what you need.


  1. The company can not only carry out the production of copper alloy material according to the Chinese national standard, but also carry out the production of copper alloy material according to the relevant standards of the United States, the European Union, Japan and other countries.
  2. Material process product specification product brand application field


  • Cylindrical bushings
  • flange bushings
  • Plates
  • Washers
  • Other Custom Bearings Parts


Forest machinery, pump housing parts, cylinder bearings, shipping & container industry etc.


Sliding bearing & slide bar custom manufacture;Sliding Bearing,Customized Items,Bronze flange bearings with lubrication grooves.


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Characteristics for each material

BronzeHigh corrosion resistance and relatively low frictional coefficient in seawater.
Excellent pressure resistance, abrasion resistance, machinability, and mechanical characteristics.
Phosphorous bronzeExcellent corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance and has excellent hardness.
Used as the machine parts like roller for making gear and worm gear.
Lead bronzeSuitable for soft shaft.
Suitable for the part where high contact pressure is required.
Excellent pressure resistance and abrasion resistance.
High Strength brassSuitable for low and medium speed and high load.
High strength and hardness.
Excellent corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance in high load.
Aluminum bronzeSuitable for high temperature and repetitive load.
High strength and tougness.
Excellent corrosion resistance and heat resistance.