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Flanged sleeve bushings Are Made From specification establishes the requirements for copper-based brass or bronze centrifugal castings.


Large Bearing & Bushings made by BronzeLube – Graphite or Grease Grooves –

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Bronze bushing with grease groove, lubricated for life-bearing!
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Bronze bushes can be a plain or internal groove, application for excavators, for high load, with grease

self-lubricating bronze bushing.
Centrifugal Casting Bronze Bushing Oil Groove Bronze Bushing (Non-standard size can be customized)

Copper bushings, also called copper bushings, can be divided into various kinds, including machine copper rollers, copper bearings, etc. It is used in various light industries, large and heavy machinery, and is an important component part of the machinery. The product has the traditional tin bronze bearing function, with electrolytic copper as raw material with a variety of trace jin metal elements, by high-temperature sintering, through the air pressure centrifugal casting processing. High hardness, excellent sex, not easy to produce bite phenomenon, have good casting performance and cutting performance, good corrosion resistance in the atmosphere and freshwater. In the lack of lubricant and with water lubricant conditions, good sliding and self-lubricating properties, easy to cut, poor casting performance, and good corrosion resistance to dilute sulfuric acid. General-purpose structural parts, ships, instruments, and other simple castings, such as bushings, bushings, shingles, sliders, etc.

Oil-Groove Bushing with Oil Hole/External Groove

FEATURES: Oil grooves are specially designed coolant passageways in a bushing’s ID wall. Oil grooves are available on almost any bushing type, including.

Copper sleeve material, copper-sleeve material Copper sleeve material.

1, ZCuSn6Zn6Pb3 bronze bushing, ZCuSn5Zn5Pb5 bronze bearings, can be used to manufacture bushings, gears, worm gears and other parts that work under medium load and speed.

2, ZCuSn10P1 bronze buhshing is a typical tin-phosphorus bronze, hardness and sex are very high, can be used to manufacture heavy loads, high speed, and higher temperature work, Shandong copper bushings are subject to strong friction parts, such as connecting rod bushings, gears, worm gears, etc..

Cast aluminum bronze ZCuAl10Fe3 aluminum bronze bushing of the standard alloy grade: ZCuAl10Fe3, which has high mechanical properties, sex, and performance, it is worth mentioning that it can be welded, but not easy to braze, to ensure its weldability, the lead content shall not exceed 0.2%.

  • Tensile strength: 540MPa
  • Yield strength: 200MPa
  • Elongation: 15%

Brinell hardness: HB1080 (the unit of experimental force is Newton)

Main characteristics: has high mechanical properties, good sex, and corrosion resistance, can be welded, not easy to braze.

Application examples: heavy castings requiring high strength, and corrosion resistance, such as bushings, nuts, turbines, and pipe fittings working below 250℃.

4、ZCuZn25Al6Fe3Mn3 bronze bushing high strength aluminum brass, strength in special brass. With high strength, high hardness, high sex, moderate plasticity, and good corrosion resistance. Thus used for casting heavy machinery on the weight of the high load.

5, ZCuSn10Pb1 bronze bearings high hardness, excellent sex, not easy to produce bite phenomenon, good casting performance and cutting performance, good corrosion resistance in the atmosphere and fresh water. It can be used for parts working under high load (below 20Mpa) and high sliding speed (8m/s), such as connecting rods, bushings, shaft tiles, gears, worm wheels, etc.

6, ZCuSn10Pb5 bronze bushing, especially for dilute sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, and fatty acids. Structural materials, corrosion-resistant, acid-resistant accessories, crusher bushings, shaft tiles.

7, ZCuPb10Sn10 bronze bushing, lubricating properties, good performance, and corrosion resistance, suitable for use as double jin metal casting materials. Vehicles with bearings, peak load up to 100Mpa internal combustion engine double jin metal shaft tiles, as well as piston pin bushings, friction plates, etc. It is used for internal combustion engines with peak load up to 100Mpa, double jin genus shafts, as well as piston pin bushings, friction plates, etc.

Cast Bronze Self-lubricating Bearings & Solid bronze bushings, Other Equivalent  Cast Bronze Bushing Specifications. Large Inventory of Ready-to-Go Product.

Cast bronze bearings with or without flange are made of casted bronze material, heavy-duty bronze bushing bearings

Turned bronze & cast brass bearing,

Brass and Bronze Bushings and Bearings

These are available in stock sizes or can be manufactured from drawings. Bronze with graphite is the maintenance-free alternative.

Focus on cast bronze self-lubricating bearing manufacturing integrated service providers
High precision
High load
Oil-free bushings
High-temperature resistance, wear-resistance, and maintenance-free.

Specialty machined parts. We continue to hold great pride in our business, and this theme carries through to our unrelenting dedication to product and customer service excellence.

About oil-free bushings self-lubricating cast bronze bearings
Widely used in electronic equipment, tensile testing machines and digital THREE-DIMENSIONAL coordinate measuring equipment and other precision equipment, to
And multi-axis machine tools, punch, tool grinding machine, automatic gas cutting machine, printer, card sorting machine, food packaging
A sliding part of an industrial machine.
Seiko spy
High standards of materials and measurement, demanding details is our instinct.
Colliers brass
It is a product made of copper material exceeding the national standard
Have congenital excellent characteristics, reduced
Maintenance costs of equipment,
Rough machining
Strong technical force, complete testing equipment
There is a unique formula and research.
Finished goods inventory

Cast Bronze Self-lubricating Bearings has been a top source for professional CNC machining in China. We are committed to providing excellence in our cast bronze bearings product quality and integrity in our services

Typical Uses
High strength, high hardness bearings, and bushings are used mainly for applications.

Slow-moving bearings with good lubrication. Can also be used in seawater applications.

Switch From Flanged Cast Bronze Bushings, Offers Standard Size Unbeatable Price Phosphor Bronze Bearing Groove Bushing. Extend The Bearing Life Of Your Equipment. Bushing lubrication, bronze self-lubricating custom Parts.

Plain. plain cast bronze sleeve bushings; Grooved. grooved cast bronze sleeve bushings; Flanged. flanged cast bronze bushings; Thrust Washer.

Cast Bronze Self-lubricating Bearings Installation Precautions

The quality of bearing installation affects the accuracy, life, and performance of bearings
Therefore, pay attention to the following points during installation and use
• Keep bearings and their working environment clean
Use clean tools or auxiliary tools to clean the working area, bearing to use time can
Unsealed. Bearings should be kept clean during operation.
• Use Redang’s operating tools
Installation should use good plastic not easy to fall off auxiliary tools
• Attention should be paid before installing bearings
Fully check whether the bearing body and the mating surface of the bearing body is mounted, raised, and whether there is
Dust or cast sand adsorbed on the surface of bearing housing. To avoid bumping during installation,
A small amount of lubricating oil should be applied to the working surface of the shaft and bearing body.
• Installation of bearings
We suggest that pressing fit should be used instead of directly hitting the bearing end face with tools such as hammer.
Avoid bearing damage. When installing in small batches, you can use a sleeve to press the end face of the bearing and use a nut
The head knocks the sleeve so that the bearing is evenly installed in place

From Raw Material to Assembly, Standard Specification for Copper-Base Alloy Centrifugal Castings Flange Bushing

The ability to produce its cast bronze bushing metal, and process this metal through to finished parts, presents a single source from the crucible to component, from raw material to finished flange sleeve bushing parts.

  • Demanding details, ingenuity and quality
  • High standards of materials and measurement, demanding details is our instinct.
  • Strong wear-resisting
  • Small friction resistance, small power consumption
  • High mechanical efficiency, easy to start.
  • Stable and efficient
  • Low noise, smooth operation
  • Improve work efficiency

Custom flange bronze groove parts

individually according to customers’ specifications or drawings

  • individual according to drawing
  • made of different plain bearing materials

Applications: Industrial – Selecting Bronze Bearing Materials


Customer-specific manufacturing of plain bearings and other special

bronze flange bearing Bushing parts according to customers’ needs and drawings.

Bronze flange bearing at Unbeatable Price in China


Available Bronze Alloy Bearings, the density of aluminum bronze

Self-Lubrication Options for Bronze Bearings Groove Design

Grooving Bronze Bearings.
When your application calls for lubrication for either the housing or the shaft, an oil or grease groove is essential. At, we can groove parts to our customer’s specifications, including single loop, figure eight, double loop, double figure eight, half figure eight, straight, and circular groove patterns.

The various bushing types, their designs, and variants are described in the following:

GROOVE-BRONZE-BEARINGS Large Inventory of Ready-to-Go Product

OEM parts Custom size Available. can provide different grades of copper alloy according to different conditions, and in accordance with the requirements of processing different forms, it has higher accuracy than the size class copper rolling bearings.

Phosphor bronze bearing lubrication Manufacturer. Bronze phosphor bronze bearing lubrication type. Order Online Today! OEM PART. Types: Cast Bronze Standards, Bronze Material,  Standard Metric Bushings, Oil-less Type Bushing, Metal Bronze Bushings.

Copper alloy bronze groove bushings OEM parts


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Custom Size, Extra large, Imperial size, Metric Size

Flange bushing

Composite Bearing, Metal Bushing, Plastic Bushing


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