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Each Order is Custom Made to Fit Your Exact Specifications – No Matter How Complex! Leading Supplier of Custom Thrust Washers & Plain Bearing Shims for Original Equipment Manufacturers. Custom Prototype Parts! PTFE backed by Steel, Stainless Steel Thrust Washers & Thrust Plain Bearings Supplier. Custom Stainless Steel Teflon Washers! We can competitively bid on ALL of the plain bearing thrust washers and gaskets required to complete a project. Regardless if it’s fixing a flange or building a plant, We are financially and physically capable of handling your project’s needs

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Manufacturer of washers made from stainless steel. Types include thrust washer, standard flat washer, bronze washers. Serves OEM and customer requirements. Stock items available. Same day shipping. Steel backed PTFE Washer Made in China.

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Manufacturer of standard and custom self-lubricating washers made from various steel backed with PTFE washer. Stainless Steel Washers – Wholesale Suppliers Online, Material: Stainless Steel

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Manufacturer of standard & custom self-lubricating steel backed washer components including plain thrust bearing flat washers. custom manufacturer of special metal washers including stainless steel lubricating washers. Washers are also available in bimetal & bronze. Economical washer, great value. Economical stainless steel washer with trivalent chromate glossy surface treatment for excellent rust resistance. The material is low carbon free-cutting steel, the steel washer is less deformed by the force, CAD drawings free download

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Prototyping & Low-Volume Production Of Thrust Washer, Low Cost, On Time, To Spec.Bronze Flat Washer, Machining Parts Online, Stainless Steel Thrust Bearings & Thrust Washers Custom CNC Parts, Bronze Flat Strips, Machining Parts Online – Custom CNC Parts, Our range of thrust washer bearing. Our slide bearings washer at a glance.

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bronze bushings
bronze bushings

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Choose your correct thrust washer plain bearing for your agricultural machinery. CAD File Quotes, CNC Milling, Turning & Cutting. Maintenance free! Longer life! We offer economical way to reduce material removal amount and improve machining process. Our facilities are equipped with the most cutting edge, high precision machines.

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We have always used self-lubricating gaskets as a supplier of industrial fasteners. It has been a reliable and trustworthy supplier to hundreds of our job sites over the years. The around-the-clock service has been very beneficial to our project managers and the timely completion of our projects. We appreciate your no-hassle approach to business. It is rare to find a vendor who is honest and completely committed to doing a good job. Based on our business history, we recommend VIIPLUS.COM as an excellent vendor.

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We consider to be one of our most valuable suppliers. Your team’s knowledge, large inventory and excellent service have made our projects effortless from design to completion. While shims are often considered last in most energy projects, words do not do justice to the service you provide. Your prompt after-hours service has gotten us out of many a jam. We are confident that you will continue to provide us with the outstanding service we have come to expect. Keep up the great work!

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Washers and thrust bars are used not only for rotary and oscillating motion, but also for linear motion with short or long strokes.

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Gasket sealing occupies a very important position in modern industrial enterprises, and the good or bad sealing is directly related to the continuity of production, safety of property, energy saving and environmental protection as well as people’s physical and mental health, so the development of washer is getting more and more attention. With the rise of modern industry, especially the petroleum and chemical industries, atomic energy industry and large power stations, pressure vessels are developing in the direction of high temperature, high pressure, high vacuum, deep cooling and large size, multi-series, which constantly put forward new requirements for gasket sealing, and various new materials and structures are emerging, and their sealing performance is also very different. In addition, pressure fluctuation, temperature change, bolt preload slack, flange tilt, misalignment, sealing surface defects, media corrosion will have a great impact on the sealing effect. Therefore, how to correctly select the appropriate gasket according to the working conditions and how to correctly install is the key to ensure the sealing effect. [1]

Washer Selection

Important factors influencing gasket selection Gasket selection is not an easy task, especially in the selection of gasket sealing material, many factors have to be considered. The variables that occur at the flange connection are seemingly endless, and all of these uncertainties affect the gasket’s sealing effectiveness. In the past, the parameters “TEMP” (temperature, application, medium, pressure) seemed to be sufficient. But today, the quality of the flange machining, the amount of bolt fillet embedment, the flange rotation, the bolt tensioning, the filler of the medium and the flange surface treatment all influence the gasket sealing effect. Therefore, various parameters must be considered in order to make an appropriate selection.

(1) Temperature

In most selection processes, the temperature of the fluid is the primary consideration. This will quickly narrow the selection range, especially when going from 200°F (95°C) to 1000°F (540°C). When the system operating temperature reaches the maximum continuous operating temperature limit for a particular gasket material, a higher grade of material should be selected. This should also be the case in certain low temperature situations.

(2) Application

The most important parameters in the application are the type of flange and the bolts used. The size, number and grade of the bolts in the application determine the payload. The effective area to be compressed is calculated from the gasket contact dimensions. From the load of the bolts and the contact surface of the gasket the effective gasket sealing pressure can be derived. Without this parameter, it will not be possible to make the best choice among the many materials available.

(3) Washer supploer

There are thousands of fluids in the medium, and the corrosiveness, oxidation, and permeability of various fluids vary very much. Selection must be based on these characteristics when selecting materials. Also the cleaning of the system must be taken into account to prevent the erosion of the gasket by the cleaning fluid.

(4) Pressure

Each gasket has its own maximum pressure limit, and the pressure-bearing capacity of the gasket decreases with the increase of the material thickness, the thinner the material, the greater the pressure-bearing capacity. The selection must be based on the pressure of the fluid in the system. If the pressure often fluctuates drastically, it is necessary to know the details in order to make a choice.

(5) PT value

The PT value is the product of pressure (P) and temperature (T). Each gasket material has a different pressure resistance at different temperatures and must be considered. In general, the manufacturer of the gasket will give the maximum PT value of the material. [1]


Asbestos rubber sheet washer

Asbestos rubber sheet washer are made of asbestos fibers, rubber as the main raw material supplemented with rubber compound and filler, through the process of mixing and stirring, hot roll forming and vulcanization. Asbestos rubber washer can be divided into common asbestos rubber washer and oil resistant asbestos rubber washer according to their formulations, process performance and applications. According to the temperature and pressure, they can be divided into low pressure asbestos rubber washer, medium pressure asbestos rubber washer and high pressure asbestos rubber washer. Suitable for sealing water, water vapor, oil, solvent, medium acid and alkali, asbestos washer are mainly used in the sealing of medium and low pressure flange connections.

Rubber Washer

Performance Characteristics

Oil resistant asbestos rubber washer are made of high quality asbestos fiber, oil resistant fiber, filling material, coloring agent, etc. They are widely used in pipelines and equipment of petroleum and chemical industries.

Application Scope

Oil-resistant asbestos washer: mainly used for sealing steam, hydraulic, gas, oil solvent and non-aggressive media.

Cylinder washer

Performance characteristics

Cylinder washer are made of high quality asbestos fibers, oil resistant fibers, fillers, coloring agents, etc. They are widely used in automobile and motorcycle engine cylinders. Motorcycle engine cylinders are available in different grades according to the working conditions.

Aramid Washer

Performance characteristics

Aramid washer for steam, organic solvents, acids, alkalis, etc. are widely used for sealing pumps, valves, pipes, containers, etc. used in fluid transfer equipment.

Composition and characteristics

Aramid fiber with high strength and high abrasive capacity is used as the main material and a special material with good lubricity is compounded to make the sealing product. This sealing product has excellent lubricity and wear resistance. It can show its outstanding characteristics in the liquid device where solid and liquid phases are mixed.

Non-asbestos Sheet Gasket

Non-asbestos washers (non-asbestos washers) are sealing materials made of organic fibers such as aramid and vegetable fibers calendered with nitrile rubber and inorganic minerals at high temperatures, and are suitable as an alternative to the non-asbestos washer for asbestos washers because they contain few asbestos fibers. Non-asbestos washers (non-asbestos washer) have both high strength and good resilience, as well as superb resistance to permeation is a good environmental material to replace asbestos washer under high temperature and pressure.

Asbestos Washer

Molded with asbestos cloth and other auxiliary materials, it is used for corrosive high pressure and high temperature sealing. Used in reactors, reaction tanks, manholes, hand holes, etc. Use temperature: -100℃-+1000℃; Use pressure: PN<5.0Mp.

Rubber Gasket

A kind of vinylidene fluoride and non-fluorine, propylene fluoride, propylene material copolymer gel elastomer, widely used in defense industry and civil industry, its characteristics are: high temperature resistance, ozone resistance, natural aging resistance, vacuum resistance, fuel oil resistance, lubricant resistance, strong oxidant resistance, chemical resistance and good electrical insulation properties.

Polytetrafluoroethylene lined rubber gasket. Polytetrafluoroethylene lined rubber washer are tetrafluoroethylene laminated rubber composite washer. It has strong anti-corrosion performance and high sealing resilience, and is suitable for anti-corrosion sealing of low pressure chemical equipment such as enamel and glass pipes.

Non-asbestos Washer

Non-asbestos washer are divided into non-asbestos rubber sheet washer and non-asbestos copying sheet washer according to their formulations, process performance and usage, which are made of organic and vegetable fibers such as aramid, buna rubber and minerals through the process of extension or copying. They are an excellent alternative to asbestos washer in the automotive and industrial machinery fields.

Industry Standards

1、GB4622.2-93 Wrap-around gasket pipe flange size series

2、GB9126.1-88 Asbestos rubber sheet for flat type steel pipe flange

3、GB9126.2-88 Asbestos rubber sheet for convex type steel pipe flange

4、GB9126.3-88 Asbestos rubber sheet for steel pipe flange with concave-convex surface

5、GB9129-88 Technical conditions of asbestos rubber washer for steel pipe flanges

6、GB9130-88 Technical conditions of metal ring gasket for steel pipe flange connection

7、HGJ70-91 Flexible graphite composite washer for steel pipe flanges

Installation requirements

Sealing Gasket Washer

1、The sealing surface of the sealing gasket and flange shall be cleaned and shall not have any defects such as scratches and spots that affect the sealing performance of the connection.
2、The outer diameter of the gasket should be smaller than the flange sealing surface, and the inner diameter of the gasket should be slightly larger than the inner diameter of the pipe, and the difference between the two inner diameters is generally taken as two times of the thickness of the gasket to ensure that the inner edge of the gasket does not extend into the container or pipe after pressing, so as not to obstruct the flow of fluid in the container or pipe.
3, seal gasket preload should not exceed the design provisions, so as not to over-compress the gasket loss of resilience.
4, seal gasket pressure, the best use of torque wrench. For large bolts and high-strength bolts, it is best to use hydraulic tightener. Tightening torque should be calculated according to the given gasket pressure, the size of the hydraulic tightener oil pressure should also be determined by calculation.
5, the installation of the gasket, should be in order to tighten the nuts in turn. But should not be screwed once to reach the design value. Generally should be at least 2 to 3 times in order to seal the gasket stress distribution evenly.
6, for flammable, explosive media pressure vessels and pipelines, change the sealing gasket should use safety tools, so as to avoid tools and flanges or bolts touching, sparking, resulting in fire or explosion accidents.
7, the pipeline, such as leakage, must be lowered to deal with the pressure before replacing or adjusting the installation of washer, it is strictly prohibited to operate under pressure.

Special installation requirements

1、When installing the sealing winding gasket with the flange of the abrupt plane, attention should be paid to ensure that the seal is concentric with the pipe, and the outer strengthening ring is generally used to contact the inner circumference of the bolt for positioning, and eccentric installation is not allowed. When installing the basic winding gasket in the flange with tongue and groove face sealing surface, care should be taken to maintain the same gap with the groove wall surface.

2、When installing the metal clad gasket with narrow width, a steel plate of certain thickness should be placed on the outside of the gasket and then pressed against the flange, so that the clad packing inside the metal gasket will not be pressed and swell the interface (or hitch) of the metal shell and damage the metal clad gasket.

3、When the working temperature of the flange is higher than 200℃, the sealant should be applied between the sealing surface of the flange and the sealing gasket to prevent the sealing gasket from sintering with the sealing surface of the flange under high temperature, which will add trouble to the maintenance and replacement of the sealing gasket.

4, the sealing surface is not flat, can be coated with sealant on the sealing surface and then install the gasket. Sealant is generally composed of manganese dioxide, lead, graphite powder and boiled flaxseed oil (dry oil). According to the sealing medium, working temperature and medium pressure and other conditions, choose the appropriate type and grade of liquid sealant.

5、For the installation of octagonal metal ring gasket, when the processing of metal ring gasket and flange sealing groove is not ideal, close fitting can be achieved by matching research. For large diameter metal ring washer, it is more difficult to match the research, and sealant can be used to fill the small unevenness of the metal surface.

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Online CNC Machining Services for Custom Parts And Production Parts. China CNC Machining Prototype, Custom Parts & Rapid Prototyping. Order Status Tracking. Online Quote. Seal washer, is a kind of machinery, equipment, pipeline as long as there is fluid is used for sealing spare parts, the use of internal and external, play a sealing role of the material. Seal gasket is made of metal or non-metal sheet material, made by cutting, stamping or cutting and other processes, used for sealing connection between pipes, machine and equipment between the machine and machine parts sealing connection. They can be divided into metal washer and non-metal washer by material. Metal washer include copper washer, stainless steel washer, iron washer, aluminum washer, etc. Non-metallic washer include asbestos washer, non-asbestos washer, paper washer, rubber washer, etc.

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As a common component in mechanical systems, thrust washers are widely used in reciprocating rotary motion occasions in valves, automobiles, ships and other fields. Its main function is to locate and avoid direct contact between components, reduce component movement and wear, and improve system stability. Wear and tear is the main reason for the failure of thrust washers, which not only causes the function of the washers to decline or lose, but also has a serious impact on the mechanical system.

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