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Innovative self-lubricating bearings solutions for the renewable energy industry

Viiplus offers a wide range of self-lubricating bushing & bearings or water-lubricated materials suitable for a variety of hydropower, solar and wind power applications.

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Gas & Steam Turbines – Self-lubricating Bearings

Specialist in developing high performance thrust bearing & plain bearings, engineering bushing, High temperature resistant materials, bronze bushing & metal bearings solutions. Maintenance issues, downtime and increased costs caused by unreliable bearings are challenges that many applications in the renewable energy industry face. That’s why we offers innovative bearing solutions designed to prevent costly downtime and equipment failure in hydropower, solar and wind applications. Bushing Bearings Applications Include: Turbines & Actuation Linkages. Use In Both Dry & Wet Conditions. Low Water Swell. Enquire On Our Website Today. Easy Installation. Long Wear Life. Propeller Shaft Bearings. Bracket Bearings.

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Specialized Solutions for Energy Applications

Renewable energyInnovation Self-lubricating Bearings Solution

Tailored Solution

Renewable Energy Parts

We offers a wide variety of self-lubricating bearings materials that can meet the demanding needs of wind turbines industry applications.

Low Friction Coefficient

High quality plain bearings material. Our plain bearing range of metal & metal-polymer composite bushings is suitable for dry running, low friction, low wear applications.

Bushing Selection

Choose your proper  self-lubricating bearings to meet your requirements. Contact now!

Plain bearing turbine

High Quality Hydro Bearings – Turbine & Hydro Bearings, Specifically designed for use in Turbine Wicket Gates and Operating Ring Axial. Shop now! maintenance-free plain bushing for hydroelectric installations. Ask us for a quote! Free of lubricants. Easy assembly. High energy efficiency.

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Plain Bearings Bush For Renewable Energy Industry

Reliable Self-lubricating Bearings Tribology for Wind Turbines, Grease-free bearings that are more environmentally friendly, Corrosion resistant in wet environments

  • Low friction and wear for extended life
  • Low water absorption for dimensional stability
  • Reduced or no maintenance
  • Longer service life
  • Lower operational costs
  • Increased overall system performance

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Custom bearing turbine

Sliding bearings which contribute to a good environment

The Right Self-lubricating Bearings for Lasting Wind Turbine Performance

High Quality Hydro Bushing

Our ability to problem solve and create practical self-lubricating bearings manufacturing solutions is what allows us to work with the customers in the world. – Ready to be your bushing partner.

Turbine Bearings

Customers come to our company because of our deep tribological knowledge and experience with self-lubricating bearings, and the wind energy industry is no exception – each bearing component design in turbine design has an impact on the overall outcome.

Hydro Bushing

Consider Self-Lubricating Bearing Lubrication: This is critical to extending the life of wind turbines and minimizing maintenance costs, so we have spent the last few years working to understand the differences between the performance of self-lubricating bearings for these applications.

Bearing Turbine

We offer the design of self-lubricating bearings for wind turbines. The improved self-lubricating bearing life can improve the application performance of the bearing.

Bearing Lubrication – Custom Engineered Solutions, High Performance Machinery. Types: Custom Bushing, Custom Gearboxes Bearing, Equipment Test Sands.

Lubrication Engineers – Industrial Lubricant Bearing

Self Lubricating Bearings For Turbines, Optimal reliability, performance and safety

Wind turbines, also known as wind converters, are devices that convert the kinetic energy of the wind into electricity, and large arrays of turbines known as wind farms are becoming an increasingly important source of intermittent renewable energy. Viiplus’s innovative tribology self-lubricating bearings solutions are designed to improve the safety, efficiency and reliability of wind turbines for better energy output. With VIIPLUS sliding bearing and polymer coating solutions, many of the difficulties and challenges associated with wind power generation can be solved. Other applications include sliding bearing and bushes in wind turbines.

Renewable Energy Wind Turbine Bushings Solutions

Use in both dry and wet conditions

Low friction coefficient

High compressive strength

Low water swell

Self lubricating

wind turbine bushing
self-lubricating plain bushes sleeve bushing
PTFE dry sliding bushings

Dry Sliding Bushings

wrapped bronze bearing

Plain Wrapped Bushes

POM composite bushings

POM Composite Bushings

bimetal bearings

Bimetal Bearings

graphite plugged bushings

Graphite Plugged Bushings

steel backed PTFE bushings

PTFE Composite Bearings

High Performance Wind Turbine Bushings Technology Tribology Solutions

High performance plain bearing tribological solutions

Reliable tribology for wind turbines bushing

Viiplus wind turbine bushings bearing and polymer coating solutions can be optimized to meet specific operating conditions, improving the overall performance of the system for maximum service life with excellent wear resistance, low friction and viscosity.

The ideal self-lubricating bearings surface solution greatly improves the corrosion resistance of the turbine for smooth operation in inclement weather conditions and corrosive offshore environments. Working with our experienced application engineers early in the design process maximizes the energy output of the wind turbine and improves system performance.

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Viiplus high-performance plain bearings tribology solution can work under little or no additional lubrication conditions, at the same time, these solutions are designed to meet the changing government regulations: our many RoHS standard bearings and polymer coating solutions, friction, corrosion resistance and no maintenance, less can significantly reduce system wear and extend the service life of parts.

The Viiplus self-lubricating surface solution provides low noise, non-creaking operation for yaw brakes with less friction and better compression resistance for rotor locking and variable paddle control applications.

Viiplus’ environmentally friendly fiber-reinforced composite busings and advanced metal-polymer materials provide low friction, maintenance-free operation, and significantly reduce system wear and increase the service life of components.

Renewable Energy & Power Generation

Self-lubricating Bearings High Performance – Meeting Future Demands For Wind Turbines

Selecting the right blend of renewable energy self-lubricating bearings technologies to invest in is key to achieving true sustainability. Viiplus Plain Bearings Solutions enable efficiency of energy generation.

Viiplus is designed to provide innovative sliding bearing solutions for the renewable energy industry, in addition to applications in the wind energy sector, for a variety of hydroelectric, solar applications, and to provide customized tribology solutions that allow mechanical energy to run more accurately and smoothly.Viiplus provides a variety of self-lubricating or water-lubricating materials to prevent costly downtime and equipment failures in hydro, solar and wind power applications, and to facilitate the development of new energy sectors.


Onshore wind energy operations

Offshore wind farms

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