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Low Friction Washer Thrust washers, also referred to as thrust bearings or thrust plates, are flat, disk-shaped bearings made of steel backed with polymer or PTFE material. Learn more!

The metal composite self-lubricating material takes high quality low carbon steel as the substrate, and sintered spherical porous copper powder layer in the middle. The surface is made of PTFE based wear-resistant lubricating material as the working layer of the bearing. This material has excellent mechanical bearing capacity, and the middle copper powder layer can not only timely transfer the heat generated during the operation of the bearing……


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Our PTFE-based steel-backed materials washer offers exceptionally low friction and high wear. Superior PTFE and thermoplastic-based metal-polymer thrust bearings. Contact us for a free quote.

Our PTFE line washer range bearing strip is made from carbon steel with a sintered bronze layer filled with PTFE.

Available in metric and imperial sizes from stock. Also bronze or stainless steel backed thrust bearing washer can be supplied to order.

Our in-house machining service can produce non-standard sizes to suit specific customer requirements.

Please contact us for information on Acetal washers, PTFE Standard Washer sizes

plain bearings & thrust bearing  washer

Proven, long-lasting low friction washer, thrust washer & thrust bearing metal washers, Steel Washer, Flat Washers

Self-lubricating Fulfill Your Research Needs Low Friction Washer- Maintenance-Free, Made Of Metal Back With Competitive Price. Source Variety Thrust Washer.
Thrust washers are annular plates or two semi-annular plates commonly used with radial plain bearings for bearing axial loads.
Steel Backed Metal-Polymer – Self-Lubricating Thrust Bearing Solutions

Discover Our Metal-Polymer Washer Steel Backed Thrust Bearings

Metal-Polymer – Maintenance-Free Thrust Bearing PTFE Washer  for High Loads
High Wear Resistance with Low Friction Washer

General-purpose bearing thrust washer gasket
The world’s favorite self-lubricating thrust washer gasket material
Thousands of operations, maintenance-free
PTFE series bearings can meet various differences in the field of wide adjustment
Needs – They are real
Typical application package
Include medium-high load, medium operating temperature, and medium conditions. Typical should
Applications include medium to high loads, medium operating temperatures, and speeds
Good wear resistance
Applicable situations:
• Economical all-round bearing
• Medium to low surface velocity
• Bearings need to run on different coaxial materials
• For swing and spin motion
Resistant to dust and dirt
Stock inventory
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Economical Thrust Washer & Plain Bearings
Typical application areas
• Agricultural machinery engineering machinery • Machinery manufacturing
• Sports and reduced equipment • Cars

Low Friction Washer Metal Washers Thrust Washer

Standard dimensions for large metal washers,  Steel Backed Washer, Stainless Steel Flat Washers

Thrust washers are available from stock in a variety of dimensions. Metric dimensions to your specifications can be manufactured from china.

steel flat washer material

Steel + Sintered Bronze + PTFE (POM) Washer- Lead-free

Flat washers Manufacturer – Machined Parts Online,
Precision Machined Washers

Machined Washers Manufacturers and Suppliers

Metal/Polymer Composite Plain Bearings – bronzelube.com

Light and robust washer, thrust plain bearings made of metal steel backed by steel ✓lightweight ✓self-lubricating ✓corrosion-free.

Composite Washer Products & Suppliers – bronzelube.com

When you choose a washer, you receive more than high-quality. High thrust washer, thrust bearing.

A Steel Flat Washer is used for your applications. —with a large bevel on the outside edge.
Your one-stop supplier for CNC machining services just in time delivery of parts. From simple to complex washer parts can be made by CNC machining. You design it we make it. One-Stop Services. Non-standard Custom Size.

Thrust washer bearings are flat bearings that are typically inserted between a rotating component and a stationary component

Metal-polymer low friction washer Plain bearing. Thrust washers …

The steel. bronze backing provides mechanical strength and the bronze sinter layer provides a strong mechanical bond for the filled bearing lining.

Low Friction Flat Washers

Flat Washers, steel 304 or 314 metal-backed PTFE/ polymer-coated thrust washer
Flat washers protect surfaces by evenly distributing torque when a bolt or screw is tightened. They prevent corrosion between a steel screw and an aluminum surface. A self-lubricating large metal flat steel washer can be placed under a machine screw to reduce noise and abrasion and offer electrical insulation.

Metal Low Friction Washer, Shop Flat Washers In A Variety Of Sizes

Extra large size stainless steel low friction washer

Flat WashersLarge Pattern, Stainless Steel 304 (316L), and more in stock. Large selection, low prices, volume discounts, fast service.

See Our Online Dry Sliding Composite Bearings Catalog & Request A Quote! large metal washers Made To The Higher Standards.

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Plain Bearings & Large Metal Washers | www.bronzelube.com

Shop bronzelube.com for all your large metal washers needs. We offer free CAD download, short lead times, competitive pricing.

Metal Thrust Washers

Self Lubricating Washer – Lead-Free, Size: 5 mm to 250 mm


Support material Steel backing 0.4-2.2mm
Intermediate layer Porous bronze 0.2-0.3mm
Sliding layer POM with fiber 0.3-0.5mm
Plating Tin plating 0.005mm or Copper plating 0.008mm


Large Metal Washers Self-lubricating Thrust Washer

Self-lubricating thrust washer, low friction large metal washers

large metal washers

High-quality low carbon steel as the matrix  

The Thrust Washer Plain Bearing is a mixture of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) rolled on the surface of sintered spherical bronze layer in the middle of high-quality low carbon steel. It has good self-lubrication, wear resistance, low friction coefficient, good coupling performance, low noise, and other properties and is widely used in sliding parts of various machinery.  

  1. PTFE and lead mixture 0.01-0.03mm
  2. Spherical bronze powder 0.2-0.3mm
  3. Steel back 0.7-2.3mm
  4. Electroplating layer: tin layer thickness of 0.005mm, or copper layer thickness of 0.008mm


  1. No oil lubrication or little oil lubrication, suitable for occasions where refueling is impossible or difficult, can be used without or with little maintenance.
  2. Good wear resistance, small friction coefficient, and long service life.
  3. Can be used in the range of -195°C to +280°C.
  4. close performance is good, low ring bitter, no pollution.
  5. A thin wall structure, lightweight, can reduce the mechanical volume.
  6. Transfer film can be formed during operation to protect the grinding shaft. No axial biting phenomenon.
  7. The hardness of the grinding shaft is low, and the shaft without quenching and tempering can be used. Thus long low processing difficulty of the relevant parts.
  8. No rice water, oil absorption; The hot melt is small, so the macro is good and the size is fixed.
  9. The back of the steel can be plated with a variety of metals, so it can be used in corrosive media, will not rust.

The product name
Self-lubricating thrust washer

Bearing mechanism

Solid friction

Product composition

The steel base copper plating

Washer features

Good abrasion resistance
Small coefficient of friction
Long service life
Strong corrosion resistance
Oil-free self-lubrication

Washer application
Used in all kinds of machinery Lubrication part
Such as automatic machinery and equipment

Material is filled ptfe modified polyformaldehyde plastics for the surface layer of three-layer composite self-lubricating materials, it is a kind of benign boundary lubrication materials, therefore is especially with high load under the low speed of rotation, swing movement and often opening and closing under load and not easy to form hydrodynamic lubrication of bearings, thrust washers, slider, such as the ball friction parts…

self lubricating thrust washer





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