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Provide maintenance-free composite bearings for bicycle components, bringing significant advantages of low friction, light weight and maintenance-free operation.

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Low friction bushing maintenance-free, machined bushes, Provide maintenance-free composite bearings for bicycle components.


We would like to work with you. Not just as a “production supplier, but as a strategic partner. If your requirements range from prototype to high volume, let us be part of your solution. , offers a broad portfolio of replacement and performance bushing components, these self-lubricating composite bearing components have a long track record of being the best available. Quality plain-bearing products coupled with consistently high order fulfillment rates set us apart from the competition. This can only be achieved by having the best resources, technology, and people in the industry.


Our bronze-backed PTFE line bearing bushing series PTFE lined clad bearings are suitable for dry running, low friction, low wear applications. These clad bearings have excellent sliding characteristics and form a transfer film that protects the mating metal surfaces.

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The steel-backed PTFE line-bearing bushing or bronze-backed PTFE line-bearing bushing provides high load carrying capacity and excellent heat dissipation for the clad bearing.
We are able to supply bronze-backed PTFE line-bearing bushing lined metric plain bearings, inch plain bearings, metric flanges, metric washers, inch washers, wrapped bearings with metric tape, and inch tape. Special sizes can be manufactured to customer requirements.

Equivalent alternative brands include Glacier Garlock DU, P10, P14

Self-lubricated bearing suppliers, Wrapped PTFE Lined  bronze backed PTFE line bearing bushing construction
The PTFE line composite sliding layer provides an initial transfer film that effectively covers the mating surfaces of the bearing assembly, forming an oxidized solid lubricant film.

The sintered bronze powder provides maximum thermal conductivity away from the bearing surface and also acts as a reservoir for the PTFE compound.
PTFE line bearing bushing with copper/tin plating has good corrosion resistance.

These clad bearings are versatile and very durable and can be used in many applications. Please feel free to contact us to discuss how PTFE line bearing bushing lined clad bearings can be used in your project.

bronze backed PTFE line bearing bushing and stainless steel backed PTFE line bearing bushing
In addition to standard steel-backed PTFE clad bearings, we offer a line of PTFE line bearing bushing with bronze or stainless steel backing for applications where standard steel backing is not suitable. The range, dimensions, and tolerances are identical to those of standard PTFE-backed bushing bearings.
Our bronze-backed PTFE line-bearing bushing clad bearings have been developed for high load applications. These applications include but are not limited to.

  • Automotive suspension struts PTFE line bearing bushing
  • Shock absorbers PTFE line bearing bushing
  • Hydraulic cylinders PTFE line bearing bushing
  • Gear pumps and motors PTFE line bearing bushing
  • Axial and radial piston pumps and motors PTFE line bearing bushing
  • Many other applications PTFE line bearing bushing


Multi-layered low friction bushing composite dry bearings, Self-lubricating, without maintenance.

The low friction bushing sleeve is applied to bicycle components, bringing important advantages of low friction, lightweight and maintenance-free operation. The latest composite bearings offer a lightweight, low-friction solution to replace traditional sealed ball bearing assemblies. The new bearing consists of a fluoropolymer friction surface and a self-lubricating thrust liner. Although simple in appearance, it incorporates advanced technology and thus outperforms traditional bearings in all aspects, including service life, and requires absolutely no maintenance. In bicycle pedal assembly, oil-free bearing also has many advantages, can replace the axle ball bearing parts and plastic low friction bushing. In these applications, composite bearing products have the same solid corrosion resistance as plastic components. Moreover, plastic parts tend to degrade their performance by absorbing water, but the new bearings don’t have that risk. For bicycle braking systems, composite oil-free bearings can be applied to brake lever and provide a low-clearance, low-friction upgrade solution for traditional brake handle pivots. In addition, they can be used as cantilevers, providing a high-performance corrosion-resistant option for brake pivots. Customers can also fit the low friction cylinder, flange or gasket interference, providing a perfect feel of the brake system. In any application, composite bearings can be customized to precisely meet user requirements by adjusting the geometry of their structure and the composition of fluoropolymer materials. Our extensive r&d, design, testing and production facilities enable the rapid development of cost-effective solutions for almost all bicycle applications based on a broad product range. Global supplier of innovative high-performance materials design, production, and marketing, composite bearings key application markets: Building Products, Innovative Materials, and Building Distribution is committed to playing a leading role in the residential and construction sector by developing innovative products that make buildings more energy-efficient, thereby helping to drive environmentally friendly and sustainable growth. In addition to providing a wide range of products quickly and efficiently, we are able to offer expertise and resources. We work closely with our customers from product specification and design through manufacturing and delivery to the site or production line to help them get the maximum benefit from their products and services. International OEM parts for different markets. Let customers have customized or off-the-shelf solutions. Low friction bushing offers standard solutions and custom solutions to meet the requirements of the most demanding applications.

The self-lubricating plain low friction bushing bearing of composite material, bushing (composite bearing reinforced with fiber);

The structure of the bearings consists of rigid steel or corrosion-resistant bronze backing, which provides mechanical strength, while a porous …


Project (structural design and calculation) and development of self-lubricating components of composite bearings for various purposes;
Provides services and solutions for internal coating and recovery of production pipelines and produced water injection.

For all kinds of machines.

ISO 3547 / DIN 1494, Hot Sale low friction bushing Bearing Components

A company that gets a lot of attention from customers because it offers custom self-lubricating low friction bushing (plain)  bearings solutions developed in collaboration with them, and provides after-sales service and field service with high quality and significant international certification. The company believes its products are recognized for their high level of expertise, technological innovation, and quality.

Du bearing definition

Design, produce and distribute high-performance bearing bush materials to provide innovative solutions to consumers. These materials and solutions are found in all aspects of construction, transportation, infrastructure, and industrial applications, and are relevant to our daily lives. They are the source of happiness for everyone and the foundation of a better future for mankind. It not only brings comfort, safety, and quality of life to consumers but also proactively addresses the challenges of sustainable buildings, energy efficiency, and climate change.

DU bearings are self-lubricating composite (metal-polymer) bearing bushing. The bearing structure comprises of steel support for mechanical strength and a permeable sintered bronze inter-layer impregnated with high wear resistance and low friction material.


Dry flanged sleeve & plain bushing, flanged sleeve bushing

Dry flanged sleeve & plain bushing, flanged sleeve bushing 

Self-Lubricating Components, Teflon sleeve bushing

Wrapped low friction bushing maintenance-free plain bearings with PTFE as sliding layer

– Composite Plain Bearing
Steel-Sintered-Bronze-PTFE Composite Material – maintenance-free

Customized self-lubricating bearings

Material – Characteristics

Steel with porous sintered tin bronze layer, which is coated with PTFE as a sliding layer.

The sliding layer made of PTFE enables maintenance-free, self-lubricating operation with low friction.

Cylindrical type self-lubricating low friction bushing

Metallic Bearings refer to plain bearings with self-lubricating functions.
They are high-performance, high quality, lubrication-free, and maintenance-free bearings for various industries.

  • Cylindrical low friction bushing
  • Flanged low friction bushings
  • Thrust Washer
  • Thrust Plate

The Steel backed series are self-lubricating bearings composed of three layers: Polytetrafluoroethylene plastic layers with fillers, sintered bronze layers, and back metals.

Self-Lubricating Multilayer Composite low friction bushing, switch from metal bearings are self-lubricating, which means you never need grease. Extend the life of your equipment by switching to composite bearings and bushings.

Self-lubricating Wrapped low friction bushing

Carbon Steel + Copper Powder + (PTFE + Pb + Filler)
Steel backed with copper-plated steel with porous bronze sintered on the steel and polymers (PTFE+Pb) embedded into the bores of the bronze. By combining the metals and the polymers together, its products are endowed with a lower friction coefficient and good capacity of anti-abrasion and self-lubrication. Moreover, the steel back is plated with an erosion-prevention layer. Products of the PTFE composite series are widely applied in printing, weaving, and tobacco-producing machines, gymnastic equipment, etc.

 corrosion-resistant bronze backing bushing

Performance Index Data
Max Load P Static Load 250N/mm²
Max Load P Dynamic Load 140N/mm²
Max Load P Oscillation Load 60N/mm²
Linear Velocity V Dry Lubrication 2.5m/s
Linear Velocity V Oil Lubrication >5m/s
Max PV value Grease Lubrication 1.8N/mm²· m/s
Max PV value Oil Lubrication 3.6N/mm²· m/s
Performance Index Data
Friction Coefficient μ Dry Lubrication 0.08~0.20
Friction Coefficient μ Oil Lubrication 0.02~0.07
Mating Axis Hardness >200 HB
Mating Axis Roughness Ra=0.4~1.25
Working Temperature -200~+280℃
Heat-conducting Coefficient 40W/(m·k)
Heat-expansion Coefficient(Axial) 11×10-6K-1

Wrapped low friction bushing Feature

■ Serviceable without the need for lubrication. Thin and lightweight for compact design.
■ Demonstrates low coefficient of friction and superior load performance under high-load, low-speed conditions.
■ Usable at the PV values even in the middle- and high-speed zones when lubricated.
■ Usable in the wide temperature range from low to high temperatures. Has superior chemical resistance.
■ Features superior dimensional stability, mechanical strength, and thermal conductivity.
■ The 0.5 mm thin standard steel-backed low friction bushing products are also available for space-saving.

wrapped low friction bushing, maintenance-free plain bearings with PTFE as a sliding layer


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